126 – The Role of Fiber in Digestive Health – My Interview with Brenda Watson

Fiber Aids Cleansing, Detoxification and Overall Bowel Health

Brenda WatsonBook Gut SolutionsI will bet that most people don’t get enough or know enough about fiber. Fiber is good for constipation or fiber is good for cholesterol. Fiber has those benefits and many more. Did you know there are two types of fiber? They have different properties and benefits. Did you know that fiber may support normal blood pressure and blood sugar? Did you know that fiber feeds your good bacteria?

You will learn about this and much more in this interview with Brenda Watson. This is the first of a four part series that will cover the H O P E program, developed by Brenda. H stands for High Fiber, O stands for Oils, especially omega-3 fatty acids, P stands for Probiotics, and E stands for Enzymes. These four nutrients types are the foundation of digestive health. You will find that no matter what your digestive challenges are, you will benefit from focusing on these four elements. So this is our first episode in the series and the topic is High Fiber.

The following is from the ReNewLife Website.


RenewLife-1Fiber Has More Than One Role
In addition to its beneficial role in weight management and overall health, high fiber consumption also supports the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification processes. Many experts recommend eating between 20 and 35 grams each day to maintain your health, so it is important to understand the two specific types of fiber and how they work.

Soluble & Insoluble Fiber
Both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber help purge unwanted toxins from the body. Soluble fiber (found in fruit, beans, oats, legumes and nuts) dissolves in water and leaves the digestive tract slowly. As it moves through the intestines it works like a sponge, soaking up toxins and capturing them in order to prevent their reabsorption into the bloodstream.

Insoluble fiber (found in vegetables, wheat bran, dried beans, whole grains and seeds) is not water-soluble; it passes through the digestive tract virtually intact. During its journey through the intestines it helps to “sweep” the colon free of debris by removing toxins from the intestinal wall. It also tones the bowel muscles by creating resistance and giving them something to push against, thus promoting peristalsis (the wave-like contractions that move food through your intestines). Peristalsis is necessary for healthy elimination, and healthy elimination is an important step in ridding toxins from the body.

But just how do those toxins enter in the first place?
Fiber vs. Toxic Build-upThe buildup of toxins in your body is the result of both external and internal sources. External toxins such as pesticides and pollutants come from our surrounding environment. They seep into the earth, water and air and can cause severe health problems. Internal toxins, however, come from within. They are the waste products that result from everyday physiological processes such as energy production and digestion. If not discarded, internal toxins can interfere with the function of our internal organs and lead to poor health. Because fiber is a powerful ally in your battle against toxins, getting plenty of fiber in your diet is essential. Consuming a ratio of about 75% insoluble fiber to 25% soluble fiber is ideal, as it reflects the natural balance found in whole foods. The best way to provide a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber is to eat a variety of fiber-rich foods each day.

Great Sources of High Fiber Diet Foods
Legumes and unrefined grains such as oats, brown rice and whole wheat are excellent sources of mixed fibers. Among fruits, apples, avocados, oranges, bananas, grapefruit and berries provide the most fiber per serving, and high-fiber vegetables include spinach, endive, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. The above is from the ReNewLife Website.

About Brenda Watson
For over 20 years, Brenda Watson has dedicated her career to helping people achieve vibrant, lasting health through improved digestive function. A dynamic health advocate and celebrated PBS-TV health educator, she is among the foremost authorities in America on optimum nutrition and digestion, natural detoxification methods, and herbal internal cleansing. Brenda is also the author of The Gut Solution as well as many other popular health guides. The “Diva of Digestion’s” knowledge is surpassed only by her enthusiasm and mission to help people through awareness and education. Brenda’s high-energy, no-nonsense approach to bodily functions and health has made her one of today’s most popular health experts.


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1 Kay Eastman May 13, 2020 at 3:25 pm

I am 68 and have a battle going on with diverticulitis, it has been off and on after I had a colonoscopy. I have had battles with this many times but this time it has kicked me down and fighting for my life. I was put on antibiotic but that didn’t do much for me at all? Then I called my natural path, he put me on a blue Heron fiber once a day, dinner meal. He also put me on probiotic I went to my health food store and they introduced me to Brenda Watson. I am taking the 100 Billion live cultures 100strains of probiotics, vitamin B 100. I am tired all the time and very sleepy, I am over weight as well. But have lost 10 lbs in three weeks time. I was told by another doctor only to eat canned vegetables only and soups with noodles. I have seen some improvements but then comes the diarrhea for a day and wipes me out for day’s. What say you?


2 Steve Lankford May 26, 2020 at 4:39 pm

Hello Kay,
I am not able to advise you. Your challenges are far to complex and you need to find a competent naturopathic doctor to help you. The objective is to restore function. There are many parts and you have address each of them. The food you choose, support for the stomach, support for the bowels and colon. This is not easy to do as you have discovered. Find a good professional and work with them for a period of time. Finding this person is your first priority. Good luck and best wishes.


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