120 – Nutrition for Eye Health – My Interview with Dr. Robert Able

Protect Your Eyes with Targeted Nutrients

Dr. Robert Able The Eye Care RevolutionFor many people, especially as we age, eyesight is one of the major concerns. We are subject to problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. What can we do to help protect our eyesight? If we already have challenges, will target nutritional supplements help, either to help improve or at least slow down the progression?

At one time, we were all advised that supplements did not help chronic eye problems.  About the closest we came was the old adage that carrots are good for your eyesight. Things have changed dramatically. There have been many studies now over many years that have focused on the role of nutrition in eye health. Nutrients such as DHA, lutein, hyaluronic acid as well as vitamin c and other antioxidants have been shown to have powerful and positive effects on eye health.

In this interview I will discuss the common challenges for eye health and some of the most specific nutrients for vision support with my guest Dr. Robert Able. Dr. Able has written a book entitled The Eye Care Revolution. He has also formulated several nutritional formulas for eye support for top nutritional companies and these are currently available at most health food stores.

Eye ChartSome of the nutrients recommended for eye support include:

  • Vitamin A – for dry eyes and night vision
  • Vitamin C – for cataracts
  • Vitamin D – multiple health benefits
  • Vitamin E – for cell membrane protection
  • DHA – omega-3
  • Lutein – builds up pigment in the retina
  • Zeaxanthin – works with lutein
  • Zinc – releases vitamin A from liver
  • Magnesium – prevents migraines and improves retinal blood flow
  • Chromium – regulates blood sugar
  • Bilberry – for peripheral vision
  • Bioflavonoids – enhance the action of vitamin C
  • Antioxidants – protects cell membranes
  • Silymarin – improves the health of the liver which stores all of the nutrients for the eyes

About Dr. Robert Able

Dr. Abel is a graduate of Wesleyan University and received his medical training at Jefferson Medical College. He performed his ophthalmology training at the Mount Sinai Hospital (in New York City) and at the University of Florida as a cornea transplant fellow. Dr. Abel co-founded the alternative medicine curriculum at Thomas Jefferson University where he was a former clinical professor of ophthalmology.

EyeAdvisory.comDr. Able maintains a practice and his website is EyeAdvisory.com. You’ll find a great deal of information and recommendations at his site. Dr. Abel has written over 120 scientific articles and 20 chapters in medical books. He has also authored the The Eye Care Revolution, The DHA story, The Best Supplements For Your Health, The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook, Lethal Hindsight and the Lumi series.


 One of the products created by Dr. Able is OcuGuard by TwinLab.

I have recommend this product many times.

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1 Lucille July 9, 2014 at 9:14 am

I can vouch for the contents of this amazing information. My ophthalmologist here in South Africa diagnosed me with the beginnings of glaucoma. His recommendations were to take Ocuvite capsules daily, have 1/2 glass red wine every night, (both to combat the actions of free radicles), and use an eye wash regularly. I was amazed! Lucille


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