097 – Selenium Studies Suggest Cancer Prevention – My Interview with Paul Willis and Dr. Mark Whitacre

SelenoExcell shows clinical effects on cancer of the colon, lung and prostate.

Paul WillisDr. Mark WhitacreIn this interview, Steve talks with Paul Willis and Dr. Mark Whitacre from Cypress Systems about SelenoExcell form of selenium. SelenoExcell has been approved for two FDA Qualified Health Claims for cancer prevention. We discuss what is SelenoExcell and what do the studies reveal. There are not many nutrients that have earned this higher standard of recognition by the FDA known as Qualified Health Claims, especially for cancer prevention claims. Here are the claims allowed by the FDA for SelenoExcell.

(1) Selenium may reduce the risk of certain cancers.
(2) Selenium may produce anti-carcinogenic effects in the body.

SelenoExcell High Selenium Yeast has been standardized with the Division of Cancer Prevention of the National Cancer Institute and is supported by a Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA). As a result of this standardization and resulting CTA, SelenoExcell has been selected as the sole intervention agent in a series of cancer prevention and health related trials.

Print Transcript“It is believed that selenium helps fight diseases including cancer by neutralizing harmful elements called “free radicals,” the unstable molecules that damage tissues. According to Dr. Richard A. Passwater, ” Your body needs this mineral for the production of several important body compounds, including enzymes, or catalysts, involved in antioxidant protection and thyroid-hormone metabolism. It has been estimated that there are between 50 and 100 different selenium-containing proteins in the human body, including those that build heart muscle, red blood cells, and sperm.”

Dr. Passwater: “Since we haven’t really identified which dietary selenium compound(s) may protect against cancer, nor have we elucidated the mechanism(s) through which they act, I feel it is extremely important to stick with the exact supplement that has been proven effective in clinical trials which is high selenium yeast.” As a natural nutritional food source, yeast replicates the mineral conversion process performed by most plants (i.e. garlic, broccoli). This natural plant process converts inorganic (low bioavailability, potentially toxic) minerals, selenium, to safer organic (high bioavailability, reduced toxicity) forms for improved nutrient utilization.” Quote from SelenoExcell.com FAQ.

As a consumer, you should know that all selenium is not the same, and other forms of selenium have not been shown to have the same beneficial effects as SelenoExcell. Look for SelenoExcell on the label of the products you purchase and look for a daily dose of 200 mcg. (microgram).

On March 9, 2009, the FDA granted a “Letter of No Objection” GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) petition for SelenoExcell® to be used in the functional food industry. To learn more go to the website: SelenoExcell.com

About Paul A. Willis CEO / President

Paul Willis has extensive business management experience in the field of yeast fermentation, and nutritional yeast products. He is founder of Cypress Systems.

About Dr. Mark Whitacre COO / CSO

Much of Dr. Whitacre’s career has been in the area of biotechnology and microbial fermentation. Dr. Whitacre earned a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell University where he studied under a world-renowned selenium scientist, Dr. G. F. Combs, Jr. He is considered one of the top selenium biochemists in the world.

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