014 – Fighting Colds, Flu and Bronchitis – Dean Morris

Cold and flu season is fast approaching. The best thing you can do to prepare is make sure you are well nourished. Quality foods can go a long way towards bolstering your immune system. Poor quality food cannot by definition support good health. Some foods are actually detrimental to good health. Immune function can diminish for hours after the consumption of refined sugar. The average American diet can leave one nutritionally deprived and immune deficient. So the first step is to make better choices with your foods.

The second step is to take supplements to bolster immune function. Take a good multi-vitamin and if you have additional needs take specific supplements for your specific case. These simple steps can provide you with a good foundation to ward off colds and bronchial conditions. Vitamin D has been shown to have powerful immune boosting effects and winter is when most people need additional vitamin D.

The third step is to have some natural cold and flu products on hand in your natural medicine cabinet. You want to be able to take something at the first sign of trouble. The sooner you assist your body by adding specific immune boosting supplements, the sooner you will have benefit. I have found that waiting even a few hours can mean the difference between getting sick or not and how long it will last. Remember, while you are putting off doing something, the virus’ are replicating and when you finally do something, it will take longer to overcome. Hit it right away, and I mean at the first sign of a symptom, and you can often stop it from ever developing. But if you wait, you will often pay the price for being slow to respond.

In this interview, I am speaking with Dean Morris. Dean is a fifth generation herbalist and  is the Director of Technical Affairs for Nature’s Way. As an herbalist, he is one of the first in his field to have full practicing privileges at a major U.S. hospital—the Columbia Miami Heart Institute in Florida where he was the Supervisor of Western Modalities at the Center for Alternative Medicine and Longevity.

We will be discussing Nature’s Way Umcka for fighting colds, flu and bronchitis. Umcka goes beyond symptom relief and actually helps you recover faster – which means you can get back to life faster, too. In fact, studies show that adults with acute bronchial symptoms were able to return to work nearly two days earlier with the nutrients found within Umcka. You can feel confident knowing that these nutrients  havebeen widely studied by various clinical organizations in the treatment of the common cold, acute bronchitis and other upper respiratory concerns.

Umcka is good tasting, easy to take and effective. There are various versions, with different flavors and way to take it. You will find it easy to give Umcka to kids. I have used Umcka for years in my home. I have some on hand now and I hope I never have to use it. I always keep various cold and flu fighters on hand and Umcka is one of those. If I start to come down with something I know I always have some ready to take, because time is of the essence. And if I never need it then I am a lucky man for not getting sick and I will save my Umcka for next year.

I love Umcka because it works, and I hate being sick. I am always happy to endorse a product that I know is safe and effective. Try it, I believe you will be happy you did. Make this a part of your emergency cold and flu kit. Hopefully you will never need it but you will be glad you have when you do.

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