279 – Achieving Health and Longevity – My Interview with Dr. John Rubinow

Maintaining Optimal Health Throughout Life

In this interview with Dr. John Rubinow, we will explore the basic concepts of health and longevity. These concepts that we discuss may seem self evident to those of us who have explored health and wellness for years. However there are more and more people who desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle. More and more we realize that we must make serious choices about how to live our lives. Dr. Rubinow makes the point that longevity without health is not desirable. It is the quality of life and our health status that are more important that the number of years we live. 

The earlier one embraces a healthy and nutritional life the better. One can say that a life of good health begins before birth and requires ongoing attention for a lifetime. It does seem that more young families are understanding the importance of early nutritional interventions. Nutrients such as omega-3 DHA and probiotics give children a head start in life by supporting natural immune development. We have numerous interviews on children’s health and you can see that list of podcasts here. Dr. Rubinow does touch somewhat on the state of affairs for children today. Lack of exercise, poor quality diet and too much screen time are very real concerns for today’s children.

However in this interview we are considering what can you do in your fifties, sixties and beyond that will contribute to better health and longevity. Sometimes the prescription for natural living seems too simplistic. Many people fail to realize how resilient the body is. Making even modest changes can make a difference.

  • Exercise – This is the first things Dr. Rubinow emphasizes. Most of us need to move more. The human body was made to move. Our current sedentary lifestyles is considered by many to be as detrimental as smoking. Moving more is something that most people could do. Even 5 to 10 minutes daily devoted to some type of movement should be doable for most people. 
  • Diet and Food Choices – The Standard American Diet (SAD) is sad indeed. Food processors have been highly successful at introducing foods into the mainstream that have little nutritional value. Consider that the bulk of our calories come from white flour and refined grains, sugar and vegetable oils. These foods provide very little nutritional value and the fats we consume are the wrong kinds. The human body is made from the nutrients we consume. Our plants depend on the quality of the soil. Our pets are often fed better than their owners. It should seem obvious that human health is critically dependent on nutrients from the diet. As good as supplements can be, they are no substitute for a balance diet of nutritious foods. In particular, Dr. Rubinow recognizes the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.
  • Getting Outside – There are important benefits to human health by being outside in nature. Fresh air, sunshine, communing with nature are all important to the health and development of the human system. Walking barefoot on the grass or beach not only feels good but contribute health giving electrons to the body. Fresh air, outdoor exercise and exposure to the sun all contribute to health and well-being.
  • Nutritional Supplements – This is a golden age of science as it regards nutritional products. Through rigorous scientific study, researchers now know much more about the human body and how it works. We are learning which nutrients have what specific benefits. HealthQuestPodcast.com if filled with interviews on many of the best trademarked, branded and clinically studied nutritional ingredients. Better ingredients lead to better products. Better products lead to better outcomes. Look for products that have ingredients that have good science behind them.

If there is one message that exists in all of our interviews, it is this: Learn to make distinctions. Products, ingredients, companies, science, quality and more vary widely. With the popularity of natural living growing, there are a lot of companies who make sub par or clinically inferior products. Your path to health is your journey of discovery. Put your time and money to good use. The more you know, the better choices you will make.

Dr. John Rubinow M.D.
U.S. Medical Advisor, Head of Scientific Innovation DuraScience Institute. Dr. Rubinow graduated from Tufts University, University of Texas Austin, and pursued as a medical doctor from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Dallas in 1984. His researches included Catabolin Degradation of Bovine Articular Cartilage: Is Site Selectivity Present?, University of Cincinnati Orthopedic Research Forum in 1986. Dr. Rubinow had served in health care such as urgent care and industrial medicine physician in many well-known organizations.

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