271 – Certifications Build Trust and Transparency – My Interview with Tracy Kreider

Country Life Vitamins uses certifications to create confidence and trust.

One of the most important things I do for HealthQuestPodcast.com is to choose which companies I will accept as sponsors. Most people don’t realize that I only allow companies that I trust to participate in HealthQuestPodcast.com interviews. Country Life is one of those trusted companies.

There was a time when the nutritional products industry was small and personal. It was driven by people with a passion for helping others with nutrition. Country Life Vitamins began in 1971. I came to know them in 1976, so we have a long history together. I have always been fond of Country Life Vitamins and I still recommend them with confidence.

Things have changed over the years. The nutritional products industry has expanded dramatically as consumers have embraced better nutrition. The challenge is that as the popularity of supplements has grown so has the presence of inferior, adulterated and even fraudulent products. Confused consumers suffer from too much information and too little context. HealthQuestPodcast.com is here to bring context and clarity to the discussion.

This is not an interview about product. Here is a link to the interviews with Tracy where we discuss some particular County Life products.

In this interview Tracy Kreider discusses the many ways in which Country Life Vitamins is committed to being a responsible member of our community and how they communicate this to consumers. This is of growing importance to good companies who want to prove that they are worthy of your trust. Trust and transparency are key core concepts that continue to emerge as critical between companies and their customers.

This trend is fascinating to me because this will mean good things for consumers. We now have better ways for consumers to make decisions. It is not just Country Life Vitamins that is driving this movement. It is now seen as critical for the best nutritional companies to gain consumer confidence. We all have a vested interest in the success of these changes.

The trend I am referring to is the companies using third party certifications to assure consumers. Because it is hard to know who to trust, we can now rely on third party certifications to guarantee standards. Tracy and I discuss the evolution of accountability and the journey of Country Life Vitamins.

Certifications Matter to Country Life Vitamins and they should matter to you. This is evidence of their passion to assure consumers and develop confidence and trust. These various certifications point to either the manufacturing side or to the product side. 

A “mountain of certifications.


  • 2000 – Good Manufacturing Practices Certification as an NSF-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) registered facility and one of the largest supplement companies certified by NSF..
  • 2007 –Commitment to Renewable Energy. Country Life Vitamins purchases renewable energy credits to offset 100% of the electricity usage.
  • 2016 – Certified B Corporation – Certified B Corporations meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Certified B Corporations use business as a force for good.

Product oriented. Different products carry different certifications and will vary from product to product. Look for the ones that pertain to your interests.

  • 2007 – Certified Vegetarian/ Vegan — 80% of Country Life Vitamins are certified vegetarian or vegan.
  • 2008 – Certified Gluten Free – Country Life Vitamins brand is manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility using standards that are higher than required by FDA.
  • 2011 – Certified Kosher – Many Country Life supplements are certified by K of K Kosher Certifying Agency
  • 2013 – Certified USDA Organic – Country Life Vitamins adheres to the stringent USDA Organic standards for their USDA certified organic products. USDA Organic requires that products be Non-GMO. (Items that are labeled NO GMOs are tested but not certified)
  • 2017 – Certified Halal – 50 Country Life products are Halal certified by IFANCA.

This passion for quality and commitment goes back to their beginnings. Even in the early years Country Life Vitamins has listed their commitment right on their labels. This was before most companies and most consumers were even aware that these are important.  Today’s consumers are very aware and looking for companies that can assure them of the quality in their products. As a consumer you have probably seen these types of statements on supplement bottles. Country Life Vitamins was one of the early pioneers in making these distinctions.

These are clearly marked on the label:

  • NO yeast or wheat
  • NO corn
  • NO soy or milk
  • NO salt
  • NO sugar
  • NO preservatives
  • NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
  • NO magnesium stearate
  • NO GMOs

The point of this interview is not just about Country Life Vitamins. It is important that you as a consumer at least know that these certifications exist and that good companies go far beyond the minimum to bring you the highest quality products. It’s important to know that Country Life Vitamins is one of those highly respected companies. This also gives you an understanding of how hard good companies will work to continually seek to address consumers’ needs and concerns. You should always want to know more about the companies you trust. More and more manufacturers should be able to articulate what they are doing to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Expect companies to prove to you why you should trust them.

A big part of our focus here on HealthQuestPodcast.com is to help our listeners make distinctions in the marketplace. Not all products are the same. Companies are not the same. Processes and ingredients are not the same. Science is not always followed. Claims are not always honest or correct. We are dedicated to helping you make sense of the confusing and not always reliable marketplace. When a company like Country Life Vitamins participates in our podcast, it is because they have earned my confidence and trust. It is my mission to make sure my listeners learn about the science of nutrition and what companies and products reflect the highest standards.

About Tracy Kreider
Tracy Kreider is the Senior National Product Educator for Country Life Vitamins. Tracy has a long history in the natural products industry having managed one of Richard’s Whole Foods store chain in Florida. Tracy is a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) and is Board Certified with The American Naturopathic Medical Association. She understands the science behind nutrition and she understands the needs of consumers. Tracy spends her time traveling the country giving educational and inspirational seminars to retailers and consumers on behalf of Country Life Vitamins. Country Life has been one of the leading quality supplement manufacturers for over 45 years.




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