240 – Food and Chemical Hypersensitivities – My Interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe

How to discover over 500 hidden or delayed allergies.

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One of the biggest and sometimes most mysterious health issue is caused by unknown food and chemical hypersensitivity. We live in an environment that is filled with chemical compounds that never existed until the 20th century. This includes industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, food chemicals and now even GMO foods. Many people live lives that are not healthy and well balanced that can make this worse.

This is a matter of how your immune cells respond to the thousands of molecules that enter your body every day. Delayed allergies and hypersensitivities reflect an immune system that is in a highly disordered state. The body fails to distinguish between some safe molecules such as food and nutrients. The body also fails to detoxify some of the many chemicals to which we are exposed. Trying to unravel the mystery of delayed allergies and hypersensitivities can take years to identify and resolve.

In this interview, Dr. Russell Jaffe discusses the importance of allergies and sensitivity testing. He discusses the deficiencies of the most popular allergy testing and screenings that don’t discover delayed allergic responses. Dr. Jaffe then discusses the best delayed allergy test, LRA by ELISA/ACT. LRA means Lymphocyte Response Assay. ELISA/ACT are the testing techniques developed by Dr. Jaffe. LRA is the gold standard in delayed hypersensitivity testing.  By looking directly at lymphocytes the LRA detects all three types of delayed food and chemical hypersensitivities to as many as 504 items.

Today, at least one out of every six Americans, or 40 million people in the United States, suffer from one or more of the autoimmune and immune dysfunction diseases. In response, chronically ill Americans spend over $300 billion per year directly for autoimmune syndrome treatments that often do not reduce their suffering or improve their health. Dr. Jaffe developed the patented LRA tests and treatment plan in 1984, enabling thousands of physicians to quickly and precisely determine the hidden causes of many chronic conditions and help their patients find sustained relief. By looking directly at lymphocytes the LRA detects all 3 types of delayed food and chemical hypersensitivities to as many as 505 items. Here is a link to the complete list of available tests.

  • Food – 238 items
  • Additives/Preservatives – 45 items
  • FD&C Color Additives – 20 items
  • Toxic Minerals/Metals – 14 items
  • Mold – 28 items
  • Environmental Chemicals – 61 items
  • Medications – 25 items
  • Dander/Hair/Feather – 10 items
  • Therapeutic Food – 46 items
  • Therapeutic Herbs – 18 items

As a consumer you can order your own LRA tests directly from BetterLabTestsNow.com. There are numerous subsets of these tests so you can choose the tests you need. I consider the cost of these tests to be very reasonable. Check out the different packages from $378 for the basic test of 144 items to the complete package of 505 items tested for $1725.

LRA by ELISA/ACT tests are unique

  • The LRA by ELISA/ACT tests the lymphocytes as though they are still in your bloodstream being exposed to foreign invaders, providing highly accurate information about your delayed allergies.
  • Antibodies may be formed as a result of allergic reactions. They either protect the body or provoke symptoms. These unique LRA by ELISA/ACT tests are able to detect the symptom-provoking reactions to the substances tested. Compared to other types of tests, the LRA by ELISA/ACT is the most comprehensive and specific.

What your personalized tests include

  • A detailed report identifying nonreactive, moderately reactive and strongly reactive items
  • An easy-to-use guide explaining each reactive item, along with suggestions for substitutions
  • Individualized nutritional supplement and behavioral recommendations based on your Health Assessment Questionnaire completed prior to the test
  • A comprehensive Alkaline Way handbook explaining the LRA by ELISA/ACT program and how to easily incorporate the program into your lifestyle

When you work with your doctor to follow the LRA by ELISA/ACT program, you may notice improvements in your health as soon as a few days or weeks. Certainly by 6 months you should see significant improvements in your health status.

Defining good health
Good health means more than not being sick. When you’re really healthy, your body is strong enough to resist attacks on your immune system that can lead to the development of chronic symptoms. The following Health Assessment below is a good indicator of the state of your current health and can help you determine if you should speak to a doctor to find out if the LRA by ELISA/ACT tests are right for you.

ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies can help if you need a nutritional consultation before or after your test. If you need a nutritional practitioner your can contact PERQUE.com. PERQUE can refer you to a PERQUE trained practitioner. Here is one client testimony:
Throughout most of my life, I have suffered from chronic fatigue, stomach discomfort, headaches, frequent infections. I was amazed to learn through LRA by ELISA/ACT testing that some of the things that were in my everyday diet I had a reaction to. With help from your staff nutritionist, I removed these things from my diet and constructed an alkaline diet. After only a few weeks, I started to notice significant changes. I then began the recommendation supplements which took my quality of life to a new level. It was like I had been living with the dimmer switch on, and now everything was bright and clear. I no longer have daily headaches, fatigue, upset stomach and lingering infections. For the first time in my life, I feel amazing; I didn’t know it was possible! A patient from San Marcos, CA.

About Dr. Jaffe
Dr. Russell M. Jaffe received his BS, MD and Ph.D from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1972. He completed residency training in clinical chemistry at the National Institutes of Health (1973 – 1976), remaining on the permanent senior staff until 1979. He is board certified in Clinical Pathology and in Chemical Pathology. On leaving NIH Dr. Jaffe began a journey that sought to support the emerging field of Integrative and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Jaffe is CEO and Chairman of PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH). His dedication to the application of primary prevention and his commitment to providing superior nutraceuticals and autoimmune testing with clinical evidence of superior efficacy has made him a sought after speaker and leader in his chosen field.



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