064 – Want More Energy? Try PQQ – My Interview with Dr. Parris Kidd

More energy, better sleep and mood, and less anxiety are benefits of PQQ 

Dr. Parris KiddPyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ), is a polyphenol that is an exceptionally potent antioxidant and cell regulator. PQQ is found in common foods and human milk, and is a growth factor for the mitochondria that generate over 90 percent of our life energy. At the cell level, PQQ is a biochemical growth factor for mitochondria, the tiny dynamos within our cells that generate over 90 percent of our life energy. PQQ promotes mitochondrial survival, proliferation, and energy-generating performance. Beyond its mitochondrial effects, PQQ also can regulate cell development, cell signaling, even gene functions.

Two competently performed clinical trials are currently available to document PQQ’s human benefits. The first was conducted in Japan, on office workers with stress-related complaints. PQQ (20 mg per day for 8 weeks) improved fatigue recovery, sleep quality, and other quality of life measures. Appetite, vigor, tension, mood, self-control, and confusion were significantly improved. PQQ also significantly improved sleepiness at awakening, sleep onset and maintenance, and sleep duration.
The effects of PQQ can sometimes be felt in the first few doses for some. For others 4 to 8 weeks is a good trial period.

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