307 – Your Probiotic Gut Health Is Essential To Overall Health

How your probiotic is manufactured and what it contains are critical factors.

Interview with Dr. Jason Mitchell

Digestive Health

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In this interview Dr. Jason Mitchell will discuss the importance of gut probiotic bacteria and some of the challenges to creating an effective probiotic. Many consumers take probiotic supplements without consideration as if all probiotic supplements are equal. We will consider Probulin® probiotics as one effective solution. Dr. Mitchell makes the point that any probiotic is usually better than nothing. However if you want a probiotic to be the most effective there are numerous things that you should consider.

“We often tend to think of our body’s many systems—digestive, immune, circulatory, neurological—like workstations on an assembly line, each contributing separately to our overall health and function. But, in fact, these systems are far more interconnected with multiple channels of communication, feedback, and gate-keeping. It is this delicate web that helps us maintain both health and homeostasis—a stable equilibrium in a continually changing environment.

One essential hub for all this activity and intercommunication is the gut. Not only does the gut process the vast majority of our life-sustaining nutrients, it also serves as a modulating influence on our bodies’ many other systems. Let’s look at a few ways that the gut influences overall health.

Digestion and Motility
The naturally occurring “good bacteria” that reside within the gut’s complex ecosystem help process vital nutrients. These bacteria also help govern gut motility and serve as gatekeepers, helping to choose which molecules are allowed to move through the gut’s permeable membranes and into the system, and which are removed as waste.

  • Immune Health – About 80% of our immune system resides in the gut. The mucosal membrane of the gut is a vital barrier against potentially harmful microbes and environmental toxins, and it is here that those “good bacteria” we mentioned earlier play such an essential role, competing with “bad” or potentially harmful bacteria for key receptors, and helping to maintain the integrity of the mucosal barrier.
  • Skin Health – The skin is an essential barrier against sun, wind, toxins, and invading microbes. It is also a complex environment where “good” and “bad” bacteria wage a daily battle for control. “Good bacteria” work not only on the skin surface but also within the gut to help support skin health. Factors such as cellular rejuvenation and replacement, skin moisture and resistance to environmental stressors like sun exposure and UV radiation are governed largely by gut flora.
  • Neurological and Emotional Health – The gut’s influence on neurological health has spurred some to refer to the gut as a “second brain,” and in fact, mood-influencing chemicals like serotonin are produced in significant quantities by the gut. The connection between the gut and our neurological function, termed “the gut-brain axis,” influences not only or central nervous system (responsible for mood), but also our neuro-endocrine system including our hypothalamic and pituitary function.
  • How Probiotics Help Gut health—and overall health—depend on maintaining a healthy balance of gut flora. Dietary supplementation with robust probiotic strains can reinforce our bodies’ natural population of “good” bacteria, which can be vital when you consider the many ways our systems are challenged by stressors, fatigue, poor diet, pollutants, and environmental factors.

The health benefits of probiotic bacteria are manifold. They re-balance gut flora, boost the immune system, and reduce the severity of some gastrointestinal challenges. To perform these vital functions, health-promoting bacteria must arrive alive and healthy in the gut. This is no small challenge, considering the extremely acidic and hostile environment of the upper digestive tract.

To help protect the carefully selected probiotic bacteria strains during their journey, Probulin products employ patent-pending technology to envelope and safeguard the bacteria.

MAKTrek 3-D® Delivery System. 
Probulin’s probiotic bacteria are encased in an extract made from Brown Seaweed (Lessonia nigrescens). The complex marine polysaccharides shield the probiotic strains and prevent them from being compromised by the harsh, acid-rich environment of the stomach. The seaweed enclosure enables the probiotics’ safe journey to the gut where the outer gel-like coating slowly dissolves, releasing the live bacteria. The bacteria then attach themselves to the intestinal walls, where they rebalance gut flora and confer their other health benefits.

Nourishing Probiotics
To keep the probiotic strains well-nourished and hydrated during their journey, and to help them survive the first critical hours within the human gut, Probulin includes prebiotics (bacteria food) and electrolytes (hydration) to help the probiotic strains stay healthy as they get established.

Hardy Bacteria
Another way that Probulin ensures the survival of the probiotics is by choosing only the highest quality products and strains. Hardy bacterial strains, protected within their seaweed enclosure have a far greater survival rate than unprotected and/or more fragile strains. This means a low attrition rate and a higher number of beneficial bacteria reaching the gut alive. Survivability is more important than the number of strains.

Benefits of the unique MAKTrek 3-D® Delivery system.
Stomach Acid Protection
The probiotic bacteria are encased in an extract of Brown Seaweed (Lessonia nigrescens) called complex marine polysaccharides. Once blended, the final powder is encapsulated. When the capsule is swallowed it will come in contact with the stomach acid. The acid will dissolve the capsule. The complex marine polysaccharides then form a secondary internal gel-like capsule, protecting the living probiotic cells from the acid.

Isotonic Protection
This step includes a validated blend of important electrolyte minerals so as to provide the necessary controls during the activating hydration step for probiotics. This step is a cornerstone to the patent pending MAKTrek® 3-D Delivery System.

Additional Safeguards
Probulin’s® researched and documented strains are specifically selected as being equipped to handle exposure to the environmental elements that would otherwise make survival difficult for these beneficial probiotic bacteria. Probulin® products are certified to be free of GMOs, wheat, gluten, magnesium stearate, and phthalates (used by some manufacturers in the enteric coating of delayed-release capsules).

Not all probiotics are created the same. If delivery, quality and potency are important parts of your probiotic evaluation, Probulin’s® line of digestive probiotics is a great place to start.” Select content provide by Probulin.com/blog.

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About Dr. Jason Mitchell
Dr. Jason Mitchell is a Naturopathic Doctor certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. He is also a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association and Certified Natural Health Professionals. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management/Operations from Arizona State University and his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Trinity College of Natural Health. He is the CEO of Probulin and also the Co-Founder & President of HempFusion.


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