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Harnessing the Power of Beneficial Bacteria

Martie Whittekin

Digestive Support

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The world of probiotic science is growing rapidly. One of the challenges for every consumer is to learn about the science and then to learn how to appropriate this knowledge into an action plan. There is a new book, The Probiotic Cure by Martie Whittekin that will help bring some clarity to the topic. Because this is a complex subject most consumers desire a way to simplify the process and this book can help.

The risk is that when we make a topic too simple then it is difficult to determine the distinctions between products. For example, many people now think of yogurt for probiotics. And it is certainly reasonable to add yogurt to one’s diet, but it is not the best way to have a therapeutic probiotic benefit. On the other extreme, the medical profession is experimenting with transplanting bacteria rich fecal matter for treating c-diff infections. There must be a better middle ground. And that’s where the science and the products that have emerged from that science are becoming more available.

You can now learn how to incorporate powerful probiotic products in a way that can offer dramatic results. In this interview, Martie Whittekin will give us an overview of the topic of probiotics and what you need to know. The first section of her book covers the broader topic of probiotics. The basic knowledge of what is good and why and what is bad and why. She covers how to restore probiotic balance with strategies and tactics for those with digestive challenges.

Part two is a more comprehensive look at many common health condition and what you should consider if you are interested in alternative or adjunctive natural health modalities. In part two, Martie covers over 30 common health concerns, from acid reflux and asthma to urinary and vaginal infections.She covers in detail the role of the probiotics and she also covers each health condition for the many other important lifestyle, diet and nutritional choices that should be employed. Here is a quote from Martie’s book:

The Probiotic Cure

“We know without question that a healthy gut flora is fundamental to the functioning of a healthy body, and there is absolutely no harm in establishing one. In the process we might well resolve systemic imbalances that have led to disease symptoms. Virtually any condition will likely be helped either directly or indirectly by and abundant, diversified, and well-balanced microbiome.

In addition, I hope to open up a new way of looking at each issue: describing the conventional treatment; providing a functional view; showing how probiotics relate; and providing other helpful suggestions.” End quote.

I especially like that Martie did not write a book that was only on probiotics. That would be significant if she did. By focusing on health conditions in the second half of the book, she reinforces the concept that health comes from the holistic view of wellness. Probiotics are important and their benefits are far reaching in impacting human health. But it would be a mistake to think that probiotics will do it all. This is where the second half of The Probiotic Cure provides guidance of the other lifestyle and nutritional choices that can influence your outcome.

Gut BacteriaIt is likely that you or someone in your family suffers with one of the health conditions she covers. The more you know about your health the more you can target your efforts. Think in terms of how to nourish your body for your particular concerns. In any case, you always want to have a healthy microbiome. It is probably reasonable to suggest that without a healthy gut you are likely to have something else going on. At the least you would be at risk for developing some health issue.

This is why it makes good sense for everyone to consider a probiotic as part of a regular habit. If you are healthy, you want to keep it that way. If you have challenges, then nurturing your body is the way back to health. Always remember that nutrient are not drugs. Drugs treat your disease, they do not nourish your body. Giving your body what it needs to be healthy is the most basic, fundamental thing you can do to build health. A person will always do better when they are well nourished, especially those undergoing medical treatment as well. Probiotics are one of the most important things for digestive as well as overall health.

RegActivThe world of probiotics is rapidly expanding as the science moves us forward and the consumer interest is exploding. Your challenge is to find the products that work best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Take a little time to explore the brands of the products you use. Try to understand and appreciate the distinctions and seek to make wise choices. Don’t be afraid to experiment. One of the products Martie mentions as unique is Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic. You can learn more about Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic in my interview with Ross Pelton. She also mentions a newer probiotic called RegActiv. This probiotic has been shown to increase the master antioxidant glutathione. I hope to have an interview for you on RegActiv in the near future. RegActiv is an example of newer products based on years of research. If you read Martie’s book you will have an up to date look at the science, application and benefits of probiotics.

About Martie Whittekin
Healthy_By_NatureMartie Whittekin, CCN, is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and nationally syndicated radio host. She currently hosts the Health By Nature radio show. For over thiry years, she has been an integral part of the alternative heath movement in the United States. She was the president of the National Nutritional Foods Association and helped shape the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. She is part of the reason we all benefit from the unprecedented access to nutritional science and products. She continues to be a force in the industry. I have another interview with Martie on her bestselling book Natural Alternatives to …Acid Blocking Drugs.

About Essential Formulas
This interview is sponsored by Essential Formulas as part of their effort to educate consumers. Essential Formulas realizes that we are all in this together and consumers need to learn from credible and reliable resources like Martie Whittekin. This interview is not about Essential Formulas or their products. That is for another time. This is a good example of how good companies work together with scientists and researchers to create products. They work with retailers to introduce these products to consumers. They work with radio shows like Healthy by Nature and authors like Martie to spread the word and bring you this critical information. I believe good companies deserve recognition for the good they do in efforts to improve health and serve consumers. I am pleased to have Essential Formulas as a sponsor.

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