351 – Quick Immune Response to Coronavirus

Nutrition and lifestyle modifications are your best defense.

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In this interview with Dr. Michael Schwartz, we discuss the principles of naturopathy as foundational to good health. Then we will discuss the specific nutrients that he recommends to his clients regarding coronavirus and how to support a quick immune response.

DISCLAIMER: We are not suggesting that nutrition is a cure or treatment for any disease and especially not for the COVID-19 virus*.

What we are suggesting is that powerful nutrients are an important part of your regimen to stay healthy. It is one part of a strategic approach to dealing with these times. Dr. Schwartz would be the first to agree that there are many ways to manage your risk and the wise person will employ most of them. A strategic approach will lead to a reduction in risk and include a targeted plan to stay healthy.

  • Eat a wide variety of healthy natural foods.
  • Take targeted nutritional supplements based on your needs.
  • Get out in the sunshine
  • Drink plenty of pure water
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Get restful sleep
  • Move
  • Have a healthy mental attitude and approach to life
  • Connect with your spiritual self

This is a plan for your lifetime. These are the foundations of health. The more you shape your life to be built on these foundations, the better your health and immunity will be over time.

During this time social distancing and better hygienic practices will reduce your risk of exposure. A targeted nutritional approach will support immunity in both a general and specific ways. This means to improve diet and take supplements that are foundational for immune health such as vitamins A, C and D. In addition you then consider nutrients that support immune and respiratory function.

Dr. Schwartz has recommendations that he uses with his clients who seek immune support against viral challenges. Remember this in not to treat disease. It is to support natural immune system function.

Origins of the Immune System

Here’s what Dr. Schwartz suggests to his clients seeking additional nutritional support:

  • Vitamin A: 10,000 iu every hour if you are having symptoms. Not to exceed 300,000 iu. This is true for fish liver oil. Do this for 3 days and then no Vitamin A for 3 days. This break gives your liver time to process what is not used by the body. Vitamin A nurtures anti-body maturation thus increasing your immune defenses. You can also use beta-carotene. If using beta-carotene it does not matter how much you take. The body will convert what it needs. Too much and your skin will turn orange. This normal and not harmful.
  • Vitamin C: If symptomatic. Take 1000 mgs every hour. If you develop diarrhea you are taking too much for your system and you should reduce the dose.
  • Zinc. 15 mgs every 3 hours if ill. Twice daily otherwise.
  • Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B-5 nourishes your adrenal glands. This is important because when you are under stress and the adrenals falter your immune system becomes less effective.
  • Herbs: Echinacea and goldenseal root or Oregon grape root. Echinacea stimulates interferon production and both goldenseal and Oregon grape kill bacteria.

For preventive help, take Vitamins A, C and D every 3 hours .

Quick Immune Response

Taste for Life Award

Michael’s® Naturopathic Programs has a formula based on this combination of nutrients. Dr. Schwartz created this formula for his children when they were little. As the name implies, this formula is designed to provide immediate immune system support. This is a powerful combination of only seven components in very meaningful amounts. Dr. Schwartz suggests that you can take a lot of this when you are challenged. This allows you to flood your system with these very specific nutrients.

  • Vitamin A, (beta carotene), along with Vitamin C, and Zinc are fundamental nutrients for different aspects of the immune system, such as:
    • the production of antibodies
    • tissue growth 
    • enzyme activity
  • Pantothenic Acid supports adrenal glands and helps in the conversion of beta carotene to Vitamin A.
  • Garlic is a traditional herb for immune support.
  • Echinacea supports white blood cell production and immune system modulation.
  • Oregon Grape Root fights bacteria.

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About Dr. Michael Schwartz, N.M.D.

Michael Schwartz is president and founder of Michael’s® Naturopathic Programs. He has been a leader in the natural products industry since 1976, as a teacher, naturopathic nutritional counselor, and manufacturer of nutritional supplements. As the host of a mind-body radio program, Michael is also involved in educating the public on holistic wellness through radio and television appearances.

He is a highly respected lecturer, with appearances at doctor and pharmacist conferences, colleges and universities, and health and wellness venues nationwide. Michael’s holistic nutritional consultations continue to benefit people from all walks of life, including world class athletes and elite performers.

Michael also writes on health and the interrelationship with emotions and spirit. Michael has published 18 books as well as articles for numerous wellness magazines and journals. You can read any of Michael’s books for free. Here is the link for his books: https://cutateachings.org/gifts/

Michael’s® Naturopathic Programs

We believe every individual has a responsibility to achieve optimal health to maximize their unique potential. Each of us is called to serve humanity in some way.

This is only possible when we are healthy, not plagued with emotional anxiety or stress due to poor nutrition. We believe everyone deserves to be healthier, no matter their current level of health. It is our mission to provide affordable nutritional supplements that will help people enjoy healthier lives.

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