423 – Pearl Tomato Extract Supports Healthy Skin

Pearl Tomato Extract Nourishes and Protects Skin Health

Pearl Tomato for Health, Glowing Skin

Pearl Tomato is a powerful antioxidant.

In this interview with Jay Hyuk, we will discuss the development of a powerful skin supporting nutrient. Pearl Tomato is a carotenoid derived from non-GMO tomatoes. This is a great example of how nutrients are discovered, developed and turned into clinically studied, trademarked raw materials. This happens before they end up in your supplement. Raw materials are the ingredients that make up your supplements. The choice of quality raw materials by supplement manufacturers makes the difference between effective products and the not-so-good knockoff, me-too products. You need to learn how to make the distinctions that lead to better choices. Better choices lead to better outcomes.


Content provided by Vesta IngredientsPearl Tomato™ Benefits White Paper

“Vesta Ingredients Pearl Tomato™ is a proprietary tomato extract powder sourced from specially selected non-GMO tomato fruit. This ingredient can be used in the food and beauty industry.

Pearl Tomato™ Summary

From the sun’s powerful rays to environmental pollution to the body’s natural aging process, the skin is exposed to a variety of harmful factors every day. As a result, the skin becomes susceptible to dark spots, wrinkles, and DNA damage. Pearl Tomato™ is unique in that it provides an abundance of health benefits that work together to support the overall health of the skin. The carotenoids found in Pearl Tomato™ can help slow and even prevent the pigmentation process of the skin by reducing the melanin (the primary determinant of skin color) in dark spots and freckles. It is also known to brighten and lighten skin tone. The colorless properties of Pearl Tomato™ and its carotenoids also have the ability to absorb UV and Infrared wavelengths, allowing it to work as a natural sunscreen and offer a line of protection that other carotenoids cannot.

Health Benefits

Skin Support
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  • Supports skin health
  • Helps to lighten and whiten skin tone
  • Reduces the melanin found in dark spots, freckles, and scars
  • Can prevent the formation of new pigmentation spots
  • Works as an antioxidant to protect against free radicals
  • Decreases skin dryness and roughness
  • Can increase the suppleness of skin
  • Revives and rejuvenates complexion
  • Maintains youthful appearance


Carotenoids have been shown to benefit skin health by supporting a clearer complexion while also maintaining the quality of skin. There are many different carotenoids, each of which produces a different color. The most commonly known carotenoids are beta-carotene and lycopene. Beta-carotene is responsible for the orange color found in carrots while lycopene is responsible for the red color seen in tomatoes. While more clinical trial data is needed, early studies indicate that the consumption of lycopene may decrease the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Colored carotenoids such as Beta-carotene and lycopene are already used in dietary supplements for their photoprotective properties. However, they provide skin protection at the cost of coloring or darkening the skin. When consumed in large amounts, the accumulation of carotenoid pigments in the human body has been proven to color the skin in the short term.

What differentiates Pearl Tomato™ from other products on the market is that it lacks color but still contains carotenoids. Because these carotenoids are colorless, they do not tinge or tint the skin but still provide the same benefits as their colored carotenoids counterparts. Carotenoids can be found in foods such as tomatoes and citrus as well as in human plasma and internal tissues. They work as an antioxidant to protect against the sun, enhance skin quality, and improve the overall health of the skin. Because this ingredient is derived from sources that are naturally present in widely consumed foods, there are no significant side effects at this time.

Due to the ingredient’s colorless nature, it does not absorb visible light spectrum, or the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. Instead, it absorbs a lower or higher wavelength (UV or Infrared), both of which are harmful to the body, specifically the skin and eyes. For example, UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. This means that Pearl Tomato™ can offer protection to the skin that many other carotenoids cannot. Not only does Pearl Tomato™ offer protection from the sun but it also works to reduce the amount of melanin found in previously existing dark spots, scars, and freckles.” End excerpt

Jay Hyuk

Jay is the technical consultant for Vesta Ingredients.

Vesta Ingredients

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