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Health Quest began as a local broadcast radio show in 1995. Health Quest soon gained a reputation for being different from other nutrition shows and Steve Lankford became well know for his targeted interviews and compelling commentary. In 1999 Health Quest added audio streaming to the internet using Real Player. In 2004 HealthQuestRadioShow.com began and provided a platform for sharing the most important interviews I have done.  I have done over 1000 shows and interviewed over 200 different guests including over 80 doctors since 1995.

Health Quest Podcast
Beginning in September 2011, HealthQuestRadioShow.com became HealthQuestPodcast.com. The podcast format is the best way to reach a larger audience. A podcast allows us to bring my audio to you much more quickly and in an even more timely manner.

My mission
Health Quest Podcast examines the science of nutrition and it’s application to good health. The research in nutrition is expansive and powerful. It is also sometimes confusing and challenging to understand. I interview the nation’s most respected and knowledgeable experts and I bring the science to my audience in a compelling and yet understandable form. Listening to my shows will help you understand how to use the latest in nutritional science to support your health. You can trust Health Quest Podcast to bring you credible, reliable and accurate nutritional information that you can use. Facts, not fads. Help, not hype. That is my promise to you and I urge you to listen to just a few shows of interest. I think you will be hooked. It is my desire to help you understand and appropriate the benefits of good nutrition.

My topics
My shows will cover a wide range of important nutritional subjects. Whether it be an in depth look at some health conditions or an exploration of a nutrient, you can be assured that I will cover the facts that you need to know. And I will help you understand the topic in a way that will be useful to you. My topics will always be covered in such a way that helps bring clarity to often confusing topics.

My guests
My guests are always some of the most interesting and credible experts in fields related to nutrition. I have interviewed doctors, researchers, scientists, inventors, professors and authors who have expertise in the topics. The best way to understand complex nutritional topics is to interview the people who know the science. That’s what I do. I bring to you the knowledgeable and highly respected people in alternative health.

My sponsors
My sponsors are some of the most respected nutritional companies in America. Everyone who is interested in nutrition has a vested interest in knowing which companies and which products can be trusted. It is with great pride that I have such excellent companies  supporting Health Quest Podcast. I am happy to endorse these companies because I have had personal contact with and knowledge of these companies and their products. I personally know of their commitment to bring you the best products that modern nutritional science and manufacturing allows.

Health Quest Podcast does not sell products (see my ethics page). This helps preserve the integrity of my recommendations and minimize any conflict of interest. To purchase any of these products, seek out a knowledgeable provider. Contact the company if you need help finding their products.

The products that I discuss are products that I endorse. I have spent my lifetime studying and applying nutrition to the pursuit of health. I have come to understand that nutritional products are not all the same. There is a wide disparity in the quality of supplements and it is sometimes difficult to discern a good product from a bad product. Part of my mission is to reveal to you some of the best products from the best companies. I believe that if you want results from your nutritional supplementation, then you must use quality products and the best you can do is to use the actual products that have been studied. I will help you know which products and companies you can trust. These are companies who stand behind their products.

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1 Bharti August 22, 2020 at 8:59 am

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2 Steve Lankford October 21, 2020 at 9:34 pm

Thanks for your inquiry. We don’t have any affiliate marketing. We don’t sell product. We don’t link to any selling sites.


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