053 – Spirulina, a Green Superfood – My Interview with Susan Smith Jones

Spirulina is Nature’s Most Concentrated Superfood

Susan Smith JonesSpirulina is the most nutritious, concentrated whole food known to mankind. Spirulina is a blue-green algae that occupies an intriguing biological and ecological niche in the plant kingdom. There have been over 200 scientific studies and clinical trials indicating the health benefits associated with the use of Spirulina.

AARP Magazine ranks Spirulina the #1 food that can add years to your life (Sept/Oct 2006 issue)

In this interview, Susan Smith Jones, MS, PhD, discusses the science and her personal and clinical experience with Spirulina. Susan is a leading voice in America and world wide in the fields of health, fitness and nutrition. You can learn more about Susan at her website, SusanSmithJones.com.


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