019 – What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know -My Interview with Dr. Michael Murray

Dr. Michael Murray discusses his book “What the Drug Companies Won’t Tell You AND Your Doctor Doesn’t Know

Dr. Michael MurrayDr. Michael Murray is a leading authority on natural medicine. His book provides a provocative look into how the pharmaceutical and medical industries have created our current health care crisis. It is also a practical guide to the holistic treatments that may help you and those you care about.

Modern medicine offers many wonders, but an ever-present reliance on medication to cure what ails us is at the core of America’s health crisis. Dr. Murray has assembled irrefutable evidence that the pharmaceutical treatments for the most common diseases that plague our society are often ineffective and result in serious, widespread side effects – the existence of which is frequently hidden from the public. Dr. Murray illustrates how a nationwide dependence on pharmaceutical medications, has hobbled health in America and resulted in a national wellness epidemic as lifestyle, igrorances, and politics collide in our medical care.

What Your Doctor Doesn't KnowAdverse reactions to over-the-counter and prescription drugs are currently estimated to kill more than 100,000 Americans a year (making this the fourth leading cause of death in the United States behind cancer, heart disease, and stroke). Americans use more that 40 percent of all of the prescription drugs produced in the world each year (according to the World Health Organization) yet are forty-second in terms of life expectancy. We must radically reevaluate the way that we take care of ourselves.

This book is both a call to arms as well as a practical guide to the natural treatments that could revolutionize both your health and well-being. This book provides clear guidance on the steps needed to help you lead a fitter, happier, and healthier life.

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