072 – Healthy and Vibrant Aging – My Interview with Dr. Michael Garko

How to live longer and healthier as you age.

Dr. Michael GarkoIn this interview with Dr. Michael Garko, we discusses the factors that influence how we age. What are the factors that we can employ to live healthy as we age. Forget the idea of a magic pill. There is no one thing that can extend your life with certainty except perhaps quitting smoking. Rather there are many lifestyle choices that you can make that will influence your outcome over time. Lifestyle choices that you make on a daily basis influence the long-term outcome. Being proactive early on pays dividends that can be significant over a lifetime.

We discuss the anti-oxidant theory of aging and explains why we need these various anti-oxidants. The belief is that a body that is well nourished will do better over time than one that is not. One thing that is clear is that there are serious problems with the standard American diet (SAD). It is critical that we choose to eat better food. It is also critical that we try to avoid harmful substances. And we need to use supplements specifically chosen for our circumstances.

As part of our discussion we will focus on the benefits of aged garlic extract. As you may know, I am a big fan of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. There is no other garlic that is like AGE. There are over 700 studies on AGE. I have several interviews with expert researchers who have studied this unique supplement. The benefits are so broad-based and it has been extensively studied, that everyone should consider one of Kyolic’s many formulas. If you are going to take garlic, take Kyolic. It is one of those rare cases when one brand is clearly outstanding from the rest.

About Dr. Michael Garko

For more than three decades, Dr. Michael Garko has devoted himself as a researcher and scientist to the theory and practice of health, wellness and nutrition. Over the past five years Dr. Garko has hosted Let’s Talk Nutrition, a nationally syndicated, evidence-based health talk show.

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