031 – Is DHA the Most Important Omega-3? Interview with Dr. Parris Kidd

DHA is the most important omega-3 fatty acid.

Dr. Parris KiddDr. Kidd states the following in his current book Natural Brain Enhancers,   “Whatever the type of human cell analyzed, its membranes contain 5-10 time more DHA than EPA, and (only) traces of ALA (if any). Abnormally low DHA levels in membranes predict functional problems, but EPA and ALA levels show no such correlation.”

This is an important premise. As we learn more about the important of omega-3 fatty acids, we are also learn about the distinctions between different products and different fatty acids. In my opinion, marine based omega-3 fatty acids are foundational to health. Nothing else can do what omega-3 fatty acids do. For inflammation and your brain, they are critical. Dr. Kidd makes the case that of all of the omega-3 fatty acids, DHA is the most critical and beneficial.

DHA is important because it is a building block for the cell membrane system that make up all our cells. The more DHA our cells have the more dynamic is that membrane and the more it will contribute to the cell’s functional efficiency. DHA is critical for pregnant women and the growing fetus. It is also crucial for lactating mothers and growing children.

DHA is found in fish oil and krill oil, however these oils have more EPA than DHA. There is a new marine oil from calamari (squid) that has a 10 to 1 ratio of DHA to EPA. According to Dr. Kidd this is an ideal formula for increasing your DHA.


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