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Hemp provides powerful nutrition for human health.

Interview with Dr. Jason Mitchell

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There has never been this much excitement over a food and it’s nutrients as there is currently for hemp. There is also a great deal of confusion as to what are the important facts to understand. Valid scientific research surrounding hemp is fueling the rediscovery of its importance to human health.  What this research is revealing is causing a shift in thinking as well as application of nature’s assets held inside this amazing plant.
Combined with changing state laws and laws surrounding the research of Hemp, we find ourselves in what might be considered as one of the most important advancements in nutritional and medical knowledge to date.

Hemp has been used as an important resource for centuries.Historically, hemp has been known as a fibrous resource within the textile industry. Its oils have been important to industry and used to make such things as:

  •  Clothing
  • Rope
  • Fabric
  • Biofuels…and so much more

The most important lesson here is that hemp is also food!

Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp

Whole Food Resource – In more recent years, hemp has been identified as a whole food resource of full-spectrum plant based nutrition, including:

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Omega Fatty Acids (Omegas 3-6-9)
  • Key Hemp Phytonutrients

Researchers believe that the most recent discoveries found in hemp oil, from parts of the plant such as the mature stalk, might be the most important. Researchers have revealed that within the amazing hemp plant contains a collection of phytonutrients and phyto-compounds that show great promise for human health in both the nutritional and medical fields.  These phytonutrients and phyto-compounds include:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Flavinoids
  • Terpenes like ß-caryophylline
  • Many other important key hemp phyto-compounds.

Our body has an intricate system of receptors located throughout it called the Endocannabinoids System (ECS). The ECS plays an integral role in the state of our well-being, by helping to regulate the communication between cells in our central nervous system and throughout our body’s immune system. Scientists have known for years that the chemicals produced in our brain result in a wide array important physiological responses and how important it is to support healthy ECS function.

Because the ECS is directly involved in so many interactions within the human body, it has been aptly referred to as the “Central Control Panel,” or what we like to call the “Master adaptogenic System.” Supporting homeostasis and balance,” within the ECS supporting both body and mind.

By gently supporting the ECS with naturally occurring phyto-compounds found in hemp and other plant-derived sources, we may support ECS balance.* It is important to point out that research is still underway and many studies are being conducted to prove the clinical efficacy of hemp science. We are still in the embryonic stages of really understanding the full complexity of how these key hemp phyto-compounds interact with our ECS. For a deeper understanding of the research and the ECS, visit, PubMed.gov or the International Cannabinoid Research Society at ICRS.co.

The Importance of Nutritional Hemp Phyto-compounds
Many of us take vitamins, eat well, find time to relax and exercise, and we still find ourselves occasionally out of balance, tired and not getting enough quality sleep. The point is, even if we do try and live a completely healthy lifestyle, we may still need to support our bodies with additional support.

It has been identified that Hemp contains powerful phytonutrients / phyto-compounds that are getting the attention of medical researchers worldwide.  This attention has been driven primarily by the discovery of unique system in the body called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a collection of endocannabinoids,  their regulating enzymes and their receptors.  These phyto-nutrients have been recognized as showing great promise in supporting human health as well as potentially revealing future applications in medical treatment due to their interaction with this Endocannabinoid System.*

Key phyto-compounds for support can be found in common foods like cloves, hops, black pepper fruit and plants like Echinacea. We can certainly eat more of these foods, but HempFusion® makes it easy to supplement your daily diet with many of these key phyto-compounds naturally derived from nutritional hemp. Unique, proprietary Whole Food, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil formulas from HempFusion help to support the ECS*. Specific HempFusion formulas are designed to support for occasional stress, more restful sleep and digestive health.*

Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress factors and a shortage of sleep may affect human health. Endocannabinoid System (ECS) research is now shedding light on the connection between the chemicals produced within our own bodies and the receptors for those chemicals located throughout our entire body that help us to maintain ECS balance. Nature provides help with plant-based Key Hemp Phyto-compounds, which are biologically similar to the ones produced within the ECS.

There are many credible sites such as PubMed.gov and NIH.gov where you can conduct your own search to find the most current information being published in real time. While more research is needed to meet the requirements of structure/function claims regarding phyto-compounds derived from nutritional hemp, many anecdotal reports and the interest from the scientific community are advancing our knowledge of the plant’s benefits.

HempFusion is a family of products based on full-spectrum hemp formulated with key synergistic nutrients and herbs. Each formula has a specific benefit and these are formulas that can be taken daily. There are specific formulas for Sleep, Digestion and Stress. Nutritional Hemp contains no psychoactive properties.

Content provided by HempFusion.

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About Dr. Jason Mitchell
Dr. Jason Mitchell is a Naturopathic Doctor certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. He is also a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association and Certified Natural Health Professionals. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management/Operations from Arizona State University and his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Trinity College of Natural Health. He is the Co-Founder & President of HempFusion.

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