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Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Burke

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When a person does not sleep well the effects on health can be far reaching. When lack of sleep becomes chronic it is important to get a medical evaluation to understand if this is a medical issue or not. Then one can decide how to best proceed.  For all medical treatment work with a qualified medical practitioner.

In this interview with Dr. Jeffrey Burke, we will discuss lack of sleep issues. There are many factors that may contribute to sleep challenges. Nutrition and diet, lifestyle, stress and anxiety are health issues that should be addressed. Medication and supplements will not fix a lifestyle that is deficient in one or more ways. Seek to build a better foundation for health.

We will also discuss the product Endo Sleep from Emerald Health Bioceuticals. Endo Sleep is designed to support the ECS and provide additional nutrients clinically shown to support restful sleep, these being PharmaGaba and Passion Flower Extract.

Endo Sleep provides the proprietary, full-spectrum PhytoCann Complex with the sleep-supportive herbals and nutrients that support deep, restful and rejuvenating sleep.* Endo Sleep supports the biological balance of body and mind (homeostasis).* Endo Sleep supports the production and retention of Endocannabinoids.*

When you don’t sleep well, it is hard to function optimally. There are many natural sleep support products available. The challenge is not a shortage of products. The challenge is discovering which products work best for you. This is a process of discovery and can often be hit or miss.

The first thing you should do is to commit to giving products a fair try. Sometimes natural sleep support products work quickly and some others work best over time. In the case of sleep support sooner is better but only if it can be sustained. In this case we are trying to support the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) as well as sleep better. This may take some time to restore balance to the ECS, so patiently give new products a fair try. If you get results quickly, then that is good. But if not just don’t quit too soon as you will not experience the full effects. With Endo Sleep, try the whole bottle and then judge.

Emerald Health Bioceuticals is offering to send you a free copy of the booklet “The Healing Power of the Endocannabinoid System”.  This book will give you a great foundation in understanding the benefits of the ECS and why it is so important to human health. This offer is good while supplies last. Claim your copy today.

The Healing Power of the Endocannabinoid System

The Healing Power of the Endocannabinoid System

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This booklet is written by leading experts in the field of integrative medicine including Dr. Michael Murray and features the latest scientific information in this exciting area of research. The following is excerpted from the booklet “The Healing Power of the Endocannabinoid System”.

“The best dietary ways to support your ECS

RESEARCH INTO HOW DIET AND LIFESTYLE impact the ECS is only in the very early stages. However, what is known is that steps can be taken to:

  • Support the body’s natural production of endocannabinoids
  • Harness natural products to modulate the breakdown of endocannabinoids like anandamide and prolong their effectiveness in the body
  • Utilize non-cannabis-derived, plant-based compounds to activate CB1 and CB2 receptor sites

Focus on fats

Eating a diet rich in “good” fats is critical for the proper functioning of the ECS. Simply stated, without the right type of fats in their membranes, cells do not function properly—and neither will the ECS.

Omega-6 fatty acids, longer-chain saturated fat, and trans fats are all considered “bad” fats, and are linked to many diseases—especially when you also don’t eat enough “good” monounsaturated fats, medium-chain saturated fat, and omega-3 fatty acids. Not surprisingly, this same dietary pattern is also associated with impaired function of the ECS.

Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids are critical because they are considered “essential fatty acids.” This term refers to fatty acids that are required for key biological processes in the body; however, these fats cannot be manufactured in the body so they must come from the diet. “Good” fats should be eaten on a regular basis, as well as “bad” fats should be avoided whenever possible.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet refers to eating patterns typical of southern European regions like Greece and Italy.

For many reasons, olive oil gets a lot of credit for the health benefits of the traditional Mediterranean diet. But research clearly shows there is a significant synergy among all of the components of the diet, rather than one specific fac tor being responsible for the multiple health benefits.

In addition to supporting a balanced ECS, this diet has numerous health benefits that have been confirmed by scientific research. It’s perhaps one of the most widely studied diets in the scientific literature. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to support health in a variety of ways including:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Reduced risk of many forms of cancer
  • Supports brain function and healthy cognition
  • Enhances bone health
  • Improves mental health by contributing to reduced depression and anxiety

The chief tenets of the Mediterranean diet include:

  • Extra-virgin olive oil as the principal source of fat
  • Frequent consumption of seasonal, locally grown fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds
  • Minimally processed foods
  • Low consumption (a few times a week at most) of sweets containing concentrated sugars or honey
  • Low to moderate consumption (one to four times a week) of dairy products, principally cheese and yogurt
  • Frequent consumption of seafood
  • Low to moderate consumption of red meat, poultry, and eggs
  • Moderate consumption of pasta, bread, and grains
  • Low to moderate consumption of wine”
    End excerpt.

The idea is not just that you follow the Mediterranean diet, the idea is that you consume good foods, natural foods, minimally processed foods, high quality fats and that you avoid nutrient deficient and artificial foods. Whatever your diet style is, choose the best, most nutritious foods.

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About Dr. Jeffrey Burke
Dr. Burke has been in the health and nutrition field for well over three decades. Dr. Burke went back to school to become a Naturopathic Physician and a Master Herbalist, and received his degree in 2012. In August of 2012, he was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasting Hall Of Fame. Dr. Burke’s passion is spreading the word on nutrition. Dr. Burke does a daily radio show in Las Vegas called The Staying Healthy Show.

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1 Luke April 29, 2019 at 7:46 am

Every day I read more about endocannabinoid system (ECS) and it is shameful that they do not educate about it in universities or medical schools, because scientists say, that the discovery of endocannabinoid system counts as the second most important discovery in the history of medicine, just behind the discovery of sterile technique. With all this products emerging on the market, no medical doctor is actually enough informed about how cannabis, hemp and its products effect our ECS and consequently our health and well-being – only those who are really interested in it. I use CBD products and it happened to me, that a nurse started asking me, how it interacts with medicines and things like that, but shouldn’t she should know more than a regular user?


2 Steve Lankford May 13, 2019 at 8:18 am

I’m never surprised when medical professional don’t know much if anything about natural products. Sad to say.


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