372 – Chaga Mushroom Supports Natural Immune Health

Dr. Cass Ingram discusses how to use Chaga.

Wild chaga is the richest known source of that all-important antioxidant enzyme which protects the body tissues, SOD (superoxide dismutase). It is also a dense source of melanin, beta glucan, biological sterols, vitamin D2, and rare trace minerals. These rare trace minerals incude rubidiium, cesium, and germanium. This is what makes wild chaga an ideal whole food supplement to support a healthy anti-aging and whole body function response, the optimal daily adaptogen and immune potentiator.

Purported Uses – source:
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • To prevent and treat cancer*
    Laboratory and animal studies suggest chaga may inhibit the progression of some cancers. Studies in humans are needed.
  • To stimulate the immune system*
    Laboratory and animal studies suggest chaga can activate some types of immune cells. Studies in humans are needed.
  • To reduce inflammation*
    Laboratory and animal studies suggest anti-inflammatory effects. Clinical trials for this use are needed.
  • To protect the liver*
    Although protective effects have been reported, these benefits have not yet been studied or confirmed.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is my favorite research site for exploring the scientific studies. Here the results of my most recent look at the studies.

Remember, Chaga is a food. Chaga is not a drug. These scientific studies reveal the powerful benefits to be found in nature. Discussion of the studies does not create a drug claim. All benefits discussed are nutritional only.*


Another first by North American Herb & Spice, chaga mushroom is one of the most potent natural complexes known, ideal for supporting a healthy immune response. It is the world’s top source of superoxide dismutase (SOD). It is also an excellent source of beta-glucans and natural, wild-source sterols such as betulin, betulinic acid, inotodiol, and lanosterol for overall skin support.*

Fortified with the powers of wild oregano and wild birch bark. Just two ChagaMax capsules a day will support a healthy immune and whole body biological response. Only North American Herb & Spice combines wild chaga with wild oregano to create an extremely powerful immune support. Undeniably, the most convenient way to get chaga on a daily basis.

Dr. Cass Ingram

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Dr. Cass Ingram is a nutritional physician who received a B.S. in biology and chemistry from the University of Northern Iowa (1979) and a D.O. from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (1984). Dr. Ingram has since written 24 books on natural healing. His research and writing have led to countless nutritional discoveries. Dr. Cass Ingram presents 100’s of health tips and insights in his many books on health, nutrition, and disease prevention. Dr. Ingram is one of North America’s leading experts on the health benefits and disease fighting properties of wild medicinal spice extracts. such as oregano oil. He now travels the world promoting health – the natural way.

North American Herb and Spice

Founded in 1999 by Judy Kay Gray, MS to develop unique products from naturally powerful ingredients. From the remote mountains of the Mediterranean to the valleys of the Amazon rain forest, North American Herb and Spice sources the finest fruits, herbs, and spices in the world. Wild handpicked spices are the cornerstone of our products. The end result is the purest, most powerful spice extracts made from the best pesticide-free, chemical-free, and solvent-free ingredients.

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