035 – How to Test Your Omega-3 Levels at Home – My Interview with Dr. Doug Bibus

Now you can know your omega-3 blood level and how it relates to cardiac risk.

Dr. Doug BibusBy now you probably know that omega-3 fatty acids are important, even critical for good health. But how do you know that you are getting enough? How do you know if you need more? How do you know your risk level compared to the rest of the world? You take the Omega-3 Home Test. It is this simple home test that can reveal to you, your fatty acid profile.

In this interview, I will discuss with Dr. Doug Bibus, the importance of omega-3 fatty acids based on his world wide research. And now for the first time, Dr. Bibus has made available an omega-3 home test that is very affordable. This test will reveal all of you fatty acids and will give you context to the results. This test will reveal your cardiovascular risk based on how you compare to populations around the world. With the results of this test in hand, you can adjust your fatty acid intake based on your results and your long term goals.

Omega-3 TestThe Omega Fatty Acids Home Test

If you are interested in taking this test you can order the test at this link: http://omega3test.com/ This will link you directly to Lipid Technologies Order Page.

About Dr. Bibus

Dr. Doug Bibus is a faculty member at the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing and a researcher in the area of fatty acid biochemistry and nutrition. Dr. Bibus is considered one of the top omega 3 experts in the world, a distinction that stems from his work in the academic laboratory of Dr. Ralph T. Holman, who invented the omega 3 terminology, discovered their metabolism and definitive essentiality.  In addition to his work with the Center, Doug operates Lipid Technologies, LLC. an analytical and consulting group that focuses on fatty acid and lipid analysis and integration of lipids in biotech and food applications.

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1 Dr Jeff Matheson January 30, 2015 at 1:14 pm

I wonder if Dr. Bibus could go through the biochemical pathways that allows 20 and 22 carbon chain Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation to lower inflammation levels. Wouldn’t the negative feedback loop cause a drop in PGE1 and worsen the problem? Thank You


2 Steve Lankford February 2, 2015 at 1:55 pm

You would have to contact Dr. Bibus for the answer to your questions. He does not monitor this site.


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