210 – Vitamin K-2 is Critical for Heart and Bone Health – My Interview with Dr. Ralph Holsworth

What you need to know about vitamin K2,  Natto MK-7

Dr. Ralph Holsworth

Bone Support

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Several studies demonstrate the great health benefits of Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7), especially for bone and cardiovascular health. Vitamin K2 is optimal for the body to utilize calcium in order to build healthy, strong bones and to inhibit calcium deposits in the arteries.  K2 is clearly a nutrient that has powerful benefits for two serious and common health concerns.

How do we know that vitamin K2 has these benefits? It is because of the clinical studies that explore how K2 exerts it benefits.  Natto MK-7 is one of the clinically studied raw materials that I am very fond of. It is extracted naturally from the Japanese food natto. This is the same source for the clinically studied nattokinase, previously discussed with Dr. Ralph Holsworth. In this interview Dr. Holsworth will discuss the clinical benefits of vitamin K2. If cardiovascular health is your concern you should also listen to my previous interview with Dr. Holsworth on nattokinase. Both nattokinase and menaquinone are extracted from natto and both are beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Bone Health (excerpt from NattoMK7.com)
Bone HealthThough our bones may seem static, our skeletal system is very much alive and constantly reshaping. In our bones, there are continuous opposing forces of bone deconstruction and bone reconstruction that contribute to this dynamic reshaping process. Two major cells attribute to this: osteoblasts (cells that build bone) and osteoclasts (cells that break down bone). As osteoblasts continually incorporate calcium to build bone matrix and osteoclasts break down bone, both cell types are regulated by only a handful of proteins: Gla protein, S protein, and Osteocalcin. The activity of all three of these proteins is dependent on Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 modifies the proteins to cause osteoblast activation and osteoclast inhibition. This, in turn, allows calcium incorporation into the bone matrix to improve bone strength. When this balance of bone matrix construction and deconstruction is thrown off towards deconstruction, weakening of the bones (osteoporosis) occurs and many health complications can arise.

Osteoporosis in femur bone, human bone anatomy.

Osteoporosis in femur bone, human bone anatomy.

Osteoporosis is a disease in which weakening of the bones causes increased risk of fracture. Poor diet, aging, low body weight, low levels of sex hormones (menopause), smoking, and some medications can increase the risk for osteoporosis. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Osteoporosis affects over 5.3 million men and women over the age of 50 in the United States. Due to the disease’s prevalence, there has been extensive research. As a result, there have been many studies showing Vitamin K2 as an effective means to help patients re-strengthen their bones.

Heart Support

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A team of medical doctors looked at 53 patients with hemodialysis deficiencies and severe arterial calcification. They supplemented these patients daily with Vitamin K2 and found remarkable improvements. They found significantly decreased calcification of patients’ arteries.

For reasons that are still currently being elucidated, post-menopausal women have problems with coronary calcification. In a study conducted in Europe, scientists observed 564 post-menopausal women and found a direct relationship between VitaminK2 consumption and reduced coronary calcification. The authors go on to propose Vitamin K2 as an important preventative solution for cardiovascular disease.

A large research study looked at 4807 human subjects over the course of 7-10 years and observed the risk of Coronary Heart Disease with respect to Vitamin K2 intake. After taking into consideration variable factors, they found an inverse relation in Vitamin K2 intake and CHD. They conclude with, “These findings suggest that an adequate intake of menaquinone (Vitamin K2) could be important for CHD prevention.” End excerpt

Natto MK-7
Vesta_Natto_MK7Natto MK-7 brand of menaquinone-7 is a clinically studied form of K2. It is a natural form extracted from Japanese fermented soybeans (natto). It is the natural form that is most effective for human health.

  • No Solvents/Additives/Preservatives are used, it is non GMO and free of allergens.
  • Clinically-proven to support bone & cardiovascular health
  • Kosher Certified – Your assurance of purity

When you want to have confidence in the supplements that you take, then look for the clinically studied and validated ingredients. Then use the supplement in that form and take the clinically studied dose. Good companies do many things right to ensure the quality, purity, safety and effectiveness of their products. Good companies want you to know about their brands. If you are willing to do a little homework, you will eventually discover the distinctions about products and you will have more confidence as you go forward. Quality nutrients taken consistently over time will provide benefits. This is your process of discovery.

Dr. Ralph E. Holsworth, Jr., DO
Emergency Medicine
Ralph E. Holsworth, Jr. received his Doctor of Osteopathy in 1997. He is a board-certified osteopathic family physician previously serving rural and under-served regions of New Mexico and Colorado . Prior to his medical training, Dr. Holsworth served as environmental scientific consultant with the US EPA and private sector firms providing technical assistance on Superfund site evaluation, remediation and environmental cleanups. He received his Baccalaureate of Science in 1985. In 1977-1981, Dr. Holsworth served in the United States Navy. Dr. Holsworth presently works at the Tahoma Clinic in Renton , Washington with Dr. Jonathan Wright, and treats a wide variety of health conditions, with special interest in cardiovascular conditions (especially problems related to increased blood viscosity), auto-immune problems, diabetes, and environmental illness. With a long-time interest in integrative and functional medicine approaches to traditional medicine. Dr. Holsworth has practiced medicine in a wide variety of settings in both hospital and private clinical practice. Dr. Holsworth has served as honorary professor, Department of Biology, at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and is involved in clinical research. He is on the board of the NeuroLipid Research Foundation. He is the Scientific Adviser for Vesta Ingredients.Vesta Ingredients


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