149 – The Anti-Microbial Benefits of Wild Oregano Oil – My Interview with Dr. Cass Ingram

Wild Oregano Oil is effective against a wide variety of severe infectious micro-organisms


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The benefits of herbs, spices and essential oils is finally being validated by clinical and scientific studies. Plants such as garlic, turmeric (curcumin), basil and oregano have been revealed to contain powerful compounds that can have a dramatic and positive benefit on human health. Those of us who believe in the healing power of nature, have no problem understanding how the chemical compounds found in nature can be as powerful as many man-made chemical drugs. In some cases, natural compounds are even more powerful that standard medications. We now live in a time, when the best natural supplements are being studied extensively, and as consumers we have the opportunity to discover these best in class nutrients. If you will do your homework, you can discover which are the best forms of a nutrient. There are distinctions between products and companies. The more you appreciate these distinctions and your choices, the better outcomes you can expect.

In this interview I will talk to Dr. Cass Ingram. No one has done more to popularize the value of wild oregano oil than Dr. Ingram. His is the voice of experience and passion. Dr. Ingram was restored to health through the copious use of oregano herb and oregano oil. We will discuss his own history and his initial experience with oregano. We will discuss the studies which have shown the powerful anti-microbial properties of wild oregano oil. The specific raw material we are discussing is P-73 Oregano Oil from North American Herb and Spice. This is the original wild oregano spice oil. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all oregano oil is the same. They are not. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that all oregano will give you the same result. This is not guaranteed.

There are currently 424 studies on oregano oil that are listed on PubMed. Here is one abstract and link:

Oregano“New, safe antimicrobial agents are needed to prevent and overcome severe bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Based on our previous experience and that of others, we postulated that herbal essential oils, such as those of origanum, and monolaurin offer such possibilities. We examined in vitro the cidal and/or static effects of oil of origanum, several other essential oils, and monolaurin on Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus anthracis Sterne, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Helicobacter pylori, and Mycobacterium terrae. Origanum proved cidal to all tested organisms with the exception of B. anthracis Sterne in which it was static. Monolaurin was cidal to S. aureus and M. terrae but not to E. coli and K. pneumoniae. Unlike the other two gram-negative organisms, H. pylori were extremely sensitive to monolaurin. Similar to origanum, monolaurin was static to B. anthracis Sterne. Because of their longstanding safety record, origanum and/or monolaurin, alone or combined with antibiotics, might prove useful in the prevention and treatment of severe bacterial infections, especially those that are difficult to treat and/or are antibiotic resistant.” CLICK HERE to read more.

Wild_OreganoFor more information you may want to read one of Dr. Ingram’s books. Two recommended books are The Cure is In the Cupboard and The Miracle of Wild Oregano.

About Dr. Cass Ingram
Dr. Cass Ingram is a nutritional physician who received a B.S. in biology and chemistry from the University of Northern Iowa (1979) and a D.O. from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (1984). Dr. Ingram has since written 24 books on natural healing. His research and writing have led to countless nutritional discoveries. Dr. Cass Ingram presents 100’s of health tips and insights in his many books on health, nutrition, and disease prevention. Dr. Ingram is one of North America’s leading experts on the health benefits and disease fighting properties of wild medicinal spice extracts. such as oregano oil. He now travels the world promoting health – the natural way.



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1 demaris March 8, 2021 at 7:45 pm

dr. cass ingram my husband has had prostate cancer, he has a heart that has a heart mumur, and now cancer of the bone can you make some recommrnds


2 Steve Lankford March 9, 2021 at 10:23 am

Dr. Ingram is not part of our site other than his interviews. You can try contacting him through his website: https://cassingram.com/
Good luck and best wishes.


3 demaris kibiloski May 23, 2020 at 11:47 am

dear dr. cass ingram, my husband was told yesturday that his prostate cancer has returned and is spreading to the bone. what kind of oregano to use, and how much , and any other suggestions you have. sincerely demaris kibiloski


4 Steve Lankford May 26, 2020 at 4:54 pm

Dr. Ingram does not monitor this website. You should try through his website https://cassingram.com/
Good luck and best wishes.


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