171 – Collagen: Myths and Misconceptions – My Interview with Dr. Marita Schauch

Collagen is the Secret to Beautiful Skin, Strong Bones and More

Dr. Marita Schauch

Women's Health

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Collagen is one of those buzzwords that is often heard but not fully understood. Paging through beauty magazines, you see many advertisements for “anti-wrinkle” creams and “serums,” leading us to believe that all we need to do to increase the youth-preserving collagen in our skin is to rub it on topically! The fact is that neither creams nor procedures do anything to help your body generate health-improving and beauty-supporting collagen. If your body is generating collagen it shows: you will radiate health and vitality at any age. When we think of collagen, most of us are familiar with its role for beauty – in providing us with healthy, beautiful-looking skin. But it doesn’t stop there: collagen fibers are major building blocks in bone, joints (tendons and ligaments), and blood vessels (arteries and veins). In addition, the quantity and quality of collagen in the skin help determine the health and beauty of hair and nails.

In this interview with Dr Marita Schauch, we will discuss collagen. Collagen is best known as a beauty protein for preventing wrinkles, but what about the rest of the body? Collagen is involved in so much more! Collagen is critical for the entire human body – everything from our bones to our blood vessels require this essential element. You CAN prevent the degradation of collagen through a healthy lifestyle and diet, and support your body to generate it with key nutrients.

collagenDr. Marita explains how you can preserve and generate your own collagen so that your body stays youthful inside and out! One of the unique products we discuss is BioSil silica. BioSil is clinically proven, patented silica complex is just one of these nutrients that supports your body to generate its own collagen. BioSil is one of the clinically studied and trademarked raw materials that is unique. Clinical studies have show that it supports healthy skin, hair, nails and bones. You can listen to my previous interview on BioSil with Dr. Richard Passwater. CLICK HERE to go to the podcast page.

Collagen_MythsDr. Marita’s book, Collagen – Myths and Misconceptions, debunks myths about collagen “creams,” beauty industry promises and plastic surgery to show you how and why building and generating collagen is an essential component to true health and beauty. The most abundant protein in the human body, collagen makes up about 25-35% of the body’s total protein content and is responsible for keeping us together – literally! Dr. Marita explains how you can improve the collagen in your body and see significant improvements in the health of your skin, hair, nails and bone.

There exists a full spectrum of collagen supplements out there on the market. Collagen products are not necessarily ineffective, but most of the time your body breaks the collagen product down and uses it as food. Collagen formation is quite complex, and involves specialized enzymes and certain nutrients such as lysine, vitamin C and proline. BioSil actually turns on your collagen producing cells and manufactures your own collagen, using your own DNA.

BioSil_AwardThe bioavailability of other silica products in the body varies as well. A comparative study conducted by The Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (1998) showed that the silica in BioSil has superior absorption by the body compared to horsetail herb (silica) and silica gel.

Quote from Dr. Marita “Having been in clinical practice for almost ten years, I’m seeing vast improvements in my patients from the inside out by supporting the complex pathways of collagen production, and assisting my patients with lifestyle and diet changes to generate their own collagen. My hope is that my book inspires you to do the same.”

You can also listen to my previous interview with Dr. Marita where we discuss alarming trends in women’s health and Dr. Marita’s book “Making Sense of Women’s Health”.

About Dr. Marita Schauch

Dr. MaritaDr. Marita Schauch is a trusted naturopathic doctor, women’s health expert, author and public speaker with a genuine passion for sharing the knowledge and tools of alternative medicine and nutrition to empower women to own their path to optimal health, and lead happy, vibrant lives. With particular expertise in alternative solutions for chronic pain, stress management and adrenal health, hormone balancing, detoxification, weight management and nutrition, Doctor Marita leads a busy clinical practice in Sidney, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada. DoctorMarita.com

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