157 – Never Be Sick Again – My Interview with Raymond Francis

Health is a Choice, Learn How to Choose It

Raymond FrancisThat is the title and subtitle to a book authored by Raymond Francis. The premise of the book is that you can choose to be healthier when you understand and support the six pathways to health. Raymond presents a point of view which seems simple at first glance but is quite profound when you grasp the concepts.

It can be very frustrating and confusing to consumers who are trying to attain better health naturally. So many are sick or dealing with chronic problems and they are seeking a way to get out of the downward spiral of modern medicine and the medication model of treatment. But how does one do that?

In this interview with Raymond we will discuss his concept which is summed up with this phrase, “One disease, two causes and six pathways.” The one disease is cellular dysfunction. The two causes are deficiency and toxicity. Cells malfunction because of these two main causes. The six pathways involved are nutrition, detoxification, mental health, physical activity, genetic and medical. Targeting these six pathways can provide powerful benefits. Failure to address the issues will make it more challenging if not impossible to rebuild health.

The following is an excerpt fromThe Roadmap to Ultimate Health“. CLICK HERE to read more.
Roadmap to Ultimate HealthWe are in the midst of an unprecedented epidemic of chronic and degenerative disease. The health of the American people is in a long-term downtrend and cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are out-of-control. The Beyond Health Model is based on the philosophy that all illness is caused by one condition – cellular malfunction. There are many different ways in which cells can malfunction, producing thousands of different symptoms. The key to achieving optimal health is understanding why your cells are malfunctioning and how to prevent/reverse it.

Cellular malfunction occurs in two ways, through deficiency (the lack of something cells need to function properly) or toxicity (the presence of something that interferes with normal cell function). Think of deficiency and toxicity as too little or too much, an imbalance.
The Beyond Health Model then addresses the Six Pathways between health and disease. Where you are and what direction you move on each pathway will determine the state of your health. These Six Pathways are:

  • 6_PathwaysNutrition: chronic deficiency of even a single nutrient can cause disease
  • Toxins: toxins in our environment interfere with cell chemistry
  • Mental: the activity of our mind affects every cell in our body
  • Physical: exercise resets your body’s metabolism
  • Genetic: genes are not a guarantee that something will happen – just the potential for something to happen
  • Medical: health-enhancing therapies – not to be confused with conventional medicine – repair and strengthen the cells in your body

The Roadmap to Ultimate Health is compilation of the key information provided in Never Be Sick Again and provides a concise guideline for understanding the Beyond Health model of health. End excerpt. CLICK HERE to download a free copy of 14 page report.

About Raymond Francis
Never_Be_Sick_AgainRaymond Francis, M.Sc., was at the height of an international consulting career when his health began declining rapidly. What began as chemical sensitivities and allergic reactions to almost everything ended up as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Sjogren’s syndrome, digestive problems, skin rashes, headaches, brain fog, dizziness, and ultimately liver failure. At age 48, his imminent death was considered a medical certainty. “There is nothing more we can do for you,” his doctors said.

Believing that the medical interventions had only made things worse, Raymond decided it was up to him to bring himself back to health. A chemist by training and a graduate of M.I.T., he began taking massive doses of vitamin C, which revived him enough to conduct extensive research and direct his own care. It took him two years to fully restore his health. During this period he developed his revolutionary Beyond Health Model, a theory of health and disease that is so simple it can be taught to a child, yet is so powerful that many have cured themselves of terminal cancer relying on its truths.

Now 76, Raymond enjoys an extraordinary level of health. In the last 26 years since his recovery, he has not taken any medications or had any surgeries, and he has not been sick except for two minor colds. He is on a mission to reach as many people as possible with the message that you don’t have to get sick, that “health is a choice.” He has written four books, Never Be Sick Again, Never Be Fat Again, Never Fear Cancer Again, and his newest book, Never Feel Old Again.


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