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Health Quest has a long and distinguished guest list. I am very proud to have interviewed over 200 of the best nutritional minds in America on a wide range of nutritional topics. We will continue to add new and existing interviews going forward.

Listen to these experts and you will gain a priceless education guaranteed to  have profound effects on your health. Our guest list is extensive and  growing. Our interviews are unique and only found on Health Quest. Our content is direct and easy to comprehend. I guarantee you will not find anything like this anywhere on the web.

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442 – The Role of Science in Understanding Nutritional MedicineScience supports dietary supplement use.Dr. Parris Kidd
441 – Why Medical Science Can’t Be TrustedUp to half of medical literature may be false! But which half?Steve Lankford
440 – The Pleiotropic Benefits of Herbs – Part 1 – SaffronSaffron: A Golden Spice with Multiple BenefitsCarrie Pattison
439 – Adrenal Support for StressAdrenals - What They Do and How to Support ThemDr. Kate Rhéaume, ND
438 – Why I Love Carlson Fish OilJolie Root Discusses the Carlson Fish Oil DifferenceJolie Root
437 – Nancy Chan Discusses Pure Antarctic Krill OilKori Krill Oil delivers essential Omega-3s in their most natural formNancy Chan
436 – Thyme Out Addresses All Types of Skin ProblemsEczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Sunburn, Bug Bites, Itch and RashesAndrew Klenert
435 – Brenda Watson Discusses HOPE for Digestive ProblemsHOPE stands for High Fiber, Omega-3 Oils, Probiotics and EnzymesBrenda Watson
434 – NOW Lab Tests Find Amazon Sells Cheap, Sub-standard and Adulterated SupplementsMy personal opinion is that this is fraud!Neil E. Levin
433 – Neil E. Levin Discusses NOW LaboratoryNOW has a world-class lab that is amazing.Neil E. Levin
432 – Jay Jacobwitz Discusses Natural Foods RetailingChallenges of the Natural Products IndustryJay Jacobwitz
431 – Dr. Michael Schwartz Discusses Sugar MetabolismNutrition for Normal Blood Sugar Level SupportDr. Michael Schwartz
430 – Rob Seeman Discusses The Food Movement CompanyHow naturally sourced earth minerals support human health and nutrition.Rob Seeman
429 – Good Fats vs. Bad Fats – An Interview with Udo ErasmusThe Importance of a Balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 FatsUdo Erasmus
428 – What is Collagen and How Does It Work?Yolanda Fenton discusses collagen, its various benefits, and how to select the best collagen formulaYolanda Fenton
427 – Brain Fog – Supplements to support better mental clarity.Jolie Root discusses how nutrition supports brain structure and function.Jolie Root
426 – Food Intolerance and Benefits of EnzymesEnzymes and Food IntoleranceJulia Carven
425 – Liposomes for Increasing Iron AbsorptionLiposomes provide up to 17 times better absorption of nutrients.Dr. Emek Blair
424 – Introduction to HomeopathyHomeopathy is a safe, effective medical treatment.Dana Ullman
423 – Pearl Tomato Extract Supports Healthy SkinPearl Tomato Extract Nourishes and Protects Skin HealthJay Hyuk
422 – Natural Blood Pressure SupportNourishing the cardiovascular systemDr. Michael Schwartz
421 – Rapamycin: Extending Health Span and LifespanLiving Longer and HealthierRoss Pelton
420 – Improving Anxiety and MoodNutritional Support for Your Nervous System and Brain HealthJolie Root
419 – Care More, Be Better PodcastSocial Impact – Sustainability – RegenerationCorinna Bellizzi
418 – Show Your Heart Some LoveA Healthy Heart is a Well-Nourished HeartMonique Wellise
417 – Dr. Stephen Sinatra – 1946-2022Dr. Sinatra was a man with profound intellect and understanding.Dr. Stephen Sinatra
416 – Immune Support and the Endocannabinoid SystemUnderstanding Your Immune System: Parts & FunctionChip Paul
415 – 22 Interviews on Aged Garlic ExtractListen to what the experts say, and the science reveals.Various Experts
414 – Is Delta-8 THC a Dietary Supplement?Compare and contrast CBD and Delta-8 THCDr. Douglas Kalman
413- What is the Most Effective Probiotic and Why?The New Frontier in
Microbiome Science
Ross Pelton
412 – Senator Durbin is Coming for Your SupplementsOngoing threats to your nutritional supplements.Dr. Daniel Fabricant
411 – Understanding Everyday Detox with Dr. Kate Rhéaume, NDWhy detoxing is important.Dr. Kate Rhéaume
410 – The Elegance of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)Consciousness, Intelligence, and MitochondriaChip Paul
409 – Michael Tierra – Herbal Pioneer and EducatorMichael Tierra is the founder of the American Herbalists Guild.Dr. Michael Tierra
408 – Michaels Naturopathy Today PodcastA journey to good health using holistic naturopathic principles.Dr. Michael Schwartz
407 – What You Need to Know about Hemp CBD RegulationAsa Waldstein demystifies the CBD marketplaceAsa Waldstein
406 – Inflammation is NOT a diseaseInflammation is a Repair Deficit.Dr. Russell Jaffe
405 – Dr. Patrick Flynn Discusses Hormone HealthOur hormones are deeply connected to our behavior and emotions.Dr. Patrick Flynn
404 – Maitake – King of Medicinal MushroomsClinically Studied Maitake D-Fraction Extract for Immune SupportMark Kaylor
403 – Is your water totally pure or only legally pure? Part 2What’s in your water and how to purify even the worst water.Alfie Lipshultz
402 – Are Your Supplements Really Regulated and How?We Discuss the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA)Asa Waldstein
401 – The Synergy of Omega-3, Vit. D3 and Vit. K2These nutrients support cardiovascular health and more!Jolie Root
400 – Celebrating 400 Podcast Episodes and 500,000 DownloadsHelping you understand the science of nutrition and good health!Steve Lankford
399 – Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Can Reverse Skin AgingMaintain moisture and promote the strength, elasticity and smoothness of your skin.Ross Pelton
398 – Support Your Mitochondria for EnergyMitochondria are the power source in all of your cellsDr. Gaetano Morello
397 – Naturopathy for Stress, Anxiety and MoodNaturopathy takes a whole body approach to manage stress.Dr. Michael Schwartz
396 – Phosphatidyl Serine for Dementia and Cognitive DeclineMaintain and improve mental performance — memory, learning, concentration, focus, recall.Scott Hagerman
395 – Growing Your Own Super Nutritious MicrogreensIt’s easy to grow nutrient-dense microgreens at home.Natalie Paterson
394 – Naturopathy Provides a Holistic Approach to Immune HealthTreat the whole person using the healing power of nature.Dr. Michael Schwartz
393 – Is your water totally pure or only legally pure?The Most Effective Water Purification AvailableAlfie Lipshultz
392 – The Types and Benefits of Collagen ProteinCollagen supports skin, hair, nails and all tissues in your body.Charlie Bailes
391 – SAMe for Mood and Depression IssuesSAMe is one of most effective nutrients for mood, depression and joint healthSteve Lankford
390 – Protecting Your Vision and Eye HealthExploring the nutrients that protect and support eye healthJolie Root
389 – Why Are People on So Many Prescription Drugs?Do Your Prescription Drugs Really Help You Be Healthier?Steve Lankford
388 – Is Your Supplement Real or Fake – How Can You Know?The simple answer is “Do Your Research”. Here’s how.Gene Bruno
387 – Astaxathin for Natural Skin HealthNatural Astaxathin heals skin on a deeper level.Karen Hecht
386 – Better Mornings with More EnergyThere are reasons why your morning can be so hard.Dr. Kate Rhéaume
385 – What is the Best Form of CoQ10?Learn About the Power of UbiquinolDr. Robert Barry
384 – Understanding Traditional Medicinal MushroomsExploring Maitake, Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushroomsJery Cochern
383 – What You Can Do for Anxiety and StressSupporting your brain with lifestyle and nutrition pays off.Jolie Root
382 – A Plant-based Vegan Alternative to Fish Oil!Eight pure plant and seed oils provide essential omega-3 fatty acids (EFA).Ross Pelton
381 – Nutrition for Women’s Hormonal HealthMaking Sense of Women's Health with Dr. Marita SchauchDr. Marita Schauch
380 – PureWay-C™ is a Unique and Better Vitamin CPureWay C works better, lasts longer and is also fat soluble.Dr. Benjamin Weeks
379 – Understanding and Improving Your Acid/Alkaline BalanceLiving the Alkaline Way for Better HealthDr. Russell Jaffe
378 – How to Improve Your Immune ResponseGood nutrition is the key to healthy immune cell function.James LaValle
377 – How to Improve the Ketogenic DietThe Keto Diet has nutritional challenges you need to address.Carrie Pattison
376 – Is Your Vitamin D Status Optimal?How to know if your Vitamin D is low and what to do about it.Jolie Root
375 – Healthy Blood Pressure Management with Dr. Stephen SinatraNutrition and lifestyle are critical for healthy blood pressureDr. Stephen Sinatra
374 – The Great Cholesterol Myth with Dr. Stephen SinatraLowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart DiseaseDr. Stephen Sinatra
373 – Metabolic Cardiology with Dr. Stephen SinatraNourishment is the key to better heart healthDr. Stephen Sinatra
372 – Chaga Mushroom Supports Natural Immune HealthDr. Cass Ingram discusses how to use Chaga.Dr. Cass Ingram
371 – Dr. Gaetano Morello Discusses Pain, Discomfort and Inflammation*PEA400 and Theracurmin can have a positive influence on pain.*Dr. Gaetano Morello
370 – UltraFucoidan™ from Seaweed Stimulates Immune CellsUltraFucoidan™ also helps to speed recovery from illnessJay Hyeok
369 – Jolie Root Discusses How to Manage StressManaging your stress is more important than ever.Jolie Root
368 – Fortify and Optimize Your Immune ResponseKeep your immune system strong!Stuart Tomc
367 – Propolis Formulas for Expanded and Specific Health BenefitsSpecialty formulas for menopause, digestion, lung health & more.Mark Kaylor
366 – Weight Loss and Blood Sugar SupportClinically studied PGX and Berberine can make the difference.
Dr. Kate Rhéaume
365 – Medical Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid SystemCannabis has powerful benefits for human healthAnn Allworth
364 – Beta Glucan is a Powerful ImmunoModulatorExploring how beta glucan supports your immune system.
Jay Hyeok
363 – Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion can Harm Your HealthIf you take pharmaceutical meds, you need to know this.
Ross Pelton
362 – Brazilian Red Propolis Has Unique Properties and BenefitsWhat are the distinctions that make Brazilian Red Propolis special?Mark Kaylor
361 - No Longer Available
360 – Nutritional Support for Natural Immunity and Respiratory HealthIt’s not about treating disease*
it’s about nourishing your body.
Jolie Root
359 – Beauty is More Than Skin DeepHealthy skin, hair and nails starts at the cellular level
Carrie Pattison
358 – Exploring the World of Natural SweetenersConsumers have more variety and choices to sweeten their foods
Neil E. Levin
357 – Becoming a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Health CoachYou can become a wellness coach
Reed Davis
356 – The Amazing Benefits of Black Seed OilDr. Cass Ingram discusses the benefits of Black Seed.
Dr. Cass Ingram
355 – Boosting Your Collagen Production, Naturally with BioSil®BioSil® supports production of collagen, elastin and keratin
Richard Passwater, Jr.
354 – Why Many Doctors Are Wrong About ProbioticsMedical Bias Against Probiotics Surfaces in JAMA
Ross Pelton
353- Your Skin Also Has a MicrobiomeAdvanced Probiotic Skin Care Makes a Difference You Can FeelDr. Jason Mitchell
352 – Green Propolis Provides Unique Health and Immune SupportThe beneficial properties of Propolis depends on many factors.Mark Kaylor
351 – Quick Immune Response to CoronavirusNutrition and lifestyle modifications are your best defense.Dr. Michael Schwartz
350 – Spice Oils Can Kill VirusesEspecially Oregano, Cumin, Wild Sage and Cinnamon OilsDr. Cass Ingram
349 – Immune Support for the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)Moving beyond CBD for Immune SupportSara Pluta
348 – Cordyceps for Stamina, Endurance and Sex Drive*This is a difficult challenge for consumers.Mark Kaylor
347 – How to Choose a Quality CBD ProductThis is a difficult challenge for consumers.Dr. Jason Mitchell
346 – Quality Sleep is Critical for Good HealthLifestyle and good nutrition can improve your sleep*Dr. Erin Stokes
345 – Omega Fats and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)Omega fats are critical for all areas of human health.Sara Pluta
344 – Nutritional Support for the Keto DietThe Keto Diet has nutritional gaps that need to be addressed.Dr. Audrey Ross
343 – Can Chronic Diseases Be Reversed? SymposiumLearn about the new frontier of medicine and stem cell therapies.Dr. Shalesh Kaushal
342 – Leptin Sensitivity May Be the Key to Healthy Weight and EnergyTotal Transformation Program can change your life forever.Kat James
341 – Nutrition for Supporting Immune FunctionThe immune system is dependent on the body’s nutritional status.Neil E. Levin
340 – CBD for gut health and intestinal balance – Part 2CBD and the microbiome are intricately linked.Miles Sarill
339 – Propolis Has Powerful Benefits for Immune HealthBrown propolis supports health throughout the body.Mark Kaylor
338 – It’s Not the “Bad Food” that Kills UsIt is the absence of “good” food in the diet that does us in.Jolie Root
337 – Agaricus Blazei Mushroom for Powerful Immune SupportScientists and researchers are excited about Agaricus Blazei mushroom.Mark Kaylor
336 – The Truth About BeautyTransform your looks and life from the inside out.Kat James
335 – The Risks of Glyphosate and How to Reduce ExposureGlyphosate is a risk to human and environmental health.Dr. Erin Stokes
334 – A Safe and Effective Path to Weight ManagementSuccessful Strategies for Losing Weight
and Keeping It Off
Dr. Michael Lyon
333 – Sea-based and Vegan Nutrition for Healthy SkinHealthy and beautiful skin is built from the inside out.Dr. Audrey Ross
332 – Nutrition for Healthy Joint SupportLifestyle, diet and nutritional supplements are foundational for joint health.Neil E. Levin
331 – BioPQQ Has Clinical Benefits for Your Brain, Memory and EnergyBioPQQ has the science to show that it works.Shoji Matsukawa
330 – Build Strong Joints and Prevent OsteoarthritisStrategies You Need to KnowDr. Lucas Bader
329 – Liposome Hemp Extract is up to 17 times better absorbed.For Highest Absorption Look to Organic CBD LiposomesDr. Emek Blair
328 – Nutrition for Lung and Respiratory HealthThe most important nutrients for lung supportJolie Root
327 – CBD for gut health and intestinal balanceCBD has profound benefits throughout the bodyMiles Sarill
326 – The Powerful Nutritional Benefits of Brazilian Bee PropolisThe incredible anti-microbial effects of Brazilian Red PropolisJ.L. Paes Leme
325 – Lion’s Mane Mushroom Offers Powerful Brain SupportBetter memory, mental acuity and cognition are the benefits.Jerry Angelini
324 – Probiotic Heals Leaky Gut in 30 Days100% Survivability of Just Thrive Probiotic® is the KeyTina Anderson
323 – The Endocannabinoid System – Part 5 – Endo InflamePromoting a healthy response to pain and inflammation.Dr. Jeffrey Burke
322 – Hemp Extract + Wild Tumeric Extract is Potent Combination for Pain and InflammationFull Spectrum Extracts provide additional nutritional benefitsDr. Cass Ingram
321 – Peace Possible and the Food MovementHow a natural cardiologist is changing the lives of at risk children around the world.Dr. Decker Weiss
320 – The Endocannabinoid System – Part 4 – Endo BrainEndocannabinoid Support for Memory, Cognition and ClarityDr. Jeffrey Burke
319 – Preserving Memory and Cognition in the Aging BrainPercepta™ targets plaques and tangles in the aging brain.*Dr. Alan Snow
318 – Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure with Lifestyle and NutritionWhat you can do to improve and maintain healthier blood pressure*Jim LaValle
317 – Protecting Your Skin’s Probiotic MicrobiomeNutrients support skin health, inside and out.Ross Pelton
316 – The Endocannabinoid System – Part 3 – Endo SleepEnjoy restful and rejuvenating sleepDr. Jeffrey Burke
315 – Nutrition and Lifestyle for Depression and Anxiety SupportThere is a lot that you can do for yourself when anxious or depressed.Jolie Root
314 – CBD Liposomes Provide Up to 10 Times Better AbsorptionLearn what the science says about CBD Liposome absorptionDr. Emek Blair
313 – Gut Health is About More Than ProbioticsA balanced microbiome and the gut-brain connection support better overall wellness.Dr. Audrey Ross
312 – The Endocannabinoid System – Part 2 – Endo BlissEndo Bliss naturally promotes positive mood and outlook*Dr. Jeffrey Burke
311 – Adaptogen Herbs to Manage Stress and Maintain Health*Adaptogenic Herbs to Nourish, Support and Balance the Entire BodyDan Chapman
310 – Nutrition supports cardiovascular health in profound wayssome of the most important nutrients for the heart and arteriesNeil E. Levin
309 – The Endocannabinoid System – Part 1 – Endo CalmNaturally address your body’s response to stress and anxiety Dr. Jeffrey Burke
308 – Tremella Mushroom – China’s Secret for Healthy and Beautiful SkinTremella Mushroom hydrates the skin, supports immune health and increases anti-oxidants.Mark J. Kaylor
307 – Your Probiotic Gut Health Is Essential To Overall HealthHow your probiotic is manufactured and what it contains are critical factors.Dr. Jason Mitchell
306 – Radical Metabolism21 days to supercharge your weight loss and increase energyAnn Louise Gittleman
305 – Customizing Your Digestive Enzymes – From Atkins to ZoneDepending on your specific diet, you need specific enzymesJery Cochern
304 – Full Spectrum Hemp for Endocannabinoid SupportHemp provides powerful nutrition for human health.Dr. Jason Mitchell
303 – Simple Nutritional Solutions for Common Digestive ComplaintsDo you have bloating, belching, poor digestions or occasional heartburn?Dr. Audrey Ross
302 – Emerging Trends in ProbioticsProbiotic science is leading to more cutting edge products.Maggie Johnle
301 – Meshima Mushroom Supports Breast Health for WomenMeshima Mushroom is a potent immune system nutrientMark Kaylor
300 – What You Need to Know in 2018 – My Opinion – Steve LankfordMy musings on the state of the natural products industrySteve Lankford
299 - The A-List Diet – Look and Feel YoungerLosing weight using healthy strategiesDr. Fred Pescatore
298 – Maintaining Intestinal Probiotic BalanceMany factors influence the health of your microbiomeJames LaValle
297 – Nutritional Support for Digestive ChallengesDigestive Support from Top to BottomNeil E. Levin
296 – The Power of Fermentation for Foods and SupplementsFermentation helps release the full nutritional value of plants.Yolanda Fenton
295 – Is Your CBD Safe and Effective? What to Look For.Traceability, Transparency, Credibility, Science-BasedStuart Tomc
294 – Nutritional Support for Healthy Blood PressurePhysiology before Pharmacology for Healthy Blood PressureDr. Russell Jaffe
293 – The Benefits of Biochem Science by Nature Whey ProteinWhey protein is one of the most easily assimilated supplemental proteins.Dr. Audrey Ross
292 – Astaxanthin: Nature’s Most Potent Antioxidant for SkinReveal Your Skin’s Natural Beauty with AstaxanthinKaren Hecht
291 – Nutritional Support for Auto Immune IssuesTargeted nutrients are critical for auto immune challengesLaurel Sterling
290 – Thyme Extract for Acne, Eczema and MoreThyme Extract is also excellent for ALL types of skin inflammationAndrew Klenert
289 – Nutritional Support for Eye HealthCarotenoids For Macular Health* and Blue Light ProtectionAnthony Thomas
288 – The Nutritional Power of Green FoodsGreens and Sprouts Are Nutrient Dense Super FoodsJames LaValle
287 – The Healing Power of Topical Silver GelHomeopathic Silver Gel Aids Healing and Reduces Pain and InflammationDr. Robert MacCuspie
286 – Nutrition for Your Brain – Part 2Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs all support brain health.Neil E. Levin
285 – Coenzyme B-Complex for EnergyAdvancements in B-Complex Vitamin SupplementationDr. Audrey Ross
284 – Build Stronger Bones, Hair, Skin and NailsOrtho Silicic Acid (OSA) is a clinically studied highly bio-available SiliconPeter D. Josling
283 – CBD for Stress and Adrenal HealthCBD helps patients with stress, anxiety and mood issues.Dr. Aimée Shunney
282 – Reishi, the Mushroom of ImmortalityReishi mushroom is a superior tonic for overall health.Mark Kaylor
281 – The Power of Dr. Ohhira’s Fermented ProbioticsDiscovering the Value of Post-Biotic MetabolitesRoss Pelton
280 – Are You Confused About Cannabidiol (CBD)?If you are confused, you are not alone.Stuart Tomc
279 – Achieving Health and LongevityMaintaining Optimal Health Throughout LifeDr. John Rubinow
278 - Nutrition and Lifestyle for a Healthier HeartNo matter your age or health status, your heart needs good nutrition.Jolie Root
277 - Your Endocannabinoid SystemThe Healing Power of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)Jade Beutler
276 - Silver Hydrosol for Immune SupportSovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is in a Class by ItselfDr. Rob MacCuspie
275 - Nutrition for Your BrainThe science of nurturing your brain as you age.Neil E. Levin
274 - Endocannabinoid System OverviewThe Endocannabinoid System as Master RegulatorChip Paul
273 - The Science of Herbs and PhytomedicinesControlled Clinical Trials Show Positive Trends for Herbal MedicinesMark Blumenthal
272 - How Cancer Saved My LifeWhat will you do if diagnosed with cancer?Dr. Michael Garko
271 – Certifications Build Trust and TransparencyCountry Life Vitamins uses certifications to create confidence and trustTracy Kreider
270 – Supporting Seasonal ImmunityStrategies for staying healthier during the cold and flu season.Jolie Root
269 – Whole Earth and Sea Food SupplementsNatural Factors has their own 1000 acre organic farm.Rob Yelland
268 – The Risk of Glyphosates in Food SupplementsAre your food supplements free of Glyphosate Chemical Residue? How do you know?Bethany Davis
267 – Managing Stress with NutritionStress takes a toll on health – nutrients can help.Neil E. Levin
266 – Trace Minerals ResearchOur bodies need 72 major and trace minerals.Dr. Darrin Starkey
265 – Nutrition for Healthy and Glowing SkinFacial aging is caused by both internal and external factors.Tracy Kreider
264 – Glutathione for Liver Health and DetoxGlutathione is the critical master antioxidant and liver detox agent.Ross Pelton
263 – Adrenal Stress and Adaptogenic HerbsHerbs support a healthy stress response.Dr. Mary Bove
262 - The Future of Liposome NutritionLiposomes can deliver nutrients more effectively.Dr. Emek Blair
261 -Nutrition for ChildrenGood eating habits begin at an early ageNeil Levin
260 - The Challenge of Iron Deficiency for Women10% of women between 12 and 49 are deficient in iron.Dr. Erin Stokes
259 -
Probiotics for Vaginal and Urinary Health
Clinically tested probiotic promotes healthy vaginal microflora.Anthony Thomas
258 - You Have Three BrainsHow the Heart, Brain, and Gut Influence Mental Health and IdentityDr. Karen Jensen
257 - America’s Emerging Hemp IndustryAgricultural hemp is making a comeback in the US.Josh Hendrix
256 - Nutrition for ChildrenGood nutrition for children begins in the womb and continues through childhoodJolie Root
255 - Testing Your Antioxidant StatusYou can now test and measure your antioxidant status.Dr. Russell Jaffe
254 - Clinically Effective Prostate SupportProstasan has 3 published clinical studies showing efficacy.Josée Fortin
253 – The Health Benefits of MushroomsBeneficial Mushrooms Support All Body SystemsJerry Angelini
252 – All About ProteinAn introduction to protein needs and digestive issues.Neil Levin
251 – Predictive Biomarker High Sensitivity CRPThis is the test you need to determine your inflammation status.Dr. Russell Jaffe
250 – Is CBD Oil a Drug or Nutrient? Or Both?The difference between medical CBD and consumer CBD.Dr. Hector Lopez
249 – Behind the Scenes at NutriGold SupplementsIt’s what you don’t see that matters.Chad Kelly
248 – The Benefits of Whey ProteinWhey Protein has the best biological value of all protein sources.Tracy Kreider
247 – Choosing a Woman’s Multi-VitaminNutritional needs change over a woman’s lifetimeDr. Erin Stokes
246 – Chemical Free Baby Care with e-clothProtect your baby from chemicals and bacteria with just e-cloth and water!Al Coviello
245 – Predictive Bio-marker TestVitamin D is more important that we thought.Dr. Russell Jaffe
244 – Embracing the Mediterranean DietThe Mediterranean Diet and Health: Proven Benefits in Countless StudiesJolie Root
243 – Nutritional Support for MenopauseRelief for hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings related to menopauseDr. Josee Fortin
242 – Are You Protein Deficient?Most people who are protein deficient don’t even know it.Dr. David Minkoff
241 – Calcium, Vitamins D and K for Bone HealthAlso important for Cardiovascular HealthNeil Levin
240 – Food and Chemical HypersensitivitiesHow to discover over 500 hidden or delayed allergiesDr. Russell Jaffe
239 – The Adrenal Stress ConnectionAdrenal fatigue is a common and growing problemDr. Marita Schauch
238 – Nutrition for Autism Spectrum DisorderThere is hope and help for AutismDr. Betul Hatipoglu
237 – Nutrition for Calm, Focused AttentionNeural Balance improves anxiety, stress, sleep and social interactions.Gabriel Williams
236 – Managing the Pain of ArthritisReduce inflammation and pain will go downDr. Anurag Pande
235 – Whole Food Hemp ComplexHempFusion supports a healthy endocannabinoid systemDr. Jason Mitchell
234 – Predictive Biomarker – Omega-3/6Take the Omega-3 Home Blood Test. It’s easy.Dr. Russell Jaffe
233 – Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MTC)MCT’s are the beneficial form of tryglycerides.Dr. Alvin Berger
232 – CBD Oil, An In-depth Exploration – My Interview with Dr. Hector LopezCBD Benefits Anxiety, Mood, Sleep and Much MoreDr. Hector Lopez
231 – Detoxify for Better HealthDetoxification has become a necessity of modern lifeDr. Michael Murray
230 – Probiotics for Respiratory HealthCertain probiotics aid seasonal respiratory challengesNeil Levin
229 - Understanding the Acid/Alkaline BalanceLiving the Alkaline Way for Better HealthDr. Russell Jaffe
228 – Boost Your Brain Power at Any AgeBoosting Brain Energy Pays Big DividendsDr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue
227 – The Next Generation of Probiotic and PrebioticsHow well does your digestive system work?Dr. Jason Mitchell
226 – Predictive Biomarker – HomocysteineHomocysteine is a predictive biomarker for cardiovascular healthDr. Russell Jaffe
225 – Vitamin K for Bone and Cardiovascular HealthOur understanding of the benefits of Vitamin K is expandingJolie Root
224 – Nutritional Support for Male Sexual HealthEnhance your libido, performance, stamina and pleasure!James LaValle
223 – Predictive Biomarkers – Hgb A1cUnderstanding Hemoglobin A1c as a predictive blood testDr. Russell Jaffe
222 – Nutrition for Healthy Eye SupportProtecting your eyes and visionNeil Levin
221 – Cannabidiol (CBD) – Nutrient, Food or Drug?DEA and FDA makes the future of CBD unclearStuart Tomc
220 – Chemical Free Cleaning Using Just e-cloth and Water e-cloth also removes over 99% of bacteria on surfacesAl Coviello
219 – Cinnamon for Blood Sugar SupportThe benefits of cinnamon are far reachingJolie Root
218 - Nurturing Your Probiotic EnvironmentYour good bacteria needs the proper environment to thriveJosee Fortin
217 - Aged Garlic Extract for Cardiac HealthAged Garlic Extract (AGE) has clinically proven benefitsJames LaValle
216 – Fast Acting Natural Boost for Your Immune FunctionWintertime Cold and Flu Immune SupportLester Burks
215 – Probiotic Support for Irritable Bowel SyndromeLactospore probiotic is clinically beneficial for IBSDr. Anurag Pande
214 - Is Inflammation Caused by a Repair DeficitThe Role of Antioxidants in Inflammation and RepairDr. Russell Jaffe
213 – Omega-3 DHA for Mother’s, Infants and ChildrenDHA is the critical omega-3 during pregnancy and infancy!Jolie Root
212 – Discover Poria Mushroom for Kidney and Immune HealthAn Ancient Mushroom Emerges as Powerful Kidney SupportMark Kaylor
211 – How to Read a Probiotic LabelHow do you have confidence in your probiotic?Natasha Trenev
210 – Vitamin K-2 is Critical for Heart and Bone HealthWhat you need to know about vitamin K2, Natto MK-7Dr. Ralph Holsworth
209 – Rethinking the Multiple VitaminMegaFood Reinvents Their Multiple Vitamins With a PurposeDr. Erin Stokes
208 – Building Bone Strength and FlexiblityA Scientific Approach to Building Better BonesRichard Passwater, Jr.
207 – Harnessing the Power of BroccoliBe aware, not all broccoli supplements are created equal.Anthony Thomas
206 – The Probiotic CureHarnessing the Power of Beneficial BacteriaMartie Whittekin
205 - Cannabidiol (CBD) for Stress and SleepCannabidiol is a rising star in the nutritional world.Dr. Aimee Shunney
204 – What Are Metabolic EnzymesThe benefits of systemic metabolic enzymes are profound.Tom Bohager
203 - Curcumin C3 Complex for Inflammation47 Clinical Studies Confirm the Benefits of Curcumin C3 ComplexDr. Anurag Pande
202 – Is PQQ The Next Nutrient Superstar?PQQ is a powerful brain nutrient.Dr. Michael Murray
201 - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)Interest is growing in this ancient healing traditionDavid Jones
200 – The Good, The Bad and The UglyFinding the GOOD in a confusing nutritional marketplaceSteve Lankford
199 – Nattokinase and Cardiovascular HealthBlood is Thicker Than WaterDr. Ralph Holsworth
198 – Garlic Extract Reverses Heart DiseaseAged Garlic Extract Reduces Artery PlaqueDr. Matthew Budoff
197 – A Call for ProbioticsExploring the Function of the MicrobiomeJolie Root
196 – The Immune Benefits of MushroomsTHIS INTERVIEW IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE
195 - Liposomes for Nutrient DeliveryThe Future of VitaminsDr. Emek Blair
194 - The Benefits of EnzymesThe Benefits of EnzymesTom Bohager
193 Probiotics for Dummies and The Rest of UsThe Next Generation of ProbioticsDr. Jason Mitchell
192 – Nutritional Support for Your BrainImproving brain energy, focus and memoryJames LaValle
191 – The Benefits of Hemp OilThe benefits of hemp are being rediscoveredDr. Cass Ingram
190 – Antibiotic Use Leads to C. diffC. diff is a nasty and tenacious intestinal infectionJerry Bader
189 - A Doctor’s Perspective on NNTDoes your doctor understand the Numbers Needed to Treat?Dr. Len Saputo
188 - Why Are So Many People on Prescription Medications? Do Your Prescription Drugs Really Help You Be Healthier?Steve Lankford
187 - What to Do When Fish Oil Raises LDL CholesterolUsing EPA alone supports healthy triglycerides and LDL cholesterolJolie Root
186 - Clinical Joint Support for Male AthletesAttack the root cause of joint discomfortRichard Passwater, Jr.
185 - 117 Supplement Makers Busted by FedsFDA takes action to protect consumersSteve Lankford
184 - Probiotic Are Required at All Stages of LifeA Healthy Life Requires a Healthy MicrobiomeDr. Erin Stokes
183 - Balancing Your Immune SystemModucare brings balance to your immune systemStephen Wicks
182 – Innovative Probiotic PearlsProbiotics benefit more than digestive healthDean Morris
181 – Aged Garlic Extract has Over 700 Studies Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract has proven nutritional benefitsJames LaValle
180 – GPC Helps Your Brain Work BetterGPC boosts mental performance in all agesDr. Parris Kidd
179 – Menopause Relief in 7 to 10 Days NaturallyMenopause Symptoms Can Be DebilitatingMichael Jeffers
178 – Sports Supplements for AthletesThe Good, the Bad and the UglyTavis Piatolli
177 – Medical Science’s Dirty Little SecretHalf of medical literature may be falseSteve Lankford
176 – Coconut Oil MiracleLearn about why coconut oil is so good for you.Dr. Bruce Fife
175 – The Lyme Disease Cure – Part 2Positive Proactive Steps for Preventing Lyme DiseaseDr. Cass Ingram
174 – Your Blood Never LiesHow to Read Your Blood Test and Live a Longer Healthier LifeJames LaValle
173 – Natural Blood Pressure ManagementNutrition and lifestyle choices are the key to healthy blood pressureDr. Stephen Sinatra
172 – The Amazing Benefits of Coconut OilThe many uses of organic coconut oilDean Morris
171 – Collagen: Myths and MisconceptionsThe Benefits of Collagen for Skin, Hair, Nails and BonesDr. Marita Schauch
170 – NY Attorney General Slams Herbal Supplements – He is Wrong and Here’s WhyHerbs Under the Magnifying GlassSteve Mister
169 – What’s the Story on Hemp CBD Oil?Here what you need to know about cannabidiol (CBD) oilStuart Tomc
168 – Postpartum Depression Responds to NutritionPostpartum Depression is Treatable and Potentially PreventableDr. Shoshana Bennett
167 – Cardiovascular Studies Using Aged Garlic ExtractAged Garlic Extract Significantly Slows Progression of Atherosclerosis and Improves Blood PressureDr. Matthew Budoff
166 – Heart Health and Omega-3 Fatty AcidsOmega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D for ChildrenJolie Root
165 – The Lyme Disease CureLyme is a nasty and tenacious bacteriaDr. Cass Ingram
164 – Natural Therapies for Depression and AnxietyIf you have depression or anxiety, listen to this interviewRoss Pelton
163 – Turmeric and Curcumin for Healthy InflammationWhat is Healthy Inflammation?Dr. Erin Stokes
162 – Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss4 Key Principles for Losing WeightDr. Michael Lyon
161 – Infants Need Specific ProbioticsBabies need the proper bacteriaNatasha Trenev
160 – The Most Important Herb for Your ProstateNormalize prostate functionGuy Woodman
159 – Nutrition for Cardiac HealthPrevention and cardiac support.Dr. Decker Weiss
158 – Alive Whole Food Multi-VitaminsNature’s Way Alive Multi-VitaminsDean Morris
157 – Never Be Sick AgainHealth is a Choice, Learn How to Choose ItRaymond Francis
156 – Nutritional Pain ManagementChronic pain responds to natural therapiesDr. Hector Lopez
155 – The Amazing Role of EnzymesEnzymes – Part 4 of the H.O.P.E. protocolBrenda Watson
154 – The Surprising Facts About Statin DrugsStatins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failureSteve Lankford
153 – The Truly Heal Cancer ProtocolTRULY HEAL your body, your life and the world from CANCERMarcus Freudenman
152 – Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-InflammatoryFish Oil for Pain and InflammationDr. Joseph Maroon
151 – Relief for Sciatica and NeuropathyG-Agmatine for painful nervesDr. Gad Gilad
150 – Probiotics for Healthy Digestion and WeightLearn About Skinny BacteriaBrenda Watson
149 – The Anti-Microbial Benefits of Wild Oregano OilThe Origin of Modern Wild Oregano OilDr. Cass Ingram
148 – Improving Brain Cell CommunicationYour Brain Cells Can Work BetterDr. Michael Smith
147 – Improve Your Memory and CognitionWhat Can Jellyfish Extract Do for Your MemoryMark Underwood
146 – Whole Food MegaFood VitaminsDiscover the MegaFood DifferenceRobert Craven
145 – Black Elderberry Extract for Flu SupportShorten the Duration and Severity of FluDean Morris
144 – The Anti-Cancer Properties of IP-6One Nutrient to Consider if You Have CancerDr. Abulkalam Shamsudden
143 – Weight Loss and Omega-3Every Body Needs Omega-3Dr. Christopher Mohr
142 – Stress, Anxiety and InsomniaNutrients Can Reduce StressDr. Michael Murray
141 – Boosting Your Brain PowerPerceptiv for Alzheimer's and DementiaDr. Thomas Shea
140 – The Clinical Benefits of Korean GinsengIl Hwa Korean GinsengGregg Noll
139 – Omega-3 and Mental Health ResearchOmega-3 is critical for normal brain functionDr. Joseph Hibblin
138 – The Powerful Potential of ProbioticsWhy You Need ProbioticsNatasha Trenev
137 – Natural Relief for Migraine HeadachesMigraine Factor XDr. Raj Aggarwal
136 – Overcoming Iron Deficiency AnemiaMegaFood Blood BuilderDr. Erin Stokes
135 – My Interview with Daniel Fabricant – CEO, Natural Products AssociationState of the Natural Products IndustryDr. Daniel Fabricant
134 – The Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty AcidsPart 2 of the H.O.P.E Program – Omega-3 OilsBrenda Watson
133 – Rapid Defense for Immune SupportYou can enhance your defenses against colds and flu.Dean Morris
132 – Holy Basil Herb for Stress and AnxietyHoly Basil enhances the body’s response to stress.Chris Kilham
131 – Earthing – What is It and Why Should You Care?Can Being in Touch with the Earth Contribute to Better Health?Dr. Stephen Sinatra
130 – Pain Free 1, 2, 3How you can reduce or eliminate your chronic painDr. Jacob Teitelbaum
129 – Are Tocotrienols the Most Important Form of Vitamin E?Tocotrienols have cardiovascular and cancer benefits.Dr. Barrie Tan
128 – Omega-3 for Women and ChildrenOmega-3 fatty acids are critical for women’s health and children’s development.Dr. Aimee Shunney
127 – Probiotics for Digestive and Immune HealthThe Benefits of Probiotics Are Far Greater Than Previously ImaginedDr. Don Brown
126 – The Role of Fiber in Digestive HealthFiber Aids Cleansing, Detoxification and Overall Bowel HealthBrenda Watson
125 – What is the Most Bioavailable Form of Curcumin?Theracurmin is the Most Bioavailable Form of CurcuminDr. Michael Murray
124 – FDA Proposes New Lower Dietary ValuesNutrition Label Changes Will Lower Many Nutrient LevelsScott Tips
123 – Relax, Refresh and Revive with Suntheanine Relaxation Without DrowsinessJulie Thibeau
122 – Add More Whole Foods to your LifeTargeted Whole Food Nutrient Booster PowderDr. Erin Stokes
121 – Aged Garlic Improves Cardiac HealthKyolic Aged Garlic Extract reveals powerful benefitsDr. Matthew Budoff
120 – Nutrition for Eye HealthProtect Your Eyes with Targeted NutrientsDr. Robert Able
119 – Vaccination is not ImmunizationAre you concerned about the risks of vaccinations?Dr. Tim O'Shea
118 – Cholesterol – How to Evaluate Your RiskWhat should you consider if you have elevated cholesterolSteve Lankford
117 – Cholesterol and Statin Drugs, My OpinionStatin Drugs Leave a Lot to be DesiredSteve Lankford
116 – Hyaluronic Acid for Joints, Skin and EyesHyaluronic Acid is found naturally in most every cell in the body.Darren Landis
115 – A Smart Woman’s Guide to HormonesNatural Ways to Manage Your Hormones for a LifetimeLorna Vanderhaeghe
114 – The Benefits of Antioxidants and the ORAC testWhat are antioxidants and why do you need them?Jim Nichols
113 – Cinnamon for Blood Sugar SupportCinnulin PF is the clinically studied form of cinnamonDr. Richard Anderson
112 – If I Had Cancer, I Would Take AveMarAveMar has been clinically confirmed to be a powerful adjunct nutrient for cancer patients.James LaValle
111 – Raising Baby GreenThe Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby CareDr. Alan Greene
110 – Developing a Nutritional Program That WorksThe best nutritional program is the one that works best for you!Steve Lankford
109 – Have Strong Bones for LifeHow You Can Prevent OsteoporosisLara Pizzorno
108 – Alarming Trends in Women’s HealthMaking Sense of Women’s HealthDr. Marita Schauch
107 – Aged Garlic Extract for Cardiovascular HealthGarlic Extract Reduces Cardiovascular RiskDr. Karin Ried
106 – Omega-3, Concussion and Brain Trauma – My Interview with Dr. Michael LewisOmega-3 may help rebuild damaged brains!Dr. Michael Lewis
105 – How to Build Strong Healthy Bones for a Lifetime My wife increased her bone density by 7 % in 7 years.Steve Lankford
104 - PS for Dementia and Cognitive DeclinePS improves memory, concentration, learning, recall, and focus.Scott Hagerman
103 - The American Botanical CouncilYour best resource for reliable herbal medicine informationMark Blumenthal
102 - The MegaFood Approach to InflammationMaintaining a healthy whole body inflammation responseStacey Gillespie
101 - Ribose for Cellular EnergyRibose helps rebuild ATPMichael Crabtree
100 Podcasts and GrowingThanks to all our listeners.Steve Lankford
099 – The Truth About Multi-VitaminsDr. Kidd Refutes a Recent Negative Editorial on the Benefits of VitaminsDr. Parris Kidd
098 – The Truth About MineralsWhat are the best mineral forms?Max Motyka
097 – Selenium Studies Suggest Cancer PreventionSelenoExcell shows clinical effects on cancer of the colon, lung and prostatePaul Willis and Dr. Mark Whitacre
096 - Natural Vision EnhancersNutrients that Promotes Eye Health and Vision FunctionDr. Parris Kidd
095 - BioSil Silica for Bone, Skin, Hair and NailsBioSil orthosilicic acid aids collagen formationRichard Passwater, Jr.
094 - Mushrooms for Alzheimer’s and DementiaLion’s Mane Mushroom Protects the Aging BrainMark Kaylor
093 - Maitake Mushroom and Blood Sugar SupportMaitake SX-FractionMark Kaylor
092 - Maitake Mushroom and Immune SupportMaitake D-FractionMark Kaylor
091 - The Powerful Benefits of MushroomsAn Introduction to the World of Nutraceutical MushroomsMark Kaylor
090 - Improving Estrogen BalanceHow to Improve Hormone Balance NaturallyDr. Holly Lucille
089 - Better Memory with PrevagenHow to Improve Your Memory As You AgeSheldon Williams
088 - The Benefits of Bio-Identical HormonesIf you use hormones, you should know that bio-identical hormones are differentDr. Aimee Shunney
087 – Suntheanine for Stress, Anxiety and SleepSuntheanine is safe and effective for relaxationJulie Thibeau
086 - What is the Best Form of CoQ10 and WhyThe Power of Ubiquinol CoQ10Dr. Robert J. Barry
085 - The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty AcidsThe benefits of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish OilDr. Michael Murray
084 – Brain MagnesiumMagnesium is essential for memory, learning, mood and much more.Dr. Parris Kidd
083 - Renew H.O.P.E. - Building Better CommunitiesRenew H.O.P.E. provides resources for those with nutritional and financial needsBrenda Watson
082 - Overcome Depression, Mood, Anxiety and Energy ProblemsReclaim Your Brain and Enhance Your Mood, Memory and EnergyDr. Hyla Cass
081 - FoodState Nutrients – What’s the DifferenceMegaFood makes unique supplements from food.Stacey Gillispie
080 - What Are Your Vaccine RightsDo you want to avoid mandatory vaccines for your children?Attorney Alan Phillips
079 – The Benefits of FloraGlo Lutein for the EyesFloraGlo Lutein Protects Your EyesHeather Richardson
078 – Is Krill Harvesting Sustainable?Are we depleting the Antarctic krill?Becky Wright
077 – What’s So Special About Krill OilThe Unique Benefits of Antarctic Krill OilChristopher Speed
076 - The Vitamin D SolutionThe benefits of Vitamin D for all ages.Dr. Michael Holick
075 - Carnitine for Heart and Brain EnergyCarnitine plays a crucial role in energy productionKen Hassen, PhD
074 - Confessions of an Rx Drug PusherPrescription drugs are the third largest cause of deathGwen Olsen
073 - Liver DetoxificationN-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is a potent detox regulatorDr. Parris Kidd
072 – Healthy and Vibrant AgingHow to live longer and healthier as you ageDr. Michael Garko
071 - The Benefits of MSMMSM for joint health, immune support and hay fever reliefRod Benjamin
070 - Natural Alternatives to Acid Blocking DrugsYou can relieve acid reflux, heartburn and other gastric distressMartie Whittekin
069 – Codex Alimentarius – Global Food ImperialismWhat is Codex Alimentarius and why you should careScott Tips
068 - Vitamin K2 and the Calcium ParadoxVitamin K2 for bones and heartDr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue
067 - Oral Contraceptives and Nutrient DepletionBirth control pills are a health risk for womenRoss Pelton
066 - Improve Cellular EnergyImprove Your Endurance with RiboseTom VonderBrink
065 - The Great Cholesterol MythWhy lowering your cholesterol won't prevent heart disease.Dr. Stephen Sinatra
064 - Have more energy with PQQImprove energy, sleep, mood and anxiety.Dr. Parris Kidd
063 - Health at Gunpoint The FDA’s Silent War Against Health FreedomJames Gormley
062 - Quick Relief for Menopausal SymptomsRelieve hot flashes, night sweats and moreMichael Jeffers
061 - Aloe Vera Juice for Intestinal HealthWhat can Aloe Vera Juice do for you?Karen Masterson
060 - The Immune System CureBenefits of ModuCareProf. Patrick Bouic
059 - Help for Varicose and Spider VeinsDiosmin helps hemorrhoids, varicose and spider veinsDr. Paul Nemiroff
058 - The Benefits of Krill OilWhat Makes Krill Oil Good For YouEric Anderson
057 - Natural Bladder SupportHelp for Incontinence and frequent urinationTracey Seipel
056 - The Importance of CoQ10Cardiovascular Benefits of CoQ10Carl Germano
055 – Aged Garlic Extract Lowers Blood PressureNew Clinical Study Out of AustraliaDr. Karin Ried
054 - Why You Need ProbioticsProbiotics for Digestive and Immune Health SupportRoss Pelton
053 - Spirulina - Nature's SuperfoodThe Benefits of Hawaiian SpirulinaSusan Smith Jones, PhD
052 - The Benefits of Natural B-12A Better Form of B-12 called Methyl-cobalamineDr. Parris Kidd
051 - The Benefits of Vitamin D-3The Importance of Vitamin D to Human HealthDr. John Cannell, MD
050 - Life Is Your Best MedicineHealth, Healing, and Wholeness at Every AgeDr. Tieraona Low Dog
049 - Health Freedom Victory in IllinoisNutritional Freedoms Expand in IllinoisDarrell Rogers
048 - What You Don't Know About Folic AcidLearn About a Better Form of FolateDr. Parris Kidd
047 - Omega-3 and Brain TraumaDHA and Brain Trauma, Concussion and PTSDDr. Michael Lewis
046 - Dean Morris Discusses Lavender OilLavender Oil for Stress, Tension and AnxietyHerbalist Dean Morris
045 - The Benefits of Colloidal Silver HydrosolThe Anti-Microbial Benefits of SilverRobert Scott Bell
044 - How Dietitian Licensing Goes WrongThe Hidden Danger of Dietitians Licensing BillsPam Popper
043 - Niacin and CholesterolManage Your Cholesterol NaturallDan Murray
042 - SB2936 - Illinois Dietitian Licensing BillAction Alert – Illinois Dietitian Licensing BillDiane Miller
041 - Clinical StudiesCardiac Benefits of Aged Garlic ExtractDr. Matthew Budoff
040 - Gluten SensitivityEnzymes and GlutenDave Barton
039 - Recent Omega-3 StudiesBenefits of Omega-3 Fatty AcidsStuart Tomc
038 - Cutting Edge Cancer Prevention PlanFive To ThriveKarolyn Gazella
037 - Five To Thrive - Cancer Prevention PlanCancer Prevention PlanDr. Lise Alschuler
036 - Dr. Murray discusses TheracurminThe Benefits of Curcumin ExtractDr. Michael Murray
035 - The Holman Omega-3 Home TestThe Importance of Omega-3Dr. Douglas Bibus
034 - The History of Omega-3 ResearchNix the Six and Eat the ThreeDr. William Lands
033 – Nutrition for Cardiovascular HealthHow you can have a healthier heartDr. Gaetano Morello
032 - Dean Neuls Discusses AlgaeCal CalciumAlgae based calciumDean Neuls
031 - DHA is the most important omega-3 fatty acid.DHA is the most important Omega-3 fatty acid.Dr. Parris Kidd
030 - Pepzin GI aids heartburn and stomach distressPepzin GI provides natural relief for hearburn and stomach irritation.Dan Murray
029 - PGX Aids Weight Loss and Blood SugarPGX Fiber aids weight loss and blood sugar levels.Dr. Michael Murray
028 - Aged Garlic Extract is beneficial for blood pressure.Aged Garlic Extract (Kyolic) has benefits for blood pressure.Jay Levy
027 - Dr. Parris Kidd Discusses the Benefits of SAMeSAMe has benefits for brain, joint, liver health and energyDr. Parris Kidd
026 - Broadcasting Live from Natural Products Expo WestTunies Health Line with Steve Lankford and Al FormanDr. Parris Kidd, Steve Alexander and Jay Levy
025 - Herbal Pain ReliefMore Effective Curcumin Extracts for PainDr. Don Brown
024 - The Benefits of NattokinaseNattokinase and fibrin breakdownDr. Ralph Holsworth
023 - The Benefits of Red Yeast RiceAmerican Made Red Yeast RiceGary Walker
022 - Wisconsin for Choice in Wellness ActMy OpinionSteve Lankford
021 - The Best Curcumin for InflammationThe benefits of Meriva Phytosome CurcuminDr. Parris Kidd
020 - Wisconsin SB 280The Wisconsin Consumer Choice and Wellness ActDiane Miller
019 - What Your Doctor Doesn't KnowWhat The Drug Companies Won't Tell YouDr. Michael Murray
018 - Getting Off Acid Blocking DrugsStomach Acid IssuesDr. Jonathan Wright
017 - Aged Garlic Extract Fire Fighter StudyGarlic, Stress and Heart DiseaseDr. Matthew Budoff
016 - Improve Cardiac Health with Aged Garlic ExtractAged Garlic Extract StudyDr. Matthew Budoff
015 - Improve Your Memory with Jellyfish ExtractBrain HealthMark Underwood
014 - Fighting Colds, Flu and Bronchitis with UmckaBenefits of UmckaDean Morris
013 - Astaxanthin, the World's Strongest AntioxidantBenefits of AstaxanthinDr. Robert Corish
012 - Victory Over CancerNutrition and Cancer ResearchDr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki
011 - Natural Brain EnhancersImproving Brain HealthDr. Parris Kidd
010 - Omega-3 for Women and ChildrenOmega-3 for Women and ChildrenDr. Keri Marshall
009 - John Gay Discusses Legislative Threats to Nutritional SupplementsLegislative Threats to Nutritional SupplementsJohn Gay
008 - Diane Miller Discusses the Wis. Consumer Choice and Wellness BillWis. Consumer Choice and Wellness BillDiane Miller
007 - Diane Miller discusses the Wis. Dietitians Licensing BillWis. Dietitian's Licensing BillDiane Miller
006 - Dr. Cara Welch Discusses Recent Negative Nutritional StudiesRecent Negative Nutritional StudiesDr. Cara Welch
005 - Discover a Better Vitamin CVitamin C ResearchDr. Benjamin Weeks
004 - Creating a Nutritional Program That WorksCreating Your Nutritional Program Steve Lankford
003 - Metabolic Cardiology, My OpinionMetabolic CardiologySteve Lankford
002 - Metabolic Cardiology with Dr. Stephen SinatraCardiovascular HealthDr. Stephen Sinatra
001 - Welcome to Health Quest PodcastWelcomeSteve Lankford
002 - Metabolic Cardiology with Dr. Stephen SinatraCardiovascular HealthDr. Stephen Sinatra

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