008 – Diane Miller Discusses the Wis. Consumer Choice and Wellness Act

Diane MillerDiane Miller has been instrumental in the formation of a Wisconsin consumer health access bill. In my interview with Diane, we discuss the new Wisconsin Legislative Draft of the Consumer Choice and Wellness Act.

This initiative is the culmination of many years of effort to craft a bill that would protect unlicensed alternative practitioners. Under current law, alternative practitioners of various healing modalities are at risk for being prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license for doing even the simplest therapy. This bill would allow the practice of alternative therapies. This bill would create a framework for the mutual existence of modern medicine and natural alternative modalities.  Practitioners such as herbalists, nutritional counselors, body workers, native healers and many other would be able to operate in the open.

This bill also has consumer protections and protections of licensed practices. This bill allows alternative practice but does not allow encroachment into protected practices. To support this bill please tell your legislators of your interest. For more information please contact the  Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition.

Diane Miller JD is a Minnesota attorney, and Legal and Public Policy Director of the acclaimed National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) and it’s sister organization, the National Health Freedom Action (NHFA).


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