002 – Metabolic Cardiology with Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Heart disease is the number one killer in the US.

Dr. Stephen SinatraModern medical treatments for heart disease often leave patients with low energy and often times with significant limitations. Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a cardiologist with over 30 years of studying and using nutrition as an adjunct therapy for his cardiac patients. In this interview he discusses the value of nutrition to significantly improve cardiac function. He describes the importance of magnesium, carnitine, ribose and CoQ10 for improving cardiac energy.

Cardiac function depends on heart cells producing energy. For cardiac function to improve, one must get the right nutrients. Cardiac health is dependent on getting nutrients into the cell and waste out.  The benefits of some nutritional supplements such as d-Ribose can be observed in as little as three days. Nutrients do not replace medical care but instead are complementary to medical treatment. Book - Metabolic CardiologyDrugs are not nutrients and nutrients are not drugs. Drugs help manage disease and nutrients provide the building blocks of health. Dr. Sinatra discusses the exact nutrients needed and suggests specific protocols for various cardiovascular conditions.


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