340 – CBD for gut health and intestinal balance – Part 2

In this interview Miles Sarill discusses the latest science regarding CBD and gut health. It should come as no surprise that CBD can exert an influence throughout the body. Wherever there are CBD receptors, we should expect to see effect and influence.

We are coming to appreciate the profound influence of the gut microbiome to health throughout the body. We have discussed this many times over the years.

Miles guides us through a discussion of the interconnectedness of the various aspects of human gut health as it pertains to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and CBD. There is a powerful synergy that exists and Miles articulates that synergy.

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339 – Propolis Has Powerful Benefits for Immune Health

In this interview Mark Kaylor discusses the science of brown propolis. If propolis is new to you, then this will be an excellent introduction to the topic. If you are familiar with propolis you will learn something new. Many people don’t realize that there are a least three types of propolis and each is designated by a color. Brown propolis is the most common, followed by green propolis and then red propolis. In this series with Mark we will discuss each of these types in depth as we go forward.

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338 – It’s Not the “Bad Food” that Kills Us

It has long been a common held belief that eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) contributes to much disability and death. The consumption of sugar, salt, trans fats, red meat and processed meat have all been implicated in health challenges. Most of us have assumed that these foods are not healthy. The shocker is that these foods are at the bottom of the list of classes of foods that do us in. With the exception of sodium consumption, which is the number 1 factor, the other “bad” foods contribute far less to death and disability that we previously assumed.

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337 – Agaricus Blazei Mushroom for Powerful Immune Support

If there is one common thread regarding nutritional mushrooms, it is that mushroom provide powerful immune system support. It seems that most mushrooms share this characteristic. We have discussed many of these mushrooms in previous interviews.
There are thousands of studies on the benefits of mushrooms. These different mushrooms are the results of significant scientific inquiry. This fact alone tells us a great deal. The most important takeaway is that there is exciting benefit in these mushrooms to justify hundreds or thousands of studies. This gives us more confidence.

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336 – The Truth About Beauty

We all want to look good. We spend a lot of time and money to improve the health and appearance of our skin. Kat James has re-released her best selling book “The Truth About Beauty” and this book serves as a powerful guide to transforming your looks and your life.

One of the things that makes this book so powerful is that Kat’s own personal journey is a testament that you can transform your life, health and that your skin health will directly benefit as you make the changes in your life. You can see the difference it makes in her life. Healthy, beautiful skin is a good indicator of what is going on inside.

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335 – The Risks of Glyphosate and How to Reduce Exposure

In this interview Dr. Stokes discusses her concerns about the risks of glyphosate and she discusses why this is important to MegaFood as a company. As you may know MegaFood uses hundreds of thousands of pound of fresh food in their products. You may also know that they source organic produce and partner with organic growers in order to provide the cleanest and most nutritious products. We have discussed this in great detail in previous interviews.

What you may not know is what MegaFood has done recently to address this concern over glyphosate in the food chain. MegaFood has made a very serious commitment to this issue.

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334 – A Safe and Effective Path to Weight Management

In this interview I will discuss sustainable weight loss with Dr. Michael Lyon. Dr. Lyon is an obesity expert. His focus in research and clinical practice is on the treatment of obesity, human appetite regulation, diabetes prevention and the nutritional management of chronic disease. He has designed and conducted numerous clinical trials. As you will learn in this interview, he understands the challenges of obesity and weight loss in a very personal way.

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333 – Sea-based and Vegan Nutrition for Healthy Skin

There is growing interest in natural skin health and how best to naturally support healthy skin. What are emerging are novel nutrients that are providing exciting clinically studied benefits. In this interview Dr. Audrey Ross will discuss the benefits of several innovative products that are recent additions to Country Life’s Maxi Skin line of products.

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332 – Nutrition for Healthy Joint Support

In this interview with Neil E. Levin we will discuss how to support joint health. We will discuss the tissues involved and the specific nutrients that have been shown to provide structure and function support for those areas.
You need to become well informed about your condition and how it’s affecting your body. What tissues and organs may be involved? You need to become informed about the medications you use. How are they affecting the body and especially what are the risks and side effects?* The side effects of medications may give you additional challenges and you need to understand both benefits and risks.*

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331 – BioPQQ Has Clinical Benefits for Your Brain, Memory and Energy

BioPQQ is an all-natural, nutritional supplement that supports brain health by stimulating nerve growth factor, increasing mitochondria, and providing superior antioxidant protection. Made in Japan, BioPQQ® is a natural, purified, water-soluble pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt (PQQ-Na2) produced by fermentation. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical uses a proprietary fermentation and purification process that has been well studied and documented.

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BioPQQ is one of those clinically studied, trademarked and branded raw materials. This is the best in class of ingredients that are used by the best supplement companies. We know they are high quality, safe and effective because they have the science to support the claims. Look for companies that use the best ingredients and you will have the best chance of success.

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