233 – Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT) – My Interview with Dr. Alvin Berger

MCT’s are the beneficial form of tryglycerides.

Energy Support

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In this interview with Dr. Alvin Berger, we will learn of the beneficial aspects of medium chain triglycerides from palm oil and coconut oil. Most people don’t fully understand what triglycerides are and that there are beneficial forms of these triglycerides. The last decade or so has completely changed our understanding of fats in the diet and their role in human nutrition. It has been very confusing because we have be taught many things about fats which simply are not true.

During the interview we will discuss and explain the uses and benefits of MCTs. Dr. Berger tells the story of his son who has type 1 diabetes. MCT oil provides energy for our organs without requiring insulin. This may even help reduce the amount of insulin needed by an individual. This is what happened to Dr. Berger’s diabetic son. This is both a professional and a personal journey for Dr. Berger.

The following information is excerpted from Dr. Berger’s website KetoMCT.com. You can go there for more information.

What is the history of MCT research?

  • From 1929-1932, it was recognized that fatty acids with chain length C6-C8 were only very minimally stored in rat adipose tissue.
  • In 1950, it was recognized that MCFA are more rapidly burned than longer chain fatty acids, and this could account for the earlier findings showing lack of accumulation in adipose tissue.
  • Beginning in 1951, MCFA were being used to treat intestinal malabsorption, since they are not absorbed by long chain fatty acids and require less bile salts and other lipase digestive enzymes.
  • In 1958, the benefits of MCFA for growth, appetite suppression, and weight management were recognized.
  • In the 1980s, the benefits of MCFA and MCTs for sports performance and energy were recognized and marketed.
  • The renewed interest in MCTs since the 1980s has been for cognitive benefits, sports performance, weight management, and an increasing list of clinical conditions (diabetes, cognitive diseases, cancer, diseases of fatty acid oxidation), with some remarkable successes to date. CLICK HERE for more details and references from KetoMCT.com.

What are triglycerides (TGs)?
TGs are the most common type of dietary fat (lipid) and storage (adipose) fat found in our bodies. They are the most abundant type of fat found in nature. TGs contain three fatty acids (of any size or chain length) attached to the three carbon molecule known as glycerol. The main role of adipose tissue is to store energy in the form of fat, as well as cushion and insulate the body. Too much adipose tissue accumulation contributes to obesity.

What are Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)?
MCTs are a special type of TG containing three fatty acids of chain length 6-10 carbons (known as medium chain fatty acids or MCFA). Omega-3s are long chain fatty acids by comparison (with 18 to 22 carbons typically).

Benefits of MTCs

  • Benefit: Aids weight management. The number 1 reason diets don’t work is you feel constantly hungry and sluggish on calorie restricted diets. MCT fats contain fewer calories than other fats, do not store as body fat, contribute to increased metabolism to burn extra calories and regulate appetite.  Improve your long-term success of weight management without feeling deprived and weak.
  • Benefit: MCT provides rapid energy to the brain and body to help increase productivity and get more done.
  • Benefit: MCTs improve cognition and focus, decrease brain fog and support optimal brain function with MCTs.  Supplementing with MCTs will provide your brain with an alternative energy source (ketones) as opposed to solely glucose (sugar).
  • Benefit: Improve sports endurance and enhance exercise performance by supplementing MCTs to fuel physical exertion and help with post-exercise recovery.

What are ketone bodies (KBs)?
Ketone bodies are molecules that are produced by the liver from fatty acids during periods of low food intake (fasting) or carbohydrate restriction for cells of the body to use as energy instead of glucose.

What is the significance of KBs?
Within physiological levels achieved by consumption of MCTs, KBs are major energy sources for the heart, kidney, central nervous system (brain) and skeletal muscle. They are particularly important energy sources when carbohydrates are low, when carbohydrates cannot be taken up optimally by tissues, or when dietary energy in general is low, such as after a fast or between meals.

Palm Kernel Oil

Are MCFA naturally occurring?
Yes. They are found in palm kernel oil (PKO) and coconut oil. Despite popular belief, coconut oils are very weak ketogenic fats. MCFA are also found in most mammalian milks (man, cow, sheep, horse, rabbit, mouse, rat, and particularly goat). The MCFA are so important that human infants store them in adipose tissue between lactations, but the ability to store them in adipose tissue is lost in adults.  END excerpt.

KetoMCT Oil
The product that has been developed by Life-Sense International is C8 KetoMCT Oil. KetoMCT is over 90% C8. C8 is more ketogenic than coconut oil’s fatty acids (mostly C12) and mixed fatty acids. KetoMCT provides rapid energy to the brain and body. KetoMCT Oil C8 is the most potent MCT on the market. KetoMCT is non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, Vegan, Paleo, Odorless, Tasteless and contains No Lauric Acid. KetoMCT is scientifically formulated and supported by a renowned Ph.D. lipid biochemist and nutritionist, Dr. Alvin Berger.

About Dr. Alvin Berger
Dr. Alvin Berger is the co-founder of Life Sense International, a company developing ketogenic products such as KetoMCT Oil. Dr. Berger holds an MS degree in Fish Nutrition/Aquaculture from University of Washington, Ph. D degree from University of California Davis in Lipid and Nutritional Biochemistry, and Post-doctoral experience at Georgetown University/Lombardi Cancer Center in lipid signaling molecular biology.

Dr. Berger has 30 years of research experience in nutritional and pharmaceutical sciences in both academic and commercial settings. He has an impressive resume of work and research in nutrition and lipids specifically. He was a Senior Project Leader at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. He then worked at Cargill, as in Global Food Research-North America as Global Leader in lipid nutrition. Dr. Berger was CSO at Arctic Nutrition in Norway. This is a lifetime of experience and expertise. Dr. Berger understands the role of fats in human nutrition. His personal experience with his son with type 1 diabetes is the driving force behind KetoMCT Oil.

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