022 – WI Consumer Choice and Wellness Act – My Opinion

If You Live or Do Business in Wisconsin, NOW is the Time to Take Action

Wisconsin is home to many complementary and alternative health service providers. They are usually unlicensed practitioners such as herbalists, homeopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, aroma therapists etc. For additional information go to wiwellness.org. Listen to my podcast interview with Diane Miller.

The problem

Any unlicensed person who does any type of healing act in Wisconsin could be in technical violation of medical or other licensing laws. They may be at risk for unwarranted and unnecessary disciplinary action.

 The Solution

Pass the Consumer Choice and Wellness Act – SB 280. SB-280 allows alternative practitioners to provide complementary health services. It also requires practitioners provide full disclosure about their practice to consumers.

We Need Your Voice

This bill won’t get passed without consumers speaking up. This must be done by April, 2012, when this current session ends. For more information see the document: “Support Wisconsin SB 280

For all of our support documents, please visit our RESOURCES page at wiwellness.org.

What you can do

  • Contact your legislator via phone, email, mail, and/or personal visits. Contact them several times. This is the most important thing you can do.
  • Signa support petition. Online, in stores or offices.Tell others, use your social networks.
  • Write letters to the editors.
  • Call your local radio talk show and ask them to cover this story.
  • Donate funds to groups who are fighting this battle.

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