196 – The Immune Benefits of Mushrooms


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Mushrooms have been used for centuries as food and medicine.

Mushrooms are now being rediscovered for both their nutritional and health supporting benefits. For many years the only mushrooms that most of us were familiar with are the common white button mushrooms found in the supermarket. The past 20-30 years has seen a surge of scientific inquiry into the nutritional components of many different mushrooms. We now have much more respect for powerful health giving benefits provided by mushrooms. Mushrooms which were once obscure to most consumers are now available both for eating and as natural medicines. Health concious consumers are more likely now to know about Maitake, Shitake, Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. If you don’t know about those, and others, mushrooms, then you have an exciting journey as you explore them for your own needs.

Traditional uses and now scientific validation is showing that mushrooms can provide beneficial support in the following systems:
•  Cardiovascular System  •  Digestive System  •  Neurological System  •  Immune System  •  Reproductive System  •  Integumentary (Skin) System  •  Skeletal System  •  Muscular System


American Botanical CouncilIn 2002 the American Botanical Council published an article entitled Review of Medicinal Mushrooms Advances: Good News from Old Allies. Here is an excerpt: ” Edible and medicinal mushrooms (macrofungi) not only can convert the huge lignocellulosic biomass (dry plant matter like dead trees) waste into human food, but — most remarkably — can produce notable mycopharmaceuticals, myconutriceuticals and mycocosmeceuticals.

Mushroom biotechnological products have multibeneficial effects to human welfare (e.g., as food, health tonics and medicine, feed and fertilizers, and to protect and regenerate the environment). Pharmaceutical substances with potent and unique health-enhancing properties were isolated recently from medicinal mushrooms and distributed worldwide.2 Many of them are pharmaceutical products, while others represent a novel class of dietary supplements or “nutraceuticals.” End excerpt. CLICK HERE to read the full article.


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