150 – Probiotics for Healthy Digestion and Weight – My Interview with Brenda Watson

Probiotics are critical for digestive health and much more

Brenda Watson

Digestive Support

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This interview with Brenda Watson is part 3 of our 4 part series on digestive health. Probiotics are the third component of the H.O.P.E program developed by Brenda. The four elements of the HOPE program for digestive health are (H)igh fiber, (O)mega-3 oil, (P)robiotics and (E)nzymes. It is fair to say, that if you have any digestive issues that these four nutrient groups are important. Each of these nutrients are necessary for proper and healthy digestive function. You can listen to each of our interviews with Brenda to learn more. (see links below)

In this interview our topic is probiotics. Probiotics have become mainstream. And with good reason. The benefits of probiotics go far beyond digestive health. We are now understanding the role probiotics for immune health, for example. Brenda brings forth recent research on the role of digestive bacteria on weight. She describes the emerging science on “skinny” bacteria and “fat” bacteria. The idea that some weight issues may be a result of the type of bacteria that resides in your gut. Fix the gut and fix your weight issue. This is intriguing.

Skinny_Gut_DietBrenda discusses her small study with overweight individuals, where improving digestive probiotic health enabled average participants to lose weight even without changing lifestyle habits. To learn more, visit SkinnyGutDiet.com. You can also get her book “The Skinny Gut Diet” and watch for her PBS special. Good intestinal bacteria along with other lifestyle habits are the foundation of health and healthy weight management.

Belly Up to Probiotics and Their Many Health Benefits! Excerpt from Renew Life. CLICK HERE to visit site.
Probiotics found in probiotic supplements, yogurt, and other fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut, are microscopic helpers that impact us in a big way when it comes to our health.

A recent Yahoo article, “Probiotics: More Than Your Tummy’s BFF..,” called out some of the important advantages to maintaining a healthy balance of digestive bacteria—supported by probiotics. Your gut is filled with trillions of bacterial cells, and probiotics help boost the amount of healthy bacterial cells there. These healthy bacteria promote healthy gut balance as well as produce vitamins, help digest your food, promote your immune health, and help keep your bowel and digestive tract ticking along nicely. Boosting your levels of healthy bacteria through probiotic intake supports an optimal balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut.

BacteriaDysbiosis and Your Gut
An imbalance of healthy bacteria in the gut is known as dysbiosis, a condition you may not know you have until its uncomfortable signs crop up. The signs of dysbiosis include:

  • Gas, bloating, and flatulence, especially around meal time
  • Occasional and unexplained constipation or digestive upsets
  • Skin issues such as itchy, dry skin or breakouts
  • Poor nutrient absorption and irregular digestion
  • Yeast imbalance

Did you know?
The lining of your gut (GALT) is often called your “second brain,” and the bacteria in it are as important as brain cells in keeping you healthy. The gut associated lymphatic tissue (GALT) is your primary line of defense in the digestive tract; it also produces 90 percent of the body’s feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin.

The GALT is also heavily reliant on the beneficial gut bacteria to do its job. These beneficial bacteria, which include probiotics, promote important immune cell function and help create a healthy gut barrier. So, keep your probiotic intake high, avoid unnecessary antibiotic use, and eat a whole-foods rich diet to feed your gut, and whole body, healthy! End Excerpt

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About Brenda Watson, C.N.C.

For more than 20 years, Brenda Watson has been helping people achieve vibrant, lasting health through improved digestive function. She is among the foremost authorities in America today on optimum nutrition and digestion, natural detoxification, and herbal internal cleansing. Brenda personally answers questions in her online community at BrendaWatson.com.

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1 Rose Pellegrino December 27, 2017 at 3:35 pm

I’m 78 years no digestive problems. I feel I should take a pro biotic. What pro biotic should I take


2 Steve Lankford December 27, 2017 at 4:17 pm

Renew Life is a respected brand and they have a formula for seniors. That would be a good place to start. If you have a good health food store near you, you could visit and seek their recommendation. Don’t be afraid to try various products. Probiotics are very safe and since you are doing well, then you can try different products. Just buy from a respected natural brand and you should do well.


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