046 – Lavender Oil Reduces Anxiety – My Interview with Herbalist Dean Morris

Clinically proven lavender oil reduces tension and stress.

Dean MorrsIs there any more common health concern than stress? We live in a stressful world. The problem is that stress makes everything worse. If you have other health concerns, stress will likely aggravate your condition. So no matter, your state of health, it is critical to manage your stress and anxiety.

There are many ways to manage stress and you should explore a multi-faceted approach. A positive mental attitude and taking action are the first steps. You may not be able to control all of the causes of your stress, you can take steps that are known to be helpful and health building. The foods you eat, the exercise you get and nutrition you use can all make a huge difference. Explore your options and make choices that move you towards better health and reduce those things in your life that cause your stress.

Calm Aid is a clinically studied lavender oil that has been shown to reduce stress and tension. This is an example of a clinically studied raw material that is used by Nature’s Way in Calm Aid. The lavender oil in Calm Aid is called Silexan. Do a search on this name and you will find numerous references to the clinical studies. It is easy for you to review some of the research on this particular product. This is how you can have some confidence in the products you try. Do they use clinically studied raw materials? And what are the results of those studies.

In this interview, 5th generation herbalist Dean Morris will discuss the benefits of lavender in general and this particular form of lavender oil that is used in Calm Aid. He will discuss the studies and how Calm Aid is used and what you might expect. There is only one way to know if Calm Aid works for you and that is to try it. See if it works for you. That is the bottom line. The best product is the one that works best for you. Seek quality products from trusted companies and you are likely to have the best results.

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