133 – Rapid Defense for Immune Support – My Interview with Dean Morris

You can enhance your defenses against colds and flu.

Dean MorrsNatural Immune SupportEveryone has an interest in staying healthy throughout the cold and flu season. Here on HealthQuestPodcast.com our goal is to  help you discover some of the best nutritional products. We do that by interviewing some of the best experts in the natural products industry. There are hundreds of nutritional supplements that are being sold for immune system support. How do you know if these products are effective? What criteria do you use to distinguish one product from the next?

One way to do that is by listening to HealthQuestPodcast.com. In every podcast, I explore the science of nutrition. This is a golden age of nutritional science as we now have thousands of studies and clinical trials that have revealed that nutritional products can be highly effective and safe for most health challenges. One of the assurances that consumers can have is in the clinically studied raw materials that are used by supplement manufacturers.

My interview with 5th generation master herbalist Dean Morris is focused on two of these trademarked ingredients found in Rapi-Defense from Nature’s Way. EpiCor (dried fermentate made using Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 500 mg and Immuno-LP20 (heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum L-137) 50 mg. My guess is that most of you have not heard about these two ingredients. The clinical studies are compelling and I expect that you will hear more about these ingredients in the coming years. The third ingredient is the mineral zinc, which has a long history of clinical studies showing it’s importance in immune health.

I had a recent opportunity to put this product to the test. I experienced a lingering sinus drainage and cough that would not go away. I added the Rapi-Defense from Nature’s Way to my program and within a few days, my month long problem resolved itself. I have found that I can always get over immune issues by a well reasoned plan and use of quality supplements. Now I keep Rapi-Defense in my natural medicine chest.


Unlike other immune ingredients, EpiCor strengthens your body’s immune defenses in many ways. It helps reinforce your first and second lines of active defense, increases antioxidant protection and also may help support good gut health.

First Line of Defense. EpiCor strengthens a first line of active defense by helping increase secretory immunoglobin A (sIgA) in saliva. sIgA is the primary antibody found in mucus, tears, saliva, mother’s milk and other areas. When pathogens get to your skin, eyes, mouth and other mucus membranes, sIgA is there to help by trapping bacteria before they cause harm. So, what happens when the first line gets breached? That is when a second line of defense comes in.

Second Line of Defense. EpiCor strengthens a second line of active defense by helping increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. NK cells are a type of white blood cell circulating in our blood and organs that are fast and effective in seeking out and destroying infected cells at the initial occurrence. NK cells are called “natural killer” because they don’t need to be activated by other cells to differentiate “good” cells from “bad” cells. This makes them much quicker to respond to keep your body healthy.

Antioxidant Power
Antioxidants circulate in your blood and tissues and help protect from cellular oxidative damage, which may affect how your immune system works over time. EpiCor helps strengthen your immune defenses by increasing antioxidant power in as little as two hours.

Gut Health
Most people don’t know that around 70% of your immune cells are actually found in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Fewer still know how important a role beneficial bacteria play in proper immune function. Prebiotics are foods that nourish the beneficial bacteria, like bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, in your GI tract. Prebiotics help the good bacteria grow and multiply so your gut stays healthy. EpiCor has been shown to act like a prebiotic in sophisticated digestive system models. Excerpt on EpiCor is from EpiCorImmune.com. READ MORE

Immuno_LP_20Immuno LP20 (Lactobacillus plantarum (HK L-137))

A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science has demonstrated daily oral intake of heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum (HK L-137), the dominant constituent of House Wellness Foods’ flagship immunobiotic formula Immuno-LP20, decreases the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) in healthy subjects with high levels of psychological stress.

House Wellness Foods began its research on the HK L-137 lactobacillus nearly three decades ago, based on an approach to food preservation through fermentation that has been used in Japan for hundreds of years. Both randomized and targeted studies provided anecdotal, but unambiguous support for the claim that heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum could both prevent upper respiratory tract infections and ameliorate symptoms when they do occur.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science included 78 subjects exposed to demonstrable physical and psychological stress, which is known to disrupt the regulation of the immune system. Subjects were randomly assigned to receive a tablet containing HK L-137 (10 mg) or a placebo tablet daily for 12 weeks. URTI incidence was significantly lower in the HK L-137 group than in the control group. URTI incidence, duration and severity, and duration of medication showed significant negative correlations with duration of HK L-137 intake. Excerpt on Immuno LP20 is from NutriceuticalsWorld.com. READ MORE

Nature’s Way Rapi-Defense

Rapi-DefenseOne of the things I like about this product is that you can take just 1 per day to support natural immune function. If you come down with something you can also take more capsules daily to support your immune defenses. Nature’s Way has been a leader in the natural products industry for over 40 years and has introduced some of our best nutritional and herbal supplements. Rapi-Defense is the only product that I know that contains these two innovative ingredients into one product.

Nature's Way

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