350 – Spice Oils Can Kill Viruses

Especially Oregano, Cumin, Wild Sage and Cinnamon Oils

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This is our first interview recorded on March 20, 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak. We have a powerful interview with Dr. Cass Ingram on the use of spice oils for these times. I have interviewed Dr. Ingram many times over several decades. He is a tireless proponent of natural spice oils and more.

In this interview we will explore how and why to use spice oils as part of your plan to stay healthy. Here is what you need to know first:

We are not suggesting that spice oils are a cure or treatment for any disease, and especially not for the COVID-19 virus*. What we are suggesting is that powerful spice oils can play an important part of your regimen to stay healthy. It is one part of a strategic approach to dealing with these times. Dr. Ingram would be the first to agree that there are many ways to manage your risk and the wise person will employ most of them. A strategic approach will lead to a reduction in risk and includes a targeted plan to stay healthy.

Social distancing and better hygienic practices will reduce your risk of exposure. A targeted nutritional approach will support immunity in both a general and specific ways. This means to improve diet and take supplements that are foundational such as vitamins A, C and D. In addition you then consider nutrients that support immune and respiratory function. In addition to that, you then consider direct attacks on the virus. And this is where the spice oils become important.

It has been shown that spice oils such as oregano, cumin, wild sage and cinnamon can kill a corona virus in vitro. Exposing the virus in a human cell culture to these spice oils can kill the virus in 20 minutes. That’s in a dish, what about in humans? Here’s my thinking:

  • The virus enters the body through the mouth and nose. True.
  • Whether one gets sick depends on several factors including immune status, exposure and viral load. Not everyone gets sick and of those that get sick, most recover. True.
  • There are many separate things that you can and should do to reduce risk and exposure. True.
  • There are many distinct ways that you can support immune function. True.
  • Spice oils can kill the virus with contact. True.
  • Using spice oils orally and nasally is to attempt to kill viruses as they enter to body and reside in the throat before migrating to the lungs is a good tactic.
  • Using spice oils is just one part of a broad strategic plan; however it is an important if not crucial part because it kills the virus on contact. What else does that in the same way? This is a good idea.

So Dr. Ingram lays down a compelling case for adding spice oils, juice and herbs to your regimen right now. I requested a list of his specific recommendations both for prevention and also intensive support. The products he recommends are from North American Herb and Spice. They are the only manufacturer of these mostly unique and distinct products. It’s why I recommend them as a company. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Basic Immune & Respiratory Support Protocol

  • wild oregano oil P73: five drops twice daily
  • OregaMax whole food oregano capsules: 2 caps twice daily
  • SinuOrega: one spray in each nostril twice daily
  • Juice of Oregano: one T. daily
  • Purely-C whole food camu camu vitamin C: one cap twice daily

Intensive Immune Support Protocol

  • wild oregano oil P73: ten drops four or more times daily
  • OregaMax whole food oregano capsules: 3 caps three times daily
  • OregaRESP multiple spice oil capsules: two capsules twice daily
  • SinuOrega: one spray in each nostril a few times daily
  • Juice of Oregano: one ounce or more daily
  • Purely-C whole food camu camu vitamin C: two caps twice daily

It is important to remember that you get to choose how best to proceed. How intensively do you want to engage in this fight? Not everyone can do everything. If you only add one thing in this list to your program make it the wild oregano oil. Make this a part of your overall strategy. The more you do to reduce exposure and risk, the greater your chances for success.

More information

CassIngram.com – You can read his articles here.

North American Herb & Spice – You can research the products here.

Holistic Primary Care Article – Oil of Oregano Proves Effective Against Coronavirus – 2003 – Republished 2020.

Google Scholar research results for oregano oil. There are over 1,300 in 2020 alone.

Listen to all interviews with Dr. Ingram.

Dr. Cass Ingram

Dr. Cass Ingram is a nutritional physician who received a B.S. in biology and chemistry from the University of Northern Iowa (1979) and a D.O. from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (1984). Dr. Ingram has since written 24 books on natural healing. His research and writing have led to countless nutritional discoveries. Dr. Cass Ingram presents 100’s of health tips and insights in his many books on health, nutrition, and disease prevention. Dr. Ingram is one of North America’s leading experts on the health benefits and disease fighting properties of wild medicinal spice extracts. such as oregano oil. He now travels the world promoting health – the natural way.

North American Herb and Spice

Founded in 1999 by Judy Kay Gray, MS to develop unique products from naturally powerful ingredients. From the remote mountains of the Mediterranean to the valleys of the Amazon rainforest, North American Herb and Spice sources the finest fruits, herbs, and spices in the world. Wild handpicked spices are the cornerstone of our products. The end result is the purest, most powerful spice extracts made from the best pesticide-free, chemical-free, and solvent-free ingredients.

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1 Marion April 19, 2020 at 6:48 am

Love using natural products like oil of oregano, they have been a blessing for years.


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