007 – Wis. Dietitians Bill Threatens Health Freedom

Diane MillerThe Wisconsin Dietitians are once again pressing for a licensing bill that will give Wisconsin Dietitians a monopoly over all nutrition care services. Wisconsin consumers have defeated this bill in the past two legislative sessions. Now for the third time the Dietitians are back with a bill that is worse that ever.

This interview is mainly for the consumers in Wisconsin who will be severely and adversely affected if the dietitians are successful. The only way to defeat this bill is for Wisconsin citizens to let their legislators know how they feel.  Your legislators won’t know what is important to you if you don’t tell. They will listen and enough voices will make a difference.

Wisconsin consumer groups are attempting to pass a Consumer Choice and Wellness Act which will protect alternative service providers from unnecessary harassment from licensing boards. See the next post (008 – Wis. Consumer Choice and Wellness Act.) for my interview with Diane on this new and important consumer access bill.

For more information and help, visit the Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition at WIHFC.com.

Diane Miller JD is a Minnesota attorney, and Legal and Public Policy Director of the acclaimed National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) and it’s sister organization, the National Health Freedom Action (NHFA).

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