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Nutritional Support for Your Nervous System and Brain Health

Anxiety and Mood

Jolie Root Discusses the Most Important Nutrients for Anxiety

In this interview Jolie Root will discuss the challenges many of us face with anxiety and mood disorders. Her message is that nutrition is critical to support the normal structure and function of the nervous system and brain. Everyone needs good nutrition to support all aspects of health.

Nutritional shortages can leave us without the resources to maintain, restore and rebuild good health. Jolie gives us good understanding of the importance of omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients such as B-complex vitamins, magnesium, GABA, theanine, phosphatdyl serine, 5-HTP and tryptophan.

Totally Zen


Jolie also discusses her favorite Carlson Labs products for stress and anxiety called Totally Zen. A busy lifestyle, bad night’s sleep, or unfortunate event can throw off our mind-body balance. Regardless of the cause, we all have days when our bodies need some extra support. Help reset your mindset with Totally Zen, which promotes calmness, mental clarity, and a healthy mood. It’s specially formulated with B-complex vitamins, L-theanine, GABA, and other nutrients that help ease occasional nervous tension, stress, moodiness, and fuzzy thinking.

  • Promotes calmness and mental clarity
  • Supports a healthy mood
  • Helps ease occasional nervous tension and stress
  • Provides GABA, L-theanine, and B vitamins

Stress and Immunity

Here are two articles from the Carlson Blog:

Here is an excerpt from our interview

“Well, there is a chemistry that can set the stage for anxiety to be more pronounced in one person versus another person. And we will get into that because that’s the chemistry that we can manipulate with nutrition. And I’m always interested in discovering the perfection of that. The perfecting of that it’s a given that we are going to be talking about nutrition. Nutrition in some cases fill in the blanks so that we’re better or more resilient. We’re better able to cope with outside circumstances that might produce the symptom of anxiety because anxiety is a symptom.

Just Get Through It

It is the most commonly experienced psychiatric symptom. And it is a state that derives from either inappropriate or exaggerated fear, which leads to distress or impairment. The lifetime approximate occurrence of anxiety is that it is going to affect one in three people. So that’s a lot of people. And anxiety can come along with other issues that people are dealing with. So sometimes it is coming along with depressive disorders when people’s mood is out of balance. Sometimes anxiety comes along with things like cardiovascular disease, people that have illnesses. Anxiety can come along with other health conditions.

Omega-3 and Stress

And what was interesting the paper that I really wanted to talk about a little bit today was a paper that looked at the effectiveness of the Omega-3s in dealing with the symptoms of anxiety. And one of the things that was observed, so that I think is important, it was in people who had these other health issues. And along with that anxiety where the Omega-3s were most effective. So that is excellent news.

Life is Stressful

What has happened to people that have to travel, for example, because of the pandemic, while the airlines let a huge number of pilots, flight attendants and support staff go, because they expected that the COVID experience for them the disruptions and travel, they expected that it was going to be a five or six year event, it was only about a two year event. And now people seem to want to travel just as much as they did before we ever even heard of COVID. And now we don’t have the crews with the airlines. So travel has been disrupted. Everyone knows that travel is very stressful these days.

We have as you mentioned, inflation. And part of that is driven by the breaking of the supply chains, we can’t get the goods that we need. And so demand is much higher than supply in practically anything that you could name, whether it’s housing, even to the point of employees, there’s more jobs than there are people that want them. So there’s a lot of stress in the world, there are a lot of things that are very upsetting for people, that creates a lot of anxiety. So even though over the past several decades, when they look at the rates of people affected by anxiety, and they say that it’s one in three, I don’t know if that even would still be true. If we looked at it in mid summer of 2022. It might be higher than that, Steve” End Excerpt

The point of this interview is to reinforce the idea that there is a lot that individuals can do when dealing with stress and anxiety. The premise is that a person needs to be well-nourished to deal with the many challenges of today’s life. We all need to be diligent in living a healthy lifestyle, eat a better diet, take the important nutritional supplements that support health and thing good thoughts. There is a lot you can do to support your health, but they don’t work if you don’t do them. The choice is yours. This is your process of discovery. The more you know the better choices you will make. Better choices lead to better outcomes.

Jolie Root

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Jolie Root

Jolie Root is the Senior Nutritionist/Educator at Carlson Laboratories. She began as a natural products retailer who evolved into a career in education in the health sciences. She is a nutritionist and a nurse. She understands both the science and the practical application of good nutrition for health. Jolie hosts a weekly radio show called Food for Thought heard Fridays at 10 am on AM 1490 WGCH in Connecticut and New York.

Carlson Laboratories

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