237 – Nutrition for Calm, Focused Attention – My Interview with Gabriel Williams

Neural Balance improves anxiety, stress, sleep and social interactions.

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Does your child suffer with any of the following: lack of focus, aggression, irregular sleep patterns, social anxiety and/or social withdrawal? These are common concerns for parents who children deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder sometimes referred to as Pervasive Developmental Disorder. This is increasing in the US at an alarming rate. Parents are rightly concerned especially since there is often no good medical solution.

The good news is that scientific and clinical studies are showing that certain nutrients and herbal extracts are able to lead to positive changes for children with these challenges. I want to make it clear that we are not treating Autism or any disease associated with these disorders. What we are doing is providing nutrition for the brain. A brain that is well nourished properly can improve function dramatically. When brain function improves then everything works better including focus, sleep and anxiety.

In this interview Gabriel Williams will discuss the product Neural Balance with Anandanol. Neural Balance has been shown to provide balance to the endocannabinoid system. Neural Balance has been reported to:

  • Reduce aggressive behavior,
  • Increase ability to focus
  • Decrease agitation
  • Promote sound sleep
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase happiness and well-being

We will discuss how Neural Balance was formulated and about the discovery of it’s patented ingredient “Anandanol. Anandanol was created by Dr. Betul Hartipoglu and Pharmacist Randolph Margrave. Anandanol is a patented herbal composition containing Wild Passionflower Extract, magnesium, CoQ10 and B6 as P5P.

How does Anandanol work?
Balance between excitation and inhibition is delicately maintained in many parts of the brain. If the balance between inhibition and excitation among neurons is disturbed in favor of the excitatory glutamatergic pathways, the intensity of excitatory transmission may lead to adverse behavioral and neurological consequences. The Passiflora blend included in Anandanol has an endocannabinoid agonist-antagonist effect (it excites and inhibits) to restore a balance between inhibitory GABAergic pathways and excitatory glutamatergic pathways, supporting natural calm and focus.

Other key components of Anandanol
Magnesium Chloride to quickly restore calm and to prevent inhibited nerve cell communication, which can lead to cell excitability. CoQ10 to support celluar energy production, immune system support, and for its antioxidant properties. B6 is an essential vitamin that is necessary for over 60 processes in the body and in the production of important chemicals in the brain.

Neural Balance
Neural Balance is a tasty drink powder that combines the patented ingredient Anandanol with a proprietary enzyme blend that was specially formulated to offer optimal absorption of Anandanol’s nutrients. NO GMOs, soy, salt, sucrose, corn, casein, potato, rice, nuts, artificial colors or preservatives. Can be taken daily or as needed.

One testimony: Neural Balance is my saving grace. My son David is almost unmanageable without it but he is truly a sweet boy. It has improved his quality of life more than I can tell you. He has a very sensitive palate but he loves the taste and even asks for it when he is starting to feel aggressive or overstimulated. Thank you for such a great product! April T. You can find more stories at the Neural Balance website and Facebook page.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Betul Hatipoglu, the creator of Anandanol. Her story is a very personal one as it was for her son who developed autism as an infant. Her research led her to create and develop Neural Balance working with pharmacist Randolf Margrave.

About Gabriel Williams
Gabriel is a 14-year veteran of the Natural Products industry and is passionate about helping companies develop and launch products that fill a big need.  First and foremost, he desires to develop products and systems that help people live better lives.

Focusing on that goal, Gabriel teamed up with Pharmacist Randolph Margrave and Dr. Betul Hatipoglu, MD a staff member at the Cleveland Clinic on a very exciting project that will help tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of families.  Together they formed Spectrum Research Group to create products to improve the lives of kids (and adults) with behavioral and sensory challenges. In September 2014 they received a patent for their proprietary herbal, mineral, vitamin blend which they named Anandanol. Using this patented ingredient as a cornerstone, Gabriel formulated a clean, great tasting drink powder that is marketed under the name Neural Balance.


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How can I improve the taste of Neural Balance Anandanol?


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Experiment. You could also try contacting the company.


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