How a natural cardiologist is changing the lives of at risk children around the world.

Diagnosing, Treating, and Reversing  PTSD and Radicalization at the Source

This interview is just slightly off our normal target. My interview is with Dr. Decker Weiss. I have known of and have interviewed Dr. Weiss years ago when I was host of Health Quest Radio Show. Dr. Weiss is one of the world’s first natural cardiologists. He is the author of The Weiss Method – A Natural Program for Reversing Heart Disease and Preventing Heart Attacks. CLICK HERE to listen to my previous interview with Dr. Weiss entitled Nutrition for Cardiac Health.

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In the first part of this interview we discuss his history and evolution as a naturally oriented cardiologist. Dr. Weiss’ understanding of the role and benefits of lifestyle and nutrition can help us all be healthier. The second part of his interview is about his mission work called Peace Possible. His work is recognized by others and this interview is being sponsored by Rob Seeman and The Food Movement. It is Rob’s passion to end world hunger and he has recognized that Dr. Weiss has a powerful approach that can actually change lives.

Dr. Weiss has taken the road less traveled when it comes to aiding poor and impoverished children around the world. He started by asking the question “What causes youth to become radicalized and fall prey to the terrorists groups to which they become aligned?” This is a very profound question and the answer is just as profound.

Dr. Weiss has set up numerous operations around the globe which focus on providing what these communities need in order to reverse the trend to radicalization. Ultimately the solution involves creating environments where people have opportunity to live healthy and productive lives. Proper and targeted nutrition can make a huge difference. It is impossible to gain an education and become a productive adult when day to day circumstances make life dangerous. Lack of the essential factors of life make it nearly impossible not to be adversely affected.

Dr. Weiss has defined four critical areas that must be addressed to change this cycle:

  • Medical Care: Peace Possible™ has diagnosed and treated refugees in Iraq, and Jordan (Syrians), orphans in Viet Nam and Senegal, as well as human beings stuck in cycles of poverty and violence in the Dominican Republic. All of this occurred within our first 2 years of existence. The next steps include adding a clinic in Thailand, and creating semi-permanent clinics in some of the of the least medically served areas in the world
  • Research and Development: Why do people become violent? How do children become radicalized? Peace Possible™ has performed the first research in the world on neurotransmitter patterns and radicalization. The results may give way to the first diagnostic test for risk of radicalization, as well as a potential treatment model.
  • Functional Medicine in the Field: Peace Possible™ is the first to provide probiotics to every child and patient prescribed antibiotics, amino acid and natural anti-inflammatory therapies to resolve PTSD, focus issues, mood, insomnia and fatigue issues, and more. Functional (Naturopathic) medicine may be the key to keeping a young lady from returning to life as a sex worker, or a young man or women from joining ISIS.
  • Education: Last year, Dr. Weiss presented the first research of its kind linking neurotransmitter chemistry to radicalization at the CRIC School of Oxford. Currently over a dozen medical schools and organizations are asking for education. Soon, the information gleaned will have to potential to be applied around the world. 
  • New Frontiers: Peace Possible™ has been asked to look into medical models which overcome infections without creating antibiotic resistance. Right now, people world-wide are dying from infections because the antibiotics no longer work. Currently (1) child dies every (9) minutes from a resistant infection.

CLICK HERE to read more about Dr. Weiss’ work in the Dominican Republic, Sweden and Syria, Africa, Israel and Palestine, and Iraq.
CLICK HERE to donate to Peace Possible™.

Dr. Weiss  was a 20 year practicing cardiologist who decided to take a turn and join a think tank/research group called Artis Research, three years ago. In his medical career, Dr. Weiss became an expert in diagnostic (lab) markers involving inflammation via the central nervous system (lecturing on it at Cleveland Heart), when he realized that there was an application to his work in PTSD, and potentially radicalization.  With the Artis team, Dr. Weiss launched a research study on Syrian refugees and Israeli’s and Gaza’s (Palestinians) , looking at the very first predictive lab markers for radicalization. The research was simply break-through, and was presented to world-leaders in the field at the CRIC (College for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict) School of Oxford University.  Dr. Weiss has now spun Peace Possible™ out of Artis Research to focus on advancing refugee care, as well as applying the research in the field to diagnose, prevent, treat, and reverse radicalization.

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Dr. Decker Weiss

The Food Movement Co. Hunger Relief Mission CLICK HERE to learn more.
The Food Movement Co. is founded on the belief that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself given the proper nourishment. We believe in not just healing with whole foods, but also in supplementing our diets with specific nutrients that may be missing.  We feel this approach is crucial to our survival as a people and a planet. This involves raw materials in their purest forms, formulations which correspond to the systems of the body, and an overarching philosophy that respects the wisdom of nature.

The Food Movement Co. has a commitment to give 11% of our profits to help global hunger relief efforts, and to synergistically raise awareness of these efforts. At The Food Movement Co. we believe sustainability in human society and in the environment are indelibly intertwined. We believe that in order to feed ourselves, we must begin to embrace the stewardship of the planet, and of other people, that our ancestors recognized as crucial to our growth and survival. We are all interdependent.


320 – The Endocannabinoid System – Part 4 – Endo Brain

This is Part 4 of my series on the Endocannabinoid System. In this interview with Dr. Jeffrey Burke we will discuss Endo Brain. Endo Brain naturally helps support mental acuity and cognition by nurturing and nourishing your endocannabinoid system in the following ways:

Supports memory and cognition*
Has beneficial effects on key neurotransmitters*
Facilitates homeostasis (biological balance of body and mind)*
Nourishes the endocannabinoid receptor sites*
Aids production and retention of endocannabinoids*

Over the course of this series we have considered products for anxiety, mood and sleep and now memory and concentration. Each of these challenges can be inter-related as a problem and can easily lead to challenges in the others. Stress can affect sleep. Poor sleep can affect mental clarity. And they can all affect your mood. The challenge is to figure out the best way to nourish your system.

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319 – Preserving Memory and Cognition in the Aging Brain

f you are interested in supporting memory, cognition, and even addressing some of the most challenging issues in the aging brain, then you will be interested in this podcast. This interview with Dr. Alan Snow will give you some insight into how this novel nutritional product came to the marketplace. Consumers seldom consider the development of products. How do we know when a nutrient is effective? How do we know it is safe? How do we know that one particular form is the best, maybe even better than synthetic drugs?
This interview will be an excellent illustration of how powerful natural products are discovered and developed into effective health supporting supplements.

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318 – Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure with Lifestyle and Nutrition

In this interview Jim LaValle discusses the whys and hows of achieving healthier blood pressure levels. Jim discusses the nutrients that have good scientific basis for supporting healthy blood pressure. He especially focuses on Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) because of the huge body of scientific studies confirming the benefits of AGE throughout the body.
However, regardless of whether you have a disease or not, you still need to be well nourished and live a healthier lifestyle. In this interview with Jim, we will focus on the lifestyle and nutrition factors that you need to know.

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317 – Protecting Your Skin’s Probiotic Microbiome

In this interview with Ross Pelton ( we will discuss the nutrients that help support skin structure and function. There are a wide variety of skin issues and concerns. This is not a one size fits all discussion. If you have a particular problem with your skin your will need to focus on that concern in particular. That is beyond the scope of this discussion.

Ross will discuss the challenges that many people face with skin health. No matter the particular issue you face, you need to consider nourishing your body. It is critical to understand that for your skin to be healthy you must be well nourished. Ross will discuss some of the most important nutrients and lifestyle factors that will affect skin health.

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316 – The Endocannabinoid System – Part 3 – Endo Sleep

In this interview with Dr. Jeffrey Burke, we will discuss lack of sleep issues. There are many factors that may contribute to sleep challenges. Nutrition and diet, lifestyle, stress and anxiety are health issues that should be addressed. Medication and supplements will not fix a lifestyle that is deficient in one or more ways. Seek to build a better foundation for health.
We will also discuss the product Endo Sleep from Emerald Health Bioceuticals. Endo Sleep is designed to support the ECS and provide additional nutrients clinically shown to support restful sleep, these being PharmaGaba and Passion Flower Extract.

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315 – Nutrition and Lifestyle for Depression and Anxiety Support

In this interview with Jolie Root, we discuss this important topic of depression and anxiety. Jolie focuses on the importance first of the diet. Eating well is foundational and we discuss the Mediterranean diet as being a good model. We did an interview previously on the Mediterranean diet and you can listen to that interview.
We continue to consider some of the foundational nutrients that one should consider. Remember that we are seeking to nourish the brain and the gut as our targets. Each of these nutrients provides their own unique benefits.

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314 – CBD Liposomes Provide Up to 10 Times Better Absorption

Are you confused about CBD? If not, perhaps you should be. There are so many aspects to the CBD story that it is easy to be confused and difficult for the average consumers to know what to believe. A lot of what people think about CBD might be wrong or at least misunderstood. And that’s just if we consider the science of CBD.

When one looks into the marketplace of CBD, it appears to be a wild west stampede into the unknown. CBD is an approved drug by FDA and is also being sold in food and supplements.

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313 – Gut Health is About More Than Probiotics

In this interview with Dr. Audrey Ross, we will explore the human microbiome. But this is not an interview about probiotics. It is about how we can support the microbiome that exists in each of us. Whatever probiotic you take, or even if you don’t take a probiotic, it is critical that we understand that beneficial bacteria are only one part of the picture. We will discuss why this is important and we’ll discuss a novel new approach to supporting gut health

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312 – The Endocannabinoid System – Part 2 – Endo Bliss

Dr. Jeffrey Burke on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). We will discuss the Emerald Bioceuticals Endo Bliss. We will delve deeply into what make this product unique and effective.
In a world where the focus seems to be only on CBD, we have lost site of the fact that there are many nutritional ways to support the endocannabinoid system and influence the downstream regulation of the systems of the body.
We are learning a great deal about the ECS and each of these podcasts is designed to explore various aspects of the ECS. We are exploring how different products can support different aspects of the ECS. The products from Emerald Health Bioceuticals are all based on what is named the
PhytoCann Complex™ (PCC) PhytoCann Complex™ is a scientific combination of herbs that affect the ECS. These are non-cannabis plants that support the body’s natural production of endocannabinoids and the creation of endocannabinoid receptor sites.

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