058 – The Benefits of Krill Oil – My Interview with Eric Anderson

Here is the story on Krill Oil

Eric AndersonKrill Oil is becoming very popular. Many people take it and for various reasons. Krill Oil capsules are usually smaller than fish oil capsules which make them easier to swallow. But that usually comes with a trade off relative to potency. Krill Oil capsules will contain less EPA and DHA. Others prefer Krill Oil because it is perceived as being more sustainable than fish. At this point there seems to be plenty of Krill in the ocean. Others like Krill because it is lower on the food chain and less likely to contain contaminants as some fish species. Another benefit of Krill is the additional anti-oxidant Astaxanthin which is naturally present in Krill Oil. And lastly some prefer Krill Oil because the fatty acids are bound to phosphatidyl choline which aid utilization.

There is a downside to Krill Oil as well. It is significantly higher price than even the best quality fish oil for the potency per capsule. And fish oil is available in a variety of very pure forms and at much higher potencies. In this interview we will explore Krill Oil with Eric Anderson. At the time of this interview Eric was with Aker BioMarine, one of the world’s largest producer of Krill Oil. Much of the Krill Oil from many supplement companies is from Aker BioMarine. The trademarked brand of Krill Oil from Aker is Superba Krill Oil. If Superba is on the label of your Krill Oil then you know you have this trademarked form of Krill Oil.

Antartic Krill

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