146 – Whole Food MegaFood Vitamins – My Interview with Robert Craven

How much do you know about how your vitamins are made?

Robert CravenVitaminsThis interview is different than most of my previous interviews. I will discuss the how and why of MegaFood Food State Nutrients with Robert Craven, CEO of MegaFood. I have been a fan of MegaFood for a long time and I have used many of their products over the years. The purpose of this interview is to take a closer look at the MegaFood difference as a company and a product.

Most consumers don’t have access to the “behind the scenes” activities of the companies they buy from. Increasingly it is becoming more difficult to know what companies and products you can trust. More and more consumers are interested in whole food nutrients and now there are many companies with foods added to their formulas. MegaFood has a unique process that goes from farm to tablet in a manner that is completely unique. They partner with organic food growers to provide the whole foods that are used in their products. Those whole organic foods become ingredients in MegaFood products.

MegaFood, as a company, is on a mission to be transparent with their customers. MegaFood sets a high bar for itself and they want you to know what goes into every MegaFood product. Not just the ingredients they use but also their mission and process.One of my important missions for HealthQuestPodcast.com is to shine a light on the innovative companies so that you as a consumer can appreciate the distinctions that make the difference. Supplements are not created equal. If you know what the differences are you can make a more informed choice. You get to decide what is most important to you when you make a purchase.

In this interview Robert will discuss what makes MegaFood unique in the natural products industry. From the farm fresh organic farm partners to the slow manufacturing process that preserves the nutrient values of the foods in the tablet, MegaFood does it differently. They have partnered with Dr. Andrew Weil, bringing his expertise to their formulations.

One of the most impressive aspects of MegaFood supplements is that they are so easy to digest. They will not upset your stomach. In fact, MegaFood supplements can be taken on an empty stomach by people with the most sensitive digestive systems. If other vitamins upset your stomach, then you should try MegaFood.MegaFood Certifications

MegaFood products are soy free, dairy free and gluten free. They are vegan and non-GMO verified.

About Robert Craven
Robert is the CEO of FoodState – a company that has been mastering the art of whole-food supplements since 1973. FoodState markets under the high-growth brands MegaFood, in the natural retail market, and INNATE Response, in the practitioner channel.

Robert has worked for Procter & Gamble, Boston Scientific, and The Hackett Group, where he was a lead business best-practices strategist. He entered the natural industry as CEO of Garden of Life twelve years ago, and led them to the #14 spot on the Inc. magazine list of fastest-growing private companies. He later partnered with natural industry pioneer Jethren Phillips, founder of Spectrum Organic Products, to successfully build a high-growth organic ingredients business.

Robert joined FoodState in May, 2011 and is proud to lead a company so dedicated to doing what it takes to stay true to the intention of farm-fresh foods. Robert is dedicated to transparency & shares extensively on twitter @RobertUCraven.

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