156 – Nutritional Pain Management – My Interview with Dr. Hector Lopez

Chronic pain responds to natural therapies

Dr. Hector Lopez

Inflammation & Pain Support

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I know the face of chronic pain and debilitation. My wife has had rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years. For many years there was no good treatment, natural or medical, for severe RA and she had high inflammation with severe pain. Powerful narcotic pain medications were the best medical alternative. Times have changed. There are infinitely better medications AND better nutritional tools for addressing pain and inflammation. So I know first hand that severe and debilitating illness can be reversed. My wife is now highly functional and largely pain free. We credit high potency fish oil as the most important single nutrient contributing to her success. She also takes many other nutrients to support many areas of health concerns such as bones and joints, etc.

I have also come to understand that certain things must be in place in order for the body to heal. In my opinion, omega-3 / omega-6 balance is the number 1 nutritional need for anyone with pain and inflammation. This has been discussed in many of my interviews on omega-3 and I urge you to review and understand this fundamental nutrient. The balance of omega-3 to omega-6 is absolutely critical, and must be corrected for a body to overcome chronic inflammation.

Dr. Hector Lopez specializes in natural alternatives for pain. In this interview, we will discuss Dr. Lopez’s nutritional protocols for pain. In his practice, nutrition is just one of the tools he uses and nutrition will the particular focus of this interview. Dr. Lopez and I agree that omega-3 is THE most fundamental nutrient influencing pain and inflammation. This is how Dr. Lopez ranks his nutritional protocol:

  1. Omega-3
  2. Vitamin D
  3. Specific tissue support

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One frequent question is, “What is a therapeutic dose of omega-3?” Based on my interviews with many omega-3 experts, a therapeutic dose of omega-3 is 2000 mg to 4000 mg. of EPA + DHA. It is important to understand that the important number is the total of the omega-3 fatty acids, NOT the amount of fish oil. The fish oil is essentially a carrier for omega-3, EPA + DHA. You want to know the amount of EPA + DHA.

Here how to look at an omega-3 label to determine how much you need to achieve a therapeutic dose:

  • Determine the serving size such as 1 capsule or 1 teaspoon.
  • Determine the amount of EPA + DHA per serving. Add them together to know the amount of omega-3 per serving.
  • Determine the amount of servings needed to reach your target dose. Example: if your target is 2000 mg and your capsule has 500 mg per capsule, then you need 4 capsules to equal 2000 mg.

I suggest that you have an omega-3 blood test. You can do this at home. The test costs between $100 and $200. Once you do the test, you will have a profound understanding of your risk. You will know whether you need to increase your intake of omega-3 in order to achieve a healthier level. CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Dr. Doug Bibus who developed the omega-3 home blood test.

About Dr. Lopez
With advanced training and experience in the fields of musculoskeletal medicine, physical therapy, and nutrition, Dr. Hector Lopez integrates several safe and non-invasive approaches to optimize patient recovery and improve overall health. As a pain management doctor his innovative injection therapy, chronic pain management methods, minimally invasive spinal procedures, and nutritional consulting help patients return to daily life.

Dr. Lopez is recognized for applying his uniquely diverse expertise in spine and sports medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, nutrition & exercise science, and clinical research to improving not only the health and quality of life in his patients, but also athletic performance in recreational and elite athletes. Dr. Lopez is an international speaker, author of popular press and peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, product developer. He consults for the nutritional supplement industry and professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Martial Arts.


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