337 – Agaricus Blazei Mushroom for Powerful Immune Support

Scientists and researchers are excited about Agaricus Blazei mushroom.

Mark Kaylor

If there is one common thread regarding nutritional mushrooms, it is that mushroom provide powerful immune system support. It seems that most mushrooms share this characteristic. We have discussed many of these mushrooms in previous interviews. Here is a link to those podcasts.

Agaricus Blazei or Royal Agaricus

“Also known as the “Sun Mushroom,” Royal Agaricus grows in mountainous rainforests near Piedade, Brazil. There it is called “Cogumelo de Deus” (“Mushroom of God”) because it has been related to lower incidence of adult diseases in that region. Royal Agaricus does indeed have a higher polysaccharide content than other mushrooms. Royal Agaricus supplements are extremely popular in Japan for immune system enhancement.* They may also show promise for healthy blood sugar and blood pressure support.*” source: Mushroom Wisdom

There is another important consideration that exists with all nutritional products. It has everything to do with our discussions and how to stay on the legal side of FDA regulations. As you may well know, a company cannot make medical claims for supplements. This is a challenge when discussing the science of nutritional products and mushrooms may be the best example.

There are thousands of studies on the benefits of mushrooms. These different mushrooms are the results of significant scientific inquiry. This fact alone tells us a great deal. The most important takeaway is that there is exciting benefit in these mushrooms to justify hundreds or thousands of studies. This gives us more confidence.

Exploring the Science

Exploring the science is not the easiest thing. Here’s a way to explore a nutrient using Google Scholar as search tool for scientific studies

This suggests that there is a lot of growing interest. Because there are a lot of positive indicators the research is ongoing. Money is not spent on research unless there are positive and encouraging results. The sheer number of ongoing studies suggest that Agaricus Blazei is a potent and powerful immune support modulator and worthy of the research.

The other exciting fact is that we now know much more about how and why these products exert their benefits. We now know that they are beneficial for the immune system. This is where it gets tricky. Much of the research that has been done are cancer studies. This is the big red flag when the FDA looks at claims.

This leads us to declare that Health Quest Podcast, our guests and our sponsors are not making any claims for medical benefits from nutritional products. The benefits are nutritional only. For all medical concerns see your health care professional.

When we mention studies that suggest a benefit, that does not make that product a drug. Even when used in a medical study, that study does not make the nutrient a drug. When a study reveals a benefit in human health from a nutrient it reveals the powerful benefit that nutrition plays in human health.

It is important that you as a consumer understand this distinction between medical claims and nutritional claims. Responsible companies will not make medical claims. When you encounter a company making medical claims for their products, ask for the evidence. If they don’t have proof for their claims, then you need to be wary. because that company is either ignorant of the law, is making false claims or is willing to violate FDA regulation in selling. In any case it is difficult to trust such companies.

In order to get the best products you have to seek out companies that make high quality products that represent the studied ingredients. With good companies you can feel confident and comfortable exploring their products.

This leads me to recommend Mushroom Wisdom. They are pioneers in the mushroom supplement industry. Their products are based on the best research and their unique extracts are often used in some of these clinical studies. Their products are produced in a way that assures the natural environment of the mushroom.

In this interview Mark Kaylor discusses Agaricus Blazei which is one of the newer mushrooms to create such excitment. Mark discusses some of the most significant research.

I have done many interviews with Mark on many different mushroom and extracts. Here is a link to all of the Mushroom Wisdom Interviews.

About Mark J. Kaylor
Mark Kaylor has been exploring holistic health and healing for over four decades. He is the founder and director of the not-for-profit Radiant Health Project. Mark welcomes your comments and questions and can be contacted at his website: www.RadiantHealthProject.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/RadiantHealthProject

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