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Dr. Emek BlairThe science of nutrition continues to evolve at a breath-taking pace. The more we know and understand, the better choices we will make. Nutrition is complex. My job is to help you understand some of the issues that you are likely to encounter in the supplement marketplace. This podcast will be a little different than most because we are going to explore the science of liposome nutrient delivery system. If that terminology is new to you, don’t worry. You will learn what liposomes are and why they are important.

Liposomes are basically a nutrient wrapped in a layer of fat (phosphatidylcholine, an important beneficial fat molecule). This is the same way that nutrition is delivered to babies through breast milk. Little fat bubbles fulled with nutrients. Liposomes are sometimes used with drugs to deliver drugs to specific targets in the body. Liposomes are also used to deliver nutrients into the body. Liposomes are better at carrying nutrients into the body and also delivering that nutrient into the cell than powders which make up most tablets and capsules. The phosphatidylcholine part of the liposome is then added as a healthy fat to cell membranes. These are important distinctions in the delivery system that determine how well your supplements are absorbed and utilized.

LiposomeLiposomes are not new, but typically liposomes are made with high heat, high pressure and toxic chemical solvents. This is not ideal for natural products. Dr. Emek Blair has created a way to make liposomes that do not require heat, pressure or solvents to make the liposomes. In addition, Dr. Blair has demonstrated that his liposomes offer significant better absorption and cell utilization than conventional nutrients such as vitamin C. There are many nutrients that are now being offered using liposome technology so this is something you are likely to encounter at some point if you explore the world of nutritional science and supplement marketplace. Dr. Blair has his own products under the Valimenta label, and he has licensed his proprietary technology to other companies that produce high quality liposomal products.

So how do we know that Valimenta liposomes are better absorbed? This is why we turn to the clinical science. Dr. Blair has conducted several trials that reveal the higher rates of absorption and longer time in the blood stream with liposome vitamin C. You can read about these studies at the company website: valimenta.com. You can also learn more about liposomes on their website as well.

About Dr. Emek Blair, Ph.D
Emek Blair, Ph.D. earned his undergraduate degree at Occidental College and performed his graduate work in Bio-Analytical Chemistry at The University of California, Irvine where he received three major awards for his work on enzymes and lipids.

Over ten years ago, Dr. Blair discovered a natural method to form liposomes. Because this method is derived from nature, the process is unique and does not require high pressures, high temperatures, or toxic synthetic chemicals.

Dr. Blair has formulated over 60 unique liposomal formulas that have successfully been brought to market. In 2014, one of his formulas was recognized at SupplySide West—the largest conference for product manufacturers and formulators—as one of the top five anti-oxidant formulas at the conference.

Dr. Blair continues to perform clinical trials with various high-impact medical doctors around the world; this research shows how natural products, when properly delivered, are critical to maximizing health.

About Valimenta™
Valimenta Labs manufactures custom liposomal products, vitamin supplements, herbal extracts and energy/nutrition drinks.  Our proprietary no pressure, no heat, no solvent technology invented during our 15 years of research on lipid structures was released in 2010 and can be used to make a variety of lipid structures or liposomes of various sizes.  Valimenta’s formulators and flavoring experts have over twenty-five years of combined experience in dietary supplement manufacturing, specializing in liposomes, liquid herbals, and energy/nutrition drinks for athletes.


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1 Cassidy Green January 10, 2017 at 10:38 am

Hi Dr Emek Blair
I have some medical questions about your products. I’m very interested in them for my husband. He had a spinal cord injury about 6 months ago and is now paralyzed and he is on a lot of medication. I would like to set up a phone call with you

Cassidy Green


2 Steve Lankford March 2, 2017 at 11:23 am

None of the guests which appear on HealthQuestPodcast.com are available here. You can try to contact them through their websites. Good luck and best wishes.


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