308 – Tremella Mushroom – China’s Secret for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Tremella Mushroom hydrates the skin, supports immune health and increases anti-oxidants.

Interview with Mark J. Kaylor

Skin Support

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Mark KaylorWe have used Mushroom Wisdom products in my family on and off for many years. I remember when Maitake Products D-Fraction was introduced as a potent immune supplement. It was the first mushroom product that I learned about that had clinical science. Maitake-D Fraction set a standard in my mind that persists to this day. I expect that companies that make claims for their products should have science and research to verify the claimed benefits. They should also be transparent and honest with their customers.

Maitake Products company later became Mushroom Wisdom. Mushroom Wisdom is one of the pioneers and ongoing leaders in the mushroom category. They create very specific extracts and then study and document the benefits of those very specific extracts. So when we talk about Maitake, Lion’s Main, Reshei, and now Tremella mushrooms, we are ultimately describing the benefits of the very specific Mushroom Wisdom products.

Other mushroom products are not the same and you should never assume that competitive products are as good as the original. There are other good mushroom product companies and every good company is able to share with consumers about their products. Remember to choose a good company based on what is important to you and then explore their products as desired. To get the desired benefits you have to choose good products and to choose good products you have to look to high quality companies. It’s one of the first steps to have confidence in the products you consume.

In this interview with Mark Kaylor we discuss Tremella mushroom. Tremella mushroom is found both as a supplement and as a topical cream. The cream is Aquamella. The Aquamella cream provides potent benefits externally, while the supplement nourishes from the inside. My wife has been using this particular face moisturizer for many years. Because she has the choice of any product, this is as strong an endorsement she can give. She loves Aquamella cream from Mushroom Wisdom and uses it as her daily moisturizer.

PubMedImportant Note: No one here is making medical claims for tremella or any other nutrient. Foods and nutrients nourish the body. Feed the body the “right” nutrients and amazing things can happen. Nutrients are not drugs and drugs are not nutrients. Don’t confuse the two. Here is a link to PubMed, where there are currently 185 results from searching “tremella”. You can read for yourself what the science reveals. Science reveals how the body can utilize nutrients. It is the body that maintains, restores and repairs the body and nutrients are the building blocks and catalysts to health. This does not make nutrients drugs. For all medical conditions, see your health care professional*.

Following content by Mark J Kaylor from RadiantHealthProject.com
“Over the last few years mushrooms have been gaining a wider acceptance in the West for their “medicinal” or health supporting benefits. Mushrooms have been so widely utilized and highly prized in Asia for many centuries. With their roots firmly entwined in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is not surprising that Cordyceps, Reishi, and the other commonly used mushrooms in Asia, are also the more extensively used and familiar in the West as well.

Tremella fuciformis aptly named and also known as ‘white jelly leaf’ is a traditional Yin tonic in TCM, and while not well known in the West there are over 100 published scientific papers on the use of this mushroom. Primarily used to treat Yin deficiency and unruly fire, Tremella is said to have an affinity for the skin, lungs, stomach, and kidneys*. As a Yin tonic it is an excellent remedy to consider whenever you need to bring moisture back to the body; examples of this include dry cough, dry skin, vaginally dryness and even dry eyes*. (It makes a wonderful remedy for contact wearers who always have to put drops in their eyes*.)

Research suggests possible benefits for its use with cervical and uterine cancers when used in conjunction with radiation treatment*. Tremella brings a protective and restoring action to bear on healthy cells as the body undergoes this arduous treatment*. Red blood cells and bone marrow cells can be damaged by radiation treatment*; Tremella provides protection to these cells while also increasing production of red blood cells thereby helping the body to reestablish a healthy state*.

As it is with virtually all the medicinal mushrooms currently in use in the West, Tremella also offers significant immune support*. In a comparison study of mushrooms for their anti-tumor activity, Tremella came in a close second at an 81% tumor inhibition rate to Maitake’s 86.3% inhibition rate*.

Mushrooms’ benefits are not limited to immune related activities and the same is true for Tremella; powdered dried Tremella was shown to significantly lower total cholesterol and LDL in a rat study*. When searching for a Tremella product that maximizes the full range of health supporting benefits look for one that contains a hot-water extract combined with powdered fruiting body.

Tremella has demonstrated the ability to hydrate the skin better and longer than hyaluronic acid and it has also been shown to increase the production of antioxidants by skin cells*. (Note: you can find Tremella in a supplement form for beauty from the inside out as well as in face creams)

Mushroom Potential
The sky’s the limit for the health promoting potential for our mushroom allies. While we have tended to lump all medicinal mushrooms into a single category, namely immune activating, there really is so much more to them as well as a number of mushrooms we have only begun to fully explore. With growing public acceptance, mounting research supporting traditional and new applications, and a massive need for their healing gifts, mushrooms may have finally come of age in the West. Select content provided by RadiantHealthProject.com

“Tremella is used in China for lung, stomach, kidney and skin health support.* It is also used in Chinese cuisine. Tremella is more than 70-percent dietary fiber, including healthful polysaccharides.* It is a rich source of Vitamin D, for bone and skin health support.* Yang Guifei (719-756), Imperial Consort during the Tang Dynasty and believed as one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history, cited Tremella among her beauty secrets.*” from MushroomWisdom.com.

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About Mark J. Kaylor
Mark Kaylor has been exploring holistic health and healing for over four decades. He is the founder and director of the not-for-profit Radiant Health Project. Mark welcomes your comments and questions and can be contacted at his website: www.RadiantHealthProject.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/RadiantHealthProject

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