061 – Aloe Vera for Intestinal Health – My Interview with Karen Masterson

Learn what a quality Aloe Vera juice can do for you.

Karen MastersonAloe Vera has been revered for 1000’s of years for its beneficial properties. The inner gel has been used for healing burns, cuts, wounds, and other topical conditions. Aloe Vera juice is used because it is soothing and beneficial to the entire digestive system. In this interview, I will discuss the benefits of Aloe Vera juice with Karen Masterson.

There are several things I hope you will learn through this interview with Karen. First and most important is the value of Aloe Vera for human health. I have personally received great results over many years using Aloe Vera for various issues and I can testify to it’s benefits. Second thing to note: not all Aloe Vera products are equal. Karen discusses how the quality of Aloe Vera juice is tested. In these various tests, Aloe Life Aloe Juice was shown to be superior in every way. Third, Aloe Life Aloe Vera is one of the three recommended products in the Bio-Active Intestinal Health Approach. If you have intestinal health issues, you should consider this three part program. Dramatic improvements are often seen in a few as two weeks.

The Bio-Active Intestinal Health Approach includes three different products from three different companies. Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol from Sovereign Silver, Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic from Essential Formulas and Aloe Gold Aloe Juice from Aloe Life. You can learn more from this PDF flyer. I have also done interviews on Sovereign Silver with Robert Scott Bell and on Dr. Ohhria’s Probiotic with Ross Pelton. You can listen to these interviews by clicking on the links.

About Karen Masterson

Karen Masterson is a clinical nutritionist and health educator. Karen has worked over 17 years in medical clinics including the famous Livingston Clinic. Karen started the Aloe Life company in 1991.

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1 ann behrends July 1, 2013 at 10:51 am

How many weeks does one need to do the 3 part approach? The flyer does not explain what changes one is supposed to see or how long the program of use should be.
Thank you for your time in reply.


2 Steve Lankford July 10, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Two weeks is a suggested minimum of time to take the intensive program. As you get results you can taper down. How long you need the program is impossible to determine on my end. There are too many variable and I do not know your situation. Three months is generally a good trial period to determine your benefit.


3 Daisy Riker June 6, 2013 at 9:32 am

Thank you for this info on intestinal health. Depending on the case, I recommend
Georges Aloe Vera, Digest Gold from Enzymedica, and Flaxseed oil, and probioditic.
Thanks again
Daisy Riker


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