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Natural Factors has their own 1000 acre organic farm.

When it comes to supplements made with and including foods you have to look behind the scenes. As you may know I have been a big fan of Natural Factors. I have been interviewing their experts for many years. You can find all of those past interviews here. But in all of those interviews we have not discussed the some of amazing things that Natural Factors does that many people don’t know about. I was so impressed when I learned more I wanted to share this story with you.

In this interview Rob Yelland discusses the Whole Earth and Sea supplements and the origins of this line. The more I learned the more I appreciate what they are doing. I am all about understanding the distinctions between companies and the products they produce. When we understand these differences then we can make better choices. After listening to this interview, you will understand why Whole Earth and Sea supplements are truly unique.

Natural Factors Farms

It starts with Natural Factors Farms. This is truly a seed to shelf story and I urge you to explore the website where you will learn much more than we can cover in the interview. Natural Factors has created an award winning product line that reflects the commitment of the owner and the passion of the entire company. This is a family business that is born of inspiration and commitment to the the importance of food and the health of the planet.

The Whole Earth & Sea Story (Content provided by WholeEarthSea.com)
The Whole Earth & Sea difference starts with the best raw materials: high-potency foods packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and hundreds of antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients. Most of these nutrient-dense plants are grown on Natural Factors Farms where they’ve been harvesting 100% organic crops from non-GMO seeds for almost a quarter century

Farm Fresh Factors™ is a powerful combination of organic active vegetables, organic cruciferous vegetables, organic fruits, organic herbals and organic sea vegetables. The Farm Fresh Factors process starts with these fresh, raw, nutrient-dense plants to yield a concentrated biomass of bioenergetic vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. Farm Fresh Factors starts with 200 grams of fresh raw plants, processed using their EnviroSimplex method to retain and intensity the total goodness of whole food into rich living food.

From heirloom seeds, planted in the ground with a little water, nutrients from the soil, and a whole lot of energy from the sun, comes the wholesome nutrition that sustains our lives. Natural Factors Farms are certified 100% organic and pesticide-free. Crops are fertilized only with compost and nitrogen-rich sea plants and are meticulously cared for by hand. The plants are then harvested at their peak and immediately raw processed at our own facilities.

EnviroSimplex Technology

EnviroSimplex Technology

EnviroSimplex deploys gentle agitation with just the right amount of heat under high vacuum to extract moisture, preserve the active ingredients, shorten drying times and protect sensitive phytonutrients. The processing temperature always stays below 118°F (48°C). Plus, the process is free of solvents and ethanol for safer whole food concentrates. The EnviroSimplex method liquefies and mixes all raw materials in a special chamber where the bio-activation process occurs, allowing enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics to culture the ingredients.

The whole plant or fruit is used, including the peel, stem and seeds – all rich sources of antioxidants. Batch-by-batch processing ensures that all the ingredients are thoroughly dispersed. As a result, the concentrated nutrients are suitable for stand-alone supplements and as components in our Whole Earth & Sea health-promoting formulas.

  • Active Vegetables – organic kale (leaf), organic alfalfa (aerial), organic cilantro (leaf), organic parsley (aerial), caper (berry), organic artichoke (leaf), organic black radish (root), barley grass, cayenne pepper (leaf), organic celery (seed), organic beet (root), organic tomato
  • Cruciferous Vegetables – wasabi (rhizome) and fresh freeze-dried sprouted broccoli (aerial), organic upland cress (leaf),daikon (root), red radish (root), organic cauliflower (aerial),   organic cabbage (leaf), organic arugula (leaf), organic watercress (leaf), sprouted garlic (bulb)
  • Whole Fruit Ultra Polyphenols – grape, pomegranate, strawberry, organic cranberry, organic blueberry, raspberry, bilberry, organic Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica), schizandra berry, red orange, organic açai berry
  • Herbals and Plants – Theracurmin® (Curcuma longa) (root), organic decaffeinated green tea (leaf), organic milk thistle (seed), organic ginger (rhizome), organic echinacea (aerial), marigold flower, organic dandelion (root), organic oregano (aerial), organic peppermint (aerial), organic spearmint (aerial)
  • Whole Plant Sea Vegetables – organic spirulina, organic chlorella, red algae, blue green algae, Dunaliella salina, kelp (End Natural Factors content)

The Whole Earth and Sea products have received numerous awards. Awards are a great way to judge a company. Others have vetted Natural Factors Whole Earth and Sea products. You don’t have to do the hard work. Go to the website and explore. There is a lot to more learn and appreciate.

About Rob Yelland

Rob Yelland has a Bachelor of Science degree, complemented by continuing education courses through Bastyr University. Rob has worked in the natural products industry for over 20 years and during his tenure with Natural Factors, has been responsible for sales and corporate account management, researching and developing retailer education materials and extensive product training. In his current position as Manager of Education and Product Training for Natural Factors, Rob shares his wealth of experience and product knowledge at education seminars across the country. Rob lives with his wife and children in San Diego where they pursue health and wellness through natural foods, supplements and an active lifestyle.

Natural Factors




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1 Pattrisia Bolton May 6, 2019 at 1:32 am

You have shared great tips. I think active vegetables are most important to our life. Cod liver oil also needed for our body. what do you think about it?


2 Steve Lankford May 13, 2019 at 8:18 am

I agree. Marine omega-3 are critical and of prime importance.


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