288 – The Nutritional Power of Green Foods – My Interview with James LaValle

Greens and Sprouts Are Nutrient Dense Super Foods

Energy Support

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James LaValleGreens and sprouted foods have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years. The animals consumed for food also consumed green grasses and leaves. The insects consumed green plants. In the ocean, krill eat green algae, sardines eat krill and so on up the food chain. It all starts with energy from the sun becoming plants on the land and algae in the ocean. These greens eventually become the omega-3 fatty acids that are so important. This is one reason why grass fed beef is better than grain fed beef.  It’s one reason why wild ocean fish are better than farm raised fish. It’s one reason why we are encouraged to eat green foods.

There are other reasons why green and sprouted foods are an important part of a nutrient dense diet. We will explore the benefits of greens and sprouted foods with Jim LaValle. We will discuss what to look for in a quality product and as an example we will examine the Kyolic products. Not all products are equal so consider the reputation of the company first and foremost. Choose a quality company and you will by default have a quality product. There are many good companies. You can always try a variety of products over time and you will soon discover which products suit you. The best product is the one that works best for you.

When it comes to green food supplements, every product by different companies is different from each other. Learn to read labels carefully to determine what makes up each product. Is it sweetened and if so, with what? Are there flavors and other ingredients? You will learn these things and more from a careful reading of the label. Think about what you want your product to have or not have.

  • Do you want one ingredient such as wheat grass, kelp or chlorella for example?
  • Or do you want many different ingredients to give you a wider range of foods and/or benefits? 
  • Do you want greens and sprouts together?
  • Are you targeting a particular need such as energy, digestion and/or immune concerns?

There is no right answer. Take what you like or what seem most appropriate. I recommend people to try numerous products in the beginning to find the best ones for them. Then consider the top three products and rotate them. Take one, one day. The second one, take on the next day, and then the third. Then repeat and alter the rotation as you like. This way you get a variety of products which compliment each other over time. We don’t eat the same foods every day. We don’t have to take only one kind of  product. Yes, you have to buy three products but they last you three times as long. The advantage of this approach is that you can add and remove products from the rotation at any time. You can customize a program unique to you.

One of the very important reason that Kyolic products are recommended by Jim LaValle and me, is the foundation in science that validates the value and benefits of Kyolic products. We have discussed extensively here on HealthQuestPodcast.com the science and benefits of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. There are over 750 clinical studies across a wide variety of benefits to human health. We have discussed some of those previously with Jim and others. If science is important to you then Kyolic is a brand that delivers.

Kyolic has a family of greens and sprouts products you should consider. This is a case where trial and error approach is your friend. Kyolic Kyo-Greens Blend is an energy filled formula that is the foundation for all the other products.


Kyo-Green Greens Blend for Energy is the foundational formula that contains:

  • Barley and wheat grass are chlorophyll-rich and encourage a vibrant immune system and sustained energy.* Nutrient dense greens are rich in vital antioxidants. Studies suggest that antioxidants support healthy cell function by neutralizing free radicals.*
  • Chlorella and kelp provide vital minerals and key phytonutrients to support a healthy heart and thyroid.*
  • Brown rice is a source of fiber to support digestion and elimination while also helping to foster a gut-friendly balance of beneficial bacteria.*

Kyo-Green Sprouts Blend for Digestion adds a powerful blend of sprouted seeds, beans and spirulina for digestive support.  Amaranth, Quinoa, Millet, Buckwheat, Garbanzo Bean, Lentil, Adzuki, Flax, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Chia, Sesame, and Broccoli. These organic ancient grains and seeds were specifically selected for their powerful superfood benefits for overall gastrointestinal health.*

Kyo-Green Harvest Blend for Immune Defense adds organic vegetables, fruits and herbs providing beneficial antioxidants that help protect against free radicals and support a robust immune system.* This is a very comprehensive formula.

Kyo-Green does not contain any of the following: sweeteners, gluten, dairy, tree nuts, sodium, yeast, artificial colors, artificial flavors, gmos, or soy. Always read your labels carefully if you care about ingredients or if you need to avoid chemicals and allergens.

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About James LaValle, RPh, CCN
Jim LaValleJames LaValle is a nationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board certified clinical nutritionist, founder of Metabolic Code Enterprises, Inc. He founded and practices at Progressive Medical Center  in Orange County, CA.  LaValle has 27 years of expertise in natural therapeutics application and drug/nutrient depletion issues and uncovering the underlying metabolic issues that keep people from feeling healthy and vital. As such he has written hundreds of articles for a variety of industry journals and publications, and has lectured for thousands of healthcare professionals and consumer audiences globally on these topics. He was a founding author of the NHI on Demand database and spearheaded the Lexi Comp databases relating to natural therapeutics.

He is author of 16 e books and 20 books and was named one of the “50 Most Influential Pharmacists” by American Druggist magazine and was one of only nine Americans selected to participate in the inaugural Dietary Supplement Education Alliance; Dietary Supplement Information Bureau.



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