078 – Is Krill Harvesting Sustainable? – My Interview with Becky Wright

Some people are concerned about excessive over-harvesting of Krill.

Antartic KrillMany people are expressing concern that we are depleting the krill in the oceans. Krill is food for whales, seals and penguins and a decline in the krill populations could have far reaching effects. The question is whether the harvesting of krill is having a significant and damaging effect of the krill populations as some have suggested. And whether this endangers other species in the ocean.

In this interview, I will discuss the issue of sustainability with Becky Wright from Aker BioMarine. Aker is one of the major Krill harvesters in the world and is the manufacturer of Superba Krill Oil. We will discuss the issue of  krill harvesting sustainability. You might be surprised. As it turns out, the Antartic krill fisheries are well managed by international agencies and the amount of krill harvested is only a small fraction of the accepted and allowable levels. It does seem that current research has confirmed that the krill are not currently in danger of being over harvested. The information suggesting that krill levels are dangerously low is not current and so must be considered in the context of more current research.

This is a controversial issue, so I expect and welcome those with opposing views to make their case. I only ask that you have some facts to support your opinions. Becky has done a good job of articulating the position of the krill harvesters. Contrary opinions should be as clearly articulated so we can all evaluated the science.

Becky Wright

Becky Wright is the communications and marketing manager for Norway-based Aker BioMarine Antarctic. Prior to joining Aker, she was the editor of an industry trade publication called Nutraceuticals World.

For more information I have several interviews on fish oil, omega-3 and krill oil. Use the tags below or search the tag index to discover these podcasts.


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